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  1. The drop thing didn't? I read some other devices on Marshmallow also had issues with the rotation. For those the sensor was stuck doing nothing, but it seems to still functioning on my N4. I see complaints about it not working on the S6 as well, but supposedly factory reset was supposed to fix it. Must be a Touchwiz bug?
  2. Factory reset won't fix it. Don't bother, I tried. iRub's posting from a Nexus... does he even have an N4?
  3. 6.0.1 rom link.

    If you were using stock before, it only clears your cache. You don't need to wipe, but it might prevent some issues. If you were using a custom rom/aosp I'd wipe just to be safe, though it should wipe it for you. I dirty flashed, could be why it's having issues rotating? @Solar: I don't use those
  4. 6.0.1 rom link.

    After I flashed root and debloat, rom no longer boots. wtf? I'm guessing cf auto root for our device is too out of date? Edit: the "update" one I flashed with twrp must have been too old? 2.46. cf auto root from odin worked. just downloaded it though and it says 2.71 haven't tried a newer regular update flash (2.71)
  5. https://samsung-firmware.org/download/GALAXY%20Note4/55uu/USC/N910R4TYU1CPC5/N910R4USC1CPC5/# Changes I notice besides the default google ones: +Pointless overheating is gone, thus lower power use when web browsing or reading a pdf +Stock kernel doesn't seem to suck so bad -Screen rotation is broke -Scamsung is still too braindead to full implement camera2 api from lollipop even in Marshmallow, so no raws.
  6. I hope someone posts the image. I don't see it on sammobile and I can't OTA.
  7. eff this carrier....I'd bet money we won't get any more updates before end of life.
  8. Any update on ZeroLemon mod? Or is there a kernel I can use with this rom that has the ZL mod already in it?
  9. bigbiff posted up a 3.0 tar but I haven't tested it yet. There's also the tar I use http://upload.teamuscellular.com/478
  10. Debloat script.

    Tested it and I can see incoming call notifications now. if anyone feels like it check the difference and report it to the original creator, I'm too lazy ...
  11. Debloat script.

    OK I'm testing the light version I made to see if the services I put back in fix incoming call notifications etc. Might be a while til someone actually calls me...
  12. https://dl.twrp.me/trlteusc/you mean? was that 2.8.7 tar even odin flashable, coulda swore I had to flash 2.8.6 first ><
  13. https://twitter.com/tw1ttersucks3/status/700728625826430976vote us cellular sucks
  14. Still stalls. Has always done this for me. Other apps probably don't, too lazy to try out more though.