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  1. Educate me on Pixel XL and USCC

    Hey everyone just wanted to confirm that even though the Pixel is "not supported" officially by USCC, the phone does indeed work perfectly on the network (I have a Pixel XL running on it right now with no problems). Just call and tell them you're activating a Nexus 5X per the instructions here:
  2. Which new phone?

    Just wanted to confirm that this does indeed work! Pixel XL running on USCC right now, no problems whatsoever. Thanks iR10!
  3. LG Nexus 5x and 6p HYPE THREAD

    I've searched the forums and don't know where I should post this or if it's already been posted but I have a family member with a 5X successfully activated on USCC-- just took it in and they activated it no problem. Just posting this confirmation for those who want a 5X!
  4. LG Nexus 5x and 6p HYPE THREAD

    Hey guys- haven't posted in a long time because I am no longer on USCC, but some of my family members are and I just got off the phone with customer service where "Mary" confirmed the 5X is supported by USCC! (I would assume the 6P is too) EDIT: It was a USCC Customer service rep. She said, and I quote, "Yes I see the Nexus 5X here in our system as a supported device, just make sure you bring in the USCC version" to which I replied "there's only one version but supports 'all' U.S. carriers". She responded "Yes, I can confirm for you it will work".
  5. [Kernel][AOSP] Alucard-Kernel

    I just downloaded this kernel and put it on the "extreme performance" setting with BFQ just for funsies and HOLY COW does it fly!! insane
  6. Wow this ROM rules! Haven't noticed any bugs yet, other than Exchange Services sometimes FC's and I seem to have to refresh (not reflash) gapps multiple times before they load... anyone else come across this? Still this KitKat is delicious.
  7. Activate rooted device?

    Thanks! Will tech support be able to tell? having problems (with an S3, surprise!)
  8. Activate rooted device?

    Does anybody know if I call in to USCC will they activate a rooted device? I'm looking to trade phones with a family member but my phone is rooted, do I need to unroot, activate, and re-root if I'm going to call in and have them switch it? Thanks!
  9. Hey just wanted to say this build rules! For some reason with all cyanogenmod based ROMs 4.3+ I seem to be getting bad battery life, anyone else noticing this? That being said I've been using this ROM as my daily driver for almost a week now! Thanks for the hard work!
  10. Galaxy S3 pulled off shelves today

    I've called about 4 times and even spoken with customer relations and still get a "no" every time. Once they said I could buy a new upgrade with points and because I've been a customer for 10+ years they would waive the remaining 2 months I didn't have the points for... Really frustrating especially when my S3 is constantly dropping 4G and data in general.
  11. Galaxy S3 pulled off shelves today

    We need to stumble across the link to this mythical "serial number website" that employees are supposedly checking the list with.
  12. Galaxy S3 pulled off shelves today

    Early Termination Fee
  13. Galaxy S3 pulled off shelves today

    I called (the 1-866 #) and they said there's nothing they can do without first having the phone looked at by tech support. The rep told me that there's a rumor floating around that gs3's are being replaced and that it's "not true." There are two gs3's on my plan, both of which drop data connection constantly and don't get GPS (tried for 20 minutes yesterday). One is a 32GB and one is a 16GB.