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  1. Android lollipop coming to moto x

    Screen is usually on top. I heard there were bugs on some of the reporting. I would turn Google Now off, but the reminders and voice controls seem to require it.
  2. Android lollipop coming to moto x

    For those that have upgraded, is Google Services a consistent battery hog? It is usually my number 2 or 3 even when not used much.
  3. Android lollipop coming to moto x

    It's still working. I do like the adaptive brightness.
  4. Android lollipop coming to moto x

    Good. So far, I'm not impressed. I did the update and factory reset afterwards and the dern thing will lag sometimes and Chrome will flat freeze sometimes causing what appears to me (no expert) the stock launcher to restart. On the fence battery wise, but the new features aren't worth the stability issues for me.
  5. Android lollipop coming to moto x

    My Android OS used a lot overnight (little actual use). Standby and others have generally been bigger hitters for me since upgrading.
  6. Android lollipop coming to moto x

    I still have a lot to learn on this 5.1. One of the issues I am seeing is I keep getting notifications from Tapatalk even though I have the main setting turned off.
  7. Android lollipop coming to moto x

    Mine seems OK so far. I'm happy the Bluetooth volume appears fixed where I can get my Buds low enough in my quiet office. On a separate noe, I always wondered if the Audio Effects impacted normal earpiece volume on calls. Played with it some on KK trying to get more volume from some folks (not all).
  8. Android lollipop coming to moto x

    For better or worse, I'm downloading it now OTA.
  9. Knoxville

    Edit: just read the news....wasn't just Knoxvegas.
  10. Knoxville

    I'm wondering what's going on in West Knoxville today. My reception on my 13 Moto X went to poo on both 4G & 3G and my wife's S5 is good and strong. I'm wondering if they are working on them and the phones use different bands.
  11. KitKat 4.4.4 update?

    FWIW, I updated mine with Kies yesterday and it still says 4.4.2 as expected. I think I'll wait for the ota next time, Kies kept hanging/was a pain.
  12. KitKat 4.4.4 update?

    R970TYUFNK1 http://www.sammobile.com/2014/12/11/12-11-2014-firmware-updates-galaxy-gear-galaxy-note-3-lte-galaxy-s4-mini-and-more/
  13. KitKat 4.4.4 update?

    The reference to that baseband on sammobile says it is 4.4.2. Maybe it's a fix for what we already have?
  14. I have a similar issue in an office in one of USCC strongest areas. I figured it was the frequency/band since AT&T and Verizon seem to penetrate or modern office better. I have two towers near by and a Moto X..
  15. Regretting renewing to contract in April.

    I'm on the old Belief Plan with a partner discount. About the only time I get frustrated is when traveling/roaming due to the throttling. If I traveled more it might be worth going with a larger carrier, but I don't and AT&T/Verizon were considerably more expensive for the amount of data on our plan.