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  1. LG V20

    I just received the following from my US Cellular Rep: Product Overview The LG V20 device will launch on October 28, with a presale starting on October 21. It will be available on and in stores. Unique to Know Sometime the smallest moments become the greatest stories. The LG V20™ gives you the clarity and confidence to tell yours better than ever before. It’s not simply an evolution—it’s the next generation of awesome sound and epic videography in mobile. Now you can capture it all, share endlessly, and find pure enjoyment all along the way. Details Key Features The new 5.7" Quad HD IPS display delivers immersive video playback with brilliant colors and contrast. Combined with a second screen, you don’t waste any time—access contacts, jump between apps, and reply directly to notifications. With Duel Rear Cameras you can get more of every moment by switching from Standard (72 degree) to Wide Angle (135 degree) in one touch. Let every detail move you with Hi-Fi Quad DAC. Enjoy premium audio through wired headphones or speakers for a crisper, fuller playback experience. Get more in and leave nothing out. The 5MP front facing camera now has wide angle giving you a wider background for extra friends and more inclusive scenic shots. Gesture View makes it easy to take, review and retake until you get the selfie just the way you want it. Including face image for hands free image taking. Comes with Android Nougat 7.0 OS. Enjoy exciting new features like multi-window, direct reply notifications and improved battery life. The IN APPS Googles new search mode lets you find anything from all your apps—contacts, messages, the web and more.
  2. Is this official?

    iRub1Out, Should you not say, "for now" when you say, "uscc and other carriers will NOT be carrying these phones . . "? Sent from my SM-G900R4 using Tapatalk
  3. USCC Released 4.3 for the S3

    Go in to Settings - - My device tab - - tap Accessibility - - under Hearing section - - uncheck Flash Notification. Sent from my GT-P5210 using Tapatalk
  4. Black Friday 2013! [UPDATED: 11/22 12:06 PM]

    Nothing on Note 3. Not even on S4 Sure was hoping.
  5. Black Friday 2013 News/rumors?

    I've been going back and forth in my mind. . . regarding the Note 3 - - when is a phone too bid and a tablet too small? I've decided that the Note 3 is it for me IF the upcoming holidays provide for a good deal.
  6. Galaxy S3 pulled off shelves today

    Monday it is then.
  7. Galaxy S3 pulled off shelves today

    I agree, how 'bout it Rub, Adam. What say your sources?
  8. How does US Cellular know my phone was rooted?

    So what should be displayed under Kernel Version in About Device for a SIII and what is there in your settings that tipped off the service tech? Sent from my SCH-R530U using Tapatalk 2
  9. TeamUSCellular Giveaway Round #2

    1 free entry, please. #133, if still available. Thanks.
  10. Custom TeamUSCellular Phone Skin Giveaway

    Pick me; pick me. I sure hope I win!