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  1. New phone options

    I would love to see what the pixel is going to be like. There is parts of the first pixel that was great, and others that were "eh." I hope that the size is either bigger or the bezel is less that what it was too.
  2. New phone options

    Thinking about finally upgrading my nexus 6p. I love it. Its still going good. No reboots, no cracks, no issues. But I want something new. Samsung and there prices is out of this world. So, there is the new G6, pixel and the next google phone. Are there any other options out there worth it? I wish I could do one of the other huawei phones.....sigh......
  3. nvm, I fixed it. Now, he owes me dinner. lol
  4. everything as in everything. i told him to wait until i got home from dinner. lol
  5. my room mate mistakingly wiped EVERYTHING from his nexus. Whats the fastest way to add the OS back?
  6. Yeah, I think I will never buy another non nexus/google phone. Freedom feels so good. Now to get the roaming indicator message off and see if I can bypass the notification about it being unlocked.
  7. Yeah, the main terms are the same; recovery, bootloader, twrp, etc......But after using odin for the last 6yrs or so, its confusing to here other things about a new phone.
  8. i'm not new to rooting/flashing. Just new to the 6p. These terms are all new when you are coming from a note 4.
  9. Do I relock the bootloader afterwards?
  10. im confused. lol. I need newbie terms. lol
  11. so I just got my 6p, so I have to flash the OTA then do the auto root?
  12. I found the issue. Well, I guess it was the issue. I updated my old titanium pro. Worked just fine after.
  13. Install the apk, then boot to recovery and install the .zip, clear cache, reboot, activate the framework (from within the Xposed app), then reboot. Install whichever modules you want, then activate them and reboot to make them work. Not all may work, as this is a workaround. The link in OP gives detailed instructions. You have a custom recovery installed, right? see, thats where I get hung up. Activating framework. Where does that happen? Thats where I get stuck. It says its not active, and it doesnt show me a way to make it active. So I got to the logs and it says, "open failed: ENOENT (no such file or directory."
  14. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app?Sent from my SM-N910R4 using Tapatalk sure have. Every time it says "sorry, I could not aquire root privileges. This app will not work. Please verify that your rom is rooted and includes busy box and try again." Ive upgraded superuser, and updated busy box. Never had this happen before.
  15. Read the OPSent from my Nexus 6 it didnt work for me, thats why Im asking.