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  1. Nope gave up just using touch wiz with root and good lock from Samsung store.
  2. This will trip Knox making Samsung Pay not work.
  3. Thought I'd post this for those looking. Here is a walk through WITH all FILES need for Root & TWRP, along with XPOSED for the Android 6.0.1 Update. If you break your device I am NOT RESPONSIBLE. MAKE SURE DEVELOPER OPTIONS IS ON & OEM UNLOCK is CHECKED before proceeding. Download the following files... Odin 3.10.7 TWRP 3.x SuperSU Beta 2.68 XPOSED FRAME WORK XPOSED APK Extract the Odin file Reboot phone into Download Mode (Turn phone off, hold POWER+HOME BUTTON+VOL DOWN) Connect phone to computer (Make sure Samsung USB Drivers are installed) Select TWRP file and load into AP SLOT Select the OPTIONS TAB & Make sure Restart & Repartion are UNCHECKED Click start and wait for it to finish Now Hold Vol Down+Power button and reboot phone As it reboots hold VOL UP+HOME BUTTOM+POWER BUTTON Let go as soon as you see RED text that means your entering TWRP When you enter TWRP flash SuperSU zip You can also flash XPOSED If you choose to (I use Gravity Box for tweaks for the time being, you will also need the XPOSED APK!) Then make sure to do a Wipe / Format > Advanced Wipe > WIPE CACHE / Dalvik / Art Reboot & wait 3-5 minutes and your good to go. NO KERNEL NEEDED and NO KNOX WARNINGS.
  4. What we're you using for Apn I couldn't get it to grab 4g only 3g even *228
  5. I agree it's a lot smoother. Battery seems a lot better and snappiness all around. Will be curious how many updates they push out for bugs and such... I tried to wipe everything and flash a custom 5.1.1 rom over the 6.0.1 firmware but that just kept giving me a boot loop lol. No big deal though nothing can't be unbricked.
  6. I swear 6.0.1 feels half finished they removed lock screen effects and cut down changing features in samsung messenger app.
  7. If your having random reboots use Moar rom it's built off the stock romantic but probably has everything you want. Xposed is garbage and no Dev will help you because they all dislike it.
  8. 7+ is a bit of a stretch.No its not when there's users citing the exact same findings... However I average about 5 to 6 as I don't use wifi and my signal jumps around due to traveling and such. That's the point lol. You can't say 7+ hours when sure maybe Bobby Jo got it once. or twice. Or is the only one to get it. Reasonable SOT with Chroma is around 5-6 with average conditions considered. True. Regardless the features are there that rub is looking for.
  9. 7+ is a bit of a stretch. No its not when there's users citing the exact same findings... However I average about 5 to 6 as I don't use wifi and my signal jumps around due to traveling and such.
  10. Use Chroma or Carbon rom both have the call blocking built in and stable with hells kernel. 7+ hours screen time.
  11. Oh lol my bad irub1
  12. I'm not following the joke here
  13. Hey Guys I have a asus 10.1 inch tablet for sale if anyone is interested. Comes with the keyboard as well. Looking too get 200.00 retails for 300.00 Hit me up if interested only 1-2 months old barley used.
  14. Maybe someone can answer this for me... I have a friend who wants her line suspended is that possible? If so is there a fee and for how long?