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  1. LG V30 Pre-Order/Deals?

    If anyone's watching this, the V30 will be available this Friday, October 6th and includes a free Daydream View VR from LG:
  2. LG V30 Pre-Order/Deals?

    Any word yet on pre-ordering the LG V30? I'm curious if there will be any kind of deal or accessory bundle. The G6 had a sale pretty soon after it was released, and I'd love to see that again with the V30.
  3. Black Friday 2016

    I'm assuming the $500 back for an S7 doesn't include the S7 Edge?
  4. Marshmallow update

    I believe this was when 6.0 was first released in Poland for the G4.
  5. Moto X 2015

    Thanks guys. I know I'm overthinking things, I just want to make sure I get a device I really like, and since I do Android dev, the updates piece freaked me out a bit.
  6. Moto X 2015

    To the people who have the MPXE, are you still happy with it? I'm seeing horror stories about Motorola support and they're already stopping updates for their 2013 phones, so I don't want to end up with an EOL phone too soon. Mine's still in the building phase.
  7. Moto X 2015

    Ordered mine on Saturday morning (10/3) and it's saying it'll be here on 10/20. I'm really hoping it gets here sooner since my S5 has decided to start dying (half the screen's flickering and it's slowing down considerably).
  8. LG Nexus 5x and 6p HYPE THREAD

    Not sure if it'll work on USCC yet, but the Nexus 5x is available on the Google Store:
  9. Moto X 2015

    Here's the supposed specs (which back up weberr90's link): 3600+mAh battery5.5" FHD display21MP Main Camera, 5MP front CameraDual SIM version availableSIM + MicroSD Integration Card SlotAndroid 5.1.1
  10. My wife's G3 has a weird issue where every third time (or so) that she connects to a call with someone else (either incoming or outgoing), she's basically inaudible to the other person. We got a replacement body for the phone and are still seeing the same thing. Has anyone else run into this?
  11. Stupid VigLink added a link to women's lingerie. That's fun to get at work.
  12. My mother-in-law just lost her phone and needs a new one, but my father-in-law refuses to pay for a data plan. As a result, they just picked up the LG Freedom II, which frankly looks like a piece of crap. Are there any other better options for her? She wants to use the phone as a camera as well. (Given her technophobia, I wanted her to get an iPhone, but that's apparently out of the question)
  13. Any Htc

    This is really too bad. I have an HTC One from work and I like it better than the GS4. If anything, I wish we just had the option.
  14. Any news on an HTC phone?

    This really is too bad. I've got a HTC One from work and it's a terrific device (I prefer it to the S4). Unfortunately, I don't think HTC is doing all that well with their latest devices, for whatever reason.
  15. Next phone?

    Tizen is the operating system?Sent from my XT901 using Tapatalk 2 From what I heard yes. Of course their "revamping" it but still. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk HD Yeah, they're going with Tizen because they say it will allow them more control over the phones. It's really because Google bought Motorola, so they're thinking they won't get proper attention, or something.