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  1. I'm getting no mms notifications from the stock app, clearing data is no help. Any ideas? Handcent works. Sent from my SCH-R970
  2. I'm having issues losing data connectivity while roaming. Usually toggling back and forth from automatic to home only and back fixes it, but it's very frustrating at times when it doesn't work. Any thoughts? Sent from my SCH-R970
  3. I'm definitely enjoying this much more than anything else so far, bugs are minimal. Sent from my SCH-R970
  4. Strange also that with so many features, there's no predictive dialing. That's almost a must. Sent from my SCH-R970
  5. My screen just stays on indefinitely, despite being set to 15 seconds. Completely clean install.
  6. Hello! I'm looking for a PB99IMG.zip, to change the splash screen on an HTC desire. Can someone help?
  7. Is screen timeout working for anyone?
  8. MJA update: Whats seems to be new!

    Thanks, but I mean the 4.3 update. Sent from my SCH-R970
  9. MJA update: Whats seems to be new!

    I tried to update to this, but my phone I guess realizes it's been modified and won't let me. Is there a flashable version yet?
  10. What bugs are you guys experiencing? What features do we lose? I was running this on the S3 and really liked it.

    Have you tried the latest gapps? Check the rootzwiki thread, i had the same issue, an inverted mms apk fixed it. A lot more info/activity going on there. Sent from my SCH-R530U

    Ok, so I've been running the 1/7 build for a few days, heavy usage and everything seems to work fine, except A2DP bluetooth. I actually did a clean install of the 1/9 build initially and it was a bit buggy, both signal wise and the dialer was unuseable at times (constant FCs). I dirty flashed the 1/7 and november Gapps package over without wiping a thing and it works great. Youtube app works. http://rootzwiki.com/topic/32825-romofficial-aokp-d2usc-42-preview-builds/

    Latest build fixes GPS issues, a2dp doesn't work correctly, nor wifi tether. Working well otherwise though. Sent from my SCH-R530U

    Gps either doesn't work or has an insane lock time. Gps status shows no satellites after ten minutes. Back to 4.1. Sent from my SCH-R530U

    Works! Thank you. Whats the /0 issue? Sent from my SCH-R530U

    Probably just hasn't been integrated yet. Sent from my SCH-R530U

    Lol..getting 4g now allegedly. We don't have 4g here. But data is working. Thanks! I also noticed the circles lock screen is gone, sadly. Sent from my SCH-R530U

    You want it on ruim/sim? I've always had it on nv. Sent from my SCH-R530U

    Just realized i don't have data. Edit: A bit concerned now. I restored to my previous backup and it did the "Activating" thing again at the beginning, and I still have no data, after restoring. I'm wondering if there's a Verizon radio or something in that rom because *228 calls Verizon's activation service now and I'm roaming. Lame.