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  1. Lollipop

    Anyone able to upload the .zip file for the 5.0.1 update? I tried downloading it from the dropbox link but it kept failing around 75%. Now it says there is too much traffic so it isn't available temporarily. Thanks!
  2. Root for US Cellular Galaxy Mega!

    Okay I thought so just double checking. I used towel root on my s5 and used xposed framework so I wouldn't trip it there. My wife has the mega but I keep seeing used ones for $75 at us cell so I am not to worried about tripping it. Thanks again.
  3. That is correct, just moving the one file to desktop, edit re add using 7zip. Drag and drop both ways. Sent from my SCH-R530U using Tapatalk 4 Beta
  4. After editing with notepad++, I get a status 6 error when flashing. I added the text in blue and removed all of it on the other try. I've downloaded the zip a few times and used 7zip. Anyone know what I am doing wrong? (I did click show all characters in notepad++). Any help is appreciated. Sent from my SCH-R530U using Tapatalk 4 Beta
  5. Grand Theft Auto 3 for Android

    Hmmm I may have to look into this till then...
  6. Grand Theft Auto 3 for Android

    Anyone have more info on GTA 3? I saw that the photon will be able to get it so I would assume that mean the Electrify as well? I read that it is rumored to allow a console controller work so you don't have to use on screen controls.
  7. Lapdock

    Same here. I'm going to call in the morning. Frustrating!! sent from my electrify using TapaTalk I checked this morning, mine is still pending. I read the XDA thread and it looks like if you ordered it over the weekend with a debit card people are getting them faster. I used my credit card and am still waiting for the charge to clear. It seems as though someone should have seen a huge influx of orders coming when they set the price at $50? Anyway, hopefully everything works out.
  8. Lapdock

    I ordered one for $50 on Sunday and it still says pending shipment. I hope it doesn't get cancelled. Anyone's ship yet that ordered during the $50 sale?