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  1. Google Project Fi

    "You literally pay by the hour for active service." You mean the $20/month for unlimited everything? Are you saying you can "pause" your service and get that part lowered? If so that seems awfully petty for what seems like a great deal. Like T-Mobile users turning off Binge On because it throttles the data. It's like, these are the changes we want to see in cellular service. I apologize if I'm off base but it seems like "This is why we can't have nice things." I wonder if, if this catches on, Project Fi will be able to continue for long, or at least at the current price. I'm hoping it will still be an option for me in June. I would really like to get on. Saving that kind of money would really help me out. As for the roaming, my own Google-fu led me to discover that T-Mobile and Sprint both have roaming agreements with... T-Mobile with AT&T and Sprint with Verizon and US Cellular... but it's not nationally. It's by region. That's why nobody can say for sure what it will be everywhere, because it's not. And there are some areas where both T-Mobile and Sprint have roaming agreements with none of them And areas where the roaming speeds are throttled, so it's not really good enough to use or to consider useful. So, it is not true that Project Fi DOES roam on AT&T, Verizon, and US Cellular. There is no rule that states that it does everywhere. Anywhere. What IS true is that Project Fi CAN roam on the other big carriers, IF there is a roaming agreement with the base carrier (Sprint or T-Mobile) IN THAT AREA. For my own part, I found a co-worker who uses Sprint, and he gets great signal all over the property. So that's what you should do, if you're considering Fi. Just chat up your co-workers on their phone. People with smartphones generally like talking about them. If they don't, it's probably because they're new and overwhelmed by it. So what you do for them is, you offer to show them something. Like — and I'm not the most social person, at all! — "Oh, are you still learning?" "Can I show you a neat app?" Google Opinion Rewards is a great ice breaker. There are others. Our Groceries is great if they have a partner and they both shop. Not a lot of people know about that. Are they big into their toddler/grade school kids' lives? Like the kind of people who put their kids' drawings on the fridge? Markers will let them take a picture of the kid, or the family dog, and then let the kid draw on it. Then you get it printed at Walmart, and the kid just loves it. Ergo, so does the parent. All free apps. You find something they like. You help them love their phone. Then someone like that, you ask them who their carrier is and what they think of it. A lot of people use Sprint and T-Mobile instead of Verizon and AT&T for the purpose of saving money. So you ask them if they feel the lesser network has negatively impacted them in any way. Find a few who will enthusiastically say that it has not, and you got your assurances.
  2. Google Project Fi

    Sorry, I can't afford to pay full price (or close to it). I would have to make payments on Project Fi. Otherwise, I totally would.
  3. Google Project Fi

    Is there any source to Fi roaming on AT&T, Verizon, and US Cellular? Trying to get my wife to switch to Fi. I can take $25-30 off her monthly phone bill AND get her a new Nexus 5X (she's not interested in the 6P based on size) with double the storage of her current phone, not to mention better specs all around, but she's worried that she won't get signal where she works out in the boonies, but US Cellular is fine (and Verizon is better, in many areas). And I want the 128GB 6P, but I gotta wait until the middle of June when my Verizon contract is up. (I can save money too, even by making monthly payments on Fi's most expensive phone.) And what's up with pausing cell phone service? Why would you do that, unless you were a sailor going on a sub for months at a time?
  4. Android lollipop coming to moto x

    My wife has one as well, and says no size is given. I'm betting it's Stagefright. It's a shame the 2013 Moto X isn't getting Marshmallow. I just put it on her tablet (Nexus 7, 2013) and it really isn't much different. Couple UI changes here and there. I'm still on 5.0.2 myself (HTC One M8) and I ain't even jealous. M was originally going to be 5.2, but the negative hype around 5.x caused them to bump it. But really, that Doze feature is more hype than anything. I'm not seeing a big improvement in battery life on the tablet, but any improvement is welcome.
  5. data roaming deal

    That's real interesting. I could live without the LTE if I'm being totally honest. Might do that to save a couple bucks after my Verizon contract is up. Of course it would also have to be after vacation. Then the advantage Verizon has over US Cellular isn't an issue and wouldn't be for months, and I could go back whenever. Contrary to my last post, the 16GB storage/2GB RAM Moto G IS out now. Just looked it up and was surprised to see it.
  6. data roaming deal

    You only received one letter and they dropped the line? Or more? I received two, exactly a year apart. (Same vacation, same time.) I'm most likely going to generate another such letter next July, assuming they don't do the roaming deal by then. I went into US Cellular today — yesterday, by now. (Night shift workers' days begin when we wake up, and end the next day when we go to sleep.) I was there to get my bill reduced, since I had owned the phone for over 2 years and had paid off the subsidy. And they did, $20 less and they said we could get 3GB for the price of 2GB, with the same $20 reduction. I've tried to sell my wife on the 2015 Moto G (assuming 16GB/2GB RAM model, which hasn't been released yet AFAIK), the LG G3, and the Samsung Galaxy S5, but she wants to stick with the 2013 Moto X until it breaks. Anyway, while the guy was doing the thing, I mentioned how I took my line to Verizon because of the roaming thing, that I didn't want to give any more money to Big Red, but at the same time, having 4G out of state was really nice. He said there was a roaming deal in the pipeline, but he didn't know more. I mentioned how I would like to go back to US Cellular if they got the roaming straight, hoping for more info, but either he didn't have it, or just didn't give it. I'm not sure if that's true, that I would go back. But if they can do 3GB a month for what Verizon charges for 2GB, and they get the roaming straight, yeah, I'll go back. I don't love Verizon, just their network. US Cellular's network is fine here, which is where I am 99% of the time. But when you're on vacation, you want your phone to work. If I could simply bring my HTC One M8 to US Cellular and pop a US Cellular SIM card in it, bring my own equipment, get that discount — but I'm willing to bet my phone doesn't support US Cellular's bands. I'm not too familiar with SIM cards. I could take my wife's SIM card and put it in my phone. My guess is I'll get LTE data but it wouldn't make or receive calls. Same with putting the Verizon SIM in the 2013 Moto X, since they were different models based on carrier...
  7. data roaming deal

    My wife wants to stay on US Cellular (or rather, I have a line on both Verizon (my personal phone) and US Cellular (our bill was/is in my name)) but the roaming kills us. Every year we get the nasty letter saying "Don't roam or we'll drop you!" In fact the day after I got that letter last year, I took my line to Verizon. I can save us a couple bucks a month (like $4, a trivial amount) by moving my last line (hers) to Verizon, but she likes US Cellular. And really, I do too. I just got ticked off by the Galaxy S3 issues, not being a valuable enough customer to get my phone exchanged, and my contract being up. The letter pushed me over. What I'm wondering is, since we're going on a few (small) trips next year, I know she's going to rack up 2-3 of those letters. Will they cancel our account and bill us the ETF? Or do they waive the ETF if they close the account? I don't think they would do that as they would consider the roaming a breach of contract on the account holder's end. So it seems that if US Cellular can't get the roaming thing figured out, the more financially responsible move would be to bring her to Verizon. Seriously, not to be a jerk, but why do you guys stay with US Cellular? Their prices are a couple bucks higher than Verizon's. It's trivial, but still. The phone selection is much less. Your phone's resale value is hurt by the fact that it's tied to US Cellular (unless it's a Nexus 6 or a Moto X Pure, in which case it isn't). And you can't roam freely. I get LTE all the places. I know they have a few areas Verizon doesn't. That's why I was with US Cellular for years. They were the only real option in eastern NC. Even still I bet, you go to a place like Chocowinity, and you make like your phone has problems, and the locals will say, "You don't have US Cellular, do you?" I have had that happen before, while, and after I was with US Cellular. (For the "while," it was when I had the S3. So I said, "Yes I do, I just have a Samsung, and they get poor reception compared to other cell phone manufacturers.") For what US Cellular offers, particularly in markets where other carriers offer coverage, their prices should be a lot lower. But I also, as I'm sure many of you do, remember when US Cellular was awesome.
  8. Wife has the 2013 Moto X with the Lollipop update, and her phone is having problems with our car's Bluetooth audio system. My best guess is that the 2013 X only has Bluetooth 2.0 or something like that (I'm really not sure) and my phone (HTC One M8) has a newer Bluetooth radio that can send audio flawlessly. When she plays a song, it skips, like it can't maintain the stream. She says sometimes it makes deafening static, but I have yet to hear it. When I play the same song (same file) through the same player (latest Poweramp on both), it plays flawlessly. But my phone is almost a year newer. Well, about six months, I guess. So, just wondering if anyone with a 2013 X can play music over Bluetooth, and if so, if there's anything I can do for my wife's phone.
  9. Android lollipop coming to moto x

    My wife's stock unrooted 2013 X has had one problem she's reported to me. She complained that her status bar disappeared, but came back. She got me a screenshot, and I found that it did not disappear, but rather, faded into her white wallpaper. I downloaded Nova on the phone and showed her how the home screen shadow setting could be toggled, replicating the "bug" in 5.1. But she does not want Nova, she wants to stick with the Google Now Launcher. So I updated it to the one from the Marshmallow preview. It works on anything running 4.1 or newer, so it doesn't need 6.0 or anything like that. It says it has bug fixes and I think that's about it. So, anyone losing desktop shadow? I don't think the 2013 X uses AMOLED (but I'm not sure), so I don't see a benefit telling her to stick with a dark background. I have a home button. On both my 1st and 2nd gen x's when in chrome. If you long press on it you can remove the home button, at least that is the option it gives you. That bookmarks thing is new to the lollipoop release. Really wish they wouldn't default to it and make it an option when you first start chrome after upgrade. I turned it off on all of our devices, the old phones and new ones and tablets.Bookmarks new to Lollipop? We must have a misunderstanding. I meant the default Chrome landing page. It features a search box and your most commonly visited sites. Mine only shows the search, but I just flashed this ROM I'm running, so it almost looks like the Google home page, but it isn't google.com. Did not know you could long press on the Home button. I just disabled it in the settings. Oh, I think you meant the home button is new to the Lollipop release for the 2013 Moto X, not the bookmarks. I would go over to the Motorola forums, granted you won't have access to the private test area but you should still make an entry on the support forums there with what you are experiencing some getting lollipoop. Also put "attention mark" on it somewhere. He is one of the moderators over there. Let them know this is a direct result of lollipoop upgrade.Will do. Granted....neither of did a factory reset either, but I kind of doubt it might be related to not doing that, what do you think? I'm just trying to avoid the factory reset, as to me, it's just a hassle to start over, but I will if the update annoys me enough. So, far, this is the only thing, and it's not major, but still wrong. They, Motorola, may [tell] you to factory reset but one should not be forced to do that when they release an update. I bet you may find more wrong... Give it time...I'm curious why you would think an update from 4.4.2 to 5.1.1 would not necessitate a factory reset or clean flash. Honest question. My last US Cellular phone was the Galaxy S3, and mine shipped with 4.1.1. When I took the update to 4.1.2, very little was changed. I think it was just bug fixes. There was a 4.1.2 Premium release, but that came later. The first 4.1.2 release, however, never told me to factory reset. The phone would randomly reboot in the middle of calls. A factory reset sorted that. Most OEM OTAs do not necessitate a factory reset or a full wipe, but custom ROMs do. It's weird. Like, why can't custom ROMs figure that part out?
  10. Android lollipop coming to moto x

    Quick question, since I forgot. My wife opened Chrome, and complained that they took away her bookmarks. When I looked, there was a Home icon to the left of the address bar. And Chrome had defaulted to a landing page at US Cellular. I opened the settings and first I fixed the "tabs in recents" "feature," then found a feature for the Home button. Turned it off, and Chrome is back to normal! Googled the issue tonight, and Android Police reported a year ago that Google was playing with adding a Home button to Chrome, exactly as I saw it, but it was a server side thing, not something that could be enabled in the app. Most people never saw it, though. So did US Cellular get an exclusive feature in Chrome, or did the Moto X? Or did my wife get really, really lucky? (Ironic since she demanded I disable it.) Otherwise she's been very happy with it. Battery life sucks, but it did before.
  11. Android lollipop coming to moto x

    Just wanted to update, my wife's 2013 X got the update last night. I'm impressed. Motorola doesn't have the best update record, and her 2013 Moto X got 5.1(.1) before the 2014 HTC One M8 — which actually got abandoned for updates because HTC tanked hard following their 2015 flagship being a flop, and then they pushed an ad for the new Fantastic Four movie, and that backfired pretty hard. Stick a fork in 'em, HTC is done. Resale value of their phones are dropping fast on Swappa. It's a mess. I still love my phone, but HTC has utterly failed. I told my wife that she may need a factory reset, explaining how with custom ROMs, we (experienced users) never flash dirty. I won't flash a nightly update dirty. Explained why. I said it's a miracle OEMs can flash dirty, especially from 4.4.2 to 5.1.1. That's crazy. But 'Bad Things' may happen. At least with 5.0, Google will offer to restore your apps for you. It won't do app data despite claiming it will, but it will bring all your apps back. Way I figure it, she can log back into social networks. It's not rooted, so I can't Titanium Backup it. Wondering if I can with ADB, but I'm not familiar with backing up apps that way.
  12. data roaming deal

    What plan are you looking at? If you assume two smartphones, 1 GB - VZW = $70, USCC = $70 3 GB - VZW = $85, USCC = $90 6 GB - VZW = $100, USCC = $100 12GB - VZW = $120, USCC = $140 Plus taxes and fees for each. I'm not sure if Verizon has the equivalent of the "Regulatory Cost Recovery Fee" which is $1.82/line at US Cellular. This could make USCC (even) more expensive in some cases. US Cellular really only gets cheaper if you have 8GB or larger shared data and more than two lines. None of those. Those are plans currently offered. Here's what my Verizon and US Cellular plans actually have, and what my bill actually is. 2GB data, unlimited talk/text. $81 for Verizon, $86 for US Cellular. My Verizon plan is listed at $75, so it has about $7 in fees, taxes, and all that. I don't actually recall what the base US Cellular plan is. Does it really matter, though? All that matters to me is what I pay each month. I don't mind paying $5 more for US Cellular. It's only $5. I'd move my wife to Verizon just for the roaming, but she uses her phone in areas Verizon's coverage lacks more than she roams. Actually thinking of going to T-Mobile myself, but they only cover where I live, not where I work, so they need to build some towers first. I was pretty loyal to US Cellular a few years ago. Now I consider myself a free agent. Don't particularly love any of them, but I like keeping up with what they're all doing, so I don't miss any good opportunities. New customers only. If you're talking about the plan I think you are (10GB for $80), I was on vacation when they announced that. The very next day (it was at night when I heard) we were in a Verizon store and I was asking about it. Of course they don't say that on the commercial. But yeah, gave them my phone number — they said it was okay that I was from ~12 hours away, Verizon is Verizon and I can handle my business in any of their stores. But then they said that I was locked into the plan I'm on (see above) for another year and could not change mid-plan. So, if US Cellular still lets you change the plan in the middle of your two-year term, don't take that for granted. It's funny, I remember 2-3 years ago we were all up here complaining about US Cellular bending over backwards for new customers but not doing right by existing ones. Verizon does it, too.
  13. Android lollipop coming to moto x

    Thanks. That answers my question. Judging by the forum replies here, it sounded like it was officially released. And others, elsewhere, have said that it has released. It's not my phone, so I will not attempt to unlock it or even root it. The only change I made was, I put the Google Now Launcher on it. My wife let me root and ROM her Acclaim, but that was a POS and the CM6 port we got made it usable. She didn't even let me touch the Electrify, and that was also a POS, just not as much. As for the X, the only thing I have against it is the lack of storage. It's a great phone otherwise. If it had a microSD card slot, I'd want one.
  14. Windows 10

    Been running it since November, though in January I went back to 7. They fixed the show-stopping bug the next day, but I was pissed they were literally like, "Well our team is taking 2 months off for Christmas, you knew the risks when you went in, troll LOL LOL LOL." Went back to 10 in May or June. Build 10130. They were saying that was the cutoff to get it for free. And I installed 10130 clean, and updated to most (not all) Insider builds since. I'm still activated for Windows 10 Pro. It's alright. It can run Skyrim, but instead of crashing with an error, it just kicks me back to the desktop. It's not a very good Windows game, but then again, I am running a ton of mods. Still, you'd think someone would make a mod that at least logs the crashes, if not avoids them entirely (yes I have the memory patch). Currently playing Saints Row 3 (damn fun GTA clone, better than any GTA in fact, it's just more fun) and I get vsync issues, and vehicle sounds are bugged, but I'm not sure it wasn't like that on 7... Mostly only played it on the Xbox. I'm not really going for beating the game, though. I'm just playing it to drive around and kill people. Especially since I have the "Complete Package," so I can just summon the harrier jet from my pad. So I advanced the story, I think it's like 3 missions, to where you get the first stronghold with a helipad. Also tried playing Planescape Torment (yay 1998) from GOG, and it works, but looks like crap. I think it's 800x600 upscaled to 1920x1080. Yeah, ugh. I need to see if I can find a widescreen patch, maybe an HD patch. I am not optimistic. It's an old game. I'm not playing it because I want a pretty game, I'm playing it because it's a classic of the RPG genre. For the most part, people who just wanna surf the net, you'll love it. Windows 10, like 8, is based around the web. 7 and prior were meant with offline machines in mind, and that puzzles me. The Internet's been mainstream since Y2K, so why are XP, Vista, and 7 geared toward offline? Android is a year older than 7, and it's web based. By that I mean, when you set it up, you sign into an online account, and many services are web based (OneNote, OneDrive). But if you just wanna get on Chrome or Firefox, or even if you just use IE (Edge now, though IE 11 is hiding in the Start menu if you want it), it'll do your thing.
  15. Android lollipop coming to moto x

    Yes, Motorola Update Services. I did not have the device in front of me. Now I do, but only for a few minutes. It's funny, some people/couples trip about privacy and phones. Meanwhile my wife will be doing something, and I fish her phone out of her pocket, check it for updates (Play Store and OTA) and return it. I don't bother the gallery or the messages. Not bothered. Well, I'll open the file manager (I put ES File Explorer on it) and manage the free space, since it's always running out. I need to delete the camera roll, but I'm not 100% that Google Photos uploaded all of it. I strongly suspect they did, and that would free up a whopping 1.8GB... Wonder if the OTA needs free space? Though I suspect it would at least show up and maybe fail. Also, not sure if this is the right place, but anyone know about the stock recovery? I can get into the bootloader (I believe you hold all three buttons when it's off), but when I select Recovery, it just boots up. I was hoping for the stock Android recovery. I figured wiping cache and dalvik might help get an OTA. I could do that with Titanium if it were rooted, but it's not and I haven't got permission to root it. Haven't even looked up how. Further tangent, which I apologize for, but I didn't want to make another topic: If you run a custom ROM on the X, do you get to keep the neat features? I'm considering the new X, and I'll probably just leave it stock (Stock Android is all I want), probably root, but I'm curious. Thanks.