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  1. Motorola Electrify M Accessories

    i just hope they get a car dock for it like my Electrify
  2. Media Link for Electrify

    I am trying to connect my phone to the computer. Ive been using the media link. They have since updated to MotoCast, and yet I still cannot get my phone to connect to it.! It has always worked fine. connect it, both drives (internal and sd card) pop up, then the Media Link would pop up. But now I cannot get media link or motocast to connect. The sd card drive will pop up, but the phone one will NOT. So media link keeps searching, and then eventually says cannot connect. any idea while all of a sudden it stopped working. I am on XP SP3 btw
  3. Contacts

    I dont know what happened to my Contacts but they are all screwed up!!! I have my Mycontactsbackup set to never update and it updated anyways putting tons of contacts that I thought I had deleted. also contacts arent syncing up right now like with pics. I am soooo mad.
  4. Car Dock ?

    A thin TPU (thermoplastic) case works with it
  5. a few problems with electrify

    Before i take this phone back and get a replacement under the 30 day return policy, i have been experiencing and intermittent problem. When i am texting sometimes, the habtic feedback will get less and less and then stop until i back out to homescreen and then go back in. Also i keep getting Multi-Keyboard FCs. Other than those two issues, i love the phone Sent from my Motorola Electrify using Tapatalk
  6. Does USCC care about Windows Phone?

    I know its not the same, but i installed a 7 launcher on my phone, and i just didnt like it too great. Didnt look like there was much you could do with them. basically just large icons on one scrollable screen and a app menu.
  7. Camera keeps turning pics

    When I take a pic sometimes to send or upload to photobucket, they keep turning and its pissing me off. Why is this. Im not turning the camera or anything. im holding it sideways, the way its supposed to be.
  8. stock Video Player app

    I dont either, i just couldnt find a dedicated stock video player on the phone like the Mez had. If I went to "My Files" and found the video, i could play them, but i didnt wanna have to go through My Files to do it
  9. stock Video Player app

    I just downloaded QuickPic to replace my gallery and you can include videos. I can also hide folders I dont want to appear in the gallery. pretty sweet
  10. Electrify Negatives

    wtf did you just say lol..... jk
  11. stock Video Player app

    Coming from a Mesmerize which had a dedicated video player, does the Electrify have one? I cant seem to find it
  12. Motorola Electrify short review

    So there is no way to sync contacts to facebook?
  13. Rooting and Applying Custom ROM

    pm sent!!! man i like that quad score!! i bet your phone is super fast!
  14. Rooting and Applying Custom ROM

    That helps! BUT I have 2.3.4, that thread mentions having 2.2 then doing it so im not sure if it will help. i guess my problem is not so much the rooting thing, that seems easy. its the Loading custom ROMS. Dont get me wrong, i love the look and feel of my phone, but HATE the glitchy crap and bloatware and laggyness of it since update to 2.3. I look at all the ROMS, and its like "well this doesnt work and this does work" Look under the list of "Doesnt Work" on the latest CWM7 for the Mez, SMS and camera doesnt work, wtf. what good will my phone do me then? Like I said I want a stable, fast ROM that I can load apps on and stuff just like stock that wont cause me issues. I seen the SuperClean ROM that says its basically like GB, but without bloatware. I would like something like that, but aI want all the feature of my phone to work
  15. Would Love To See Your Homescreens!

    2.3.4 Mez w/ LauncherPro, Clockr Evolution, Beautiful Weather, etc