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  1. Change cMTD part map?

    Thanks, that is what I'll try.
  2. Change cMTD part map?

    I have added the cMTD table of 100 5 after reading a few posts. I also have installed the modified Oxygen 2.3 Rom found here. Can the affects of the cMTD sizes be seen? I read they adjust the size of memory and cache. I also use System Tools and it show under Memory Details that I have about 405MB and 147.62MB of Internal Memory. It appears to break up the total phone memory of about 512MB under these two categories. Under internal memory, it is broken down into Packages, Private, Data, System, Cache, Others. Before the stock ROM on my HTC Desire was changed to the Oxygen, the largest “compartment” was data, now it is “cache”. The cache is at 55.4MB. My question is, how does the 100 and 5 correlate to what I am seeing, and what would changing them do these values? My phone is working very well and I am pleased, just trying to gain insight why and how it is working so well. Thanks.
  3. Oxygen ram low???

    Grad, Thanks for clearing that up. Are there different versions of the cMTD zip? Or just the one floating around here?
  4. Oxygen ram low???

    I thought the fix for low ram is partitioning with CWM? Please explain how the two are different. I will be trying the Ox upgrade this weekend. Thanks.
  5. If my current set up is a rooted Desire, running CWM ver 4, stock 2.2 rom, can I simply upgrade to an Oxygen 2.3 rom? The fuzzy area for me is the gingerbread and froyo. What dictates what make it a froyo or gingerbread? Just major revisions to the rom, or is it hardware? Thanks
  6. Got it! It was a bit squirrelly and sketchy, Unrevoked it got hung up twice. I had to remove a couple of apps to make room for it. The restart my PC twice, but it took. Thanks for the help!!
  7. Jared- Thanks for looking. I guess the problem or question I have is I can't figure out why when I run Root checker or Titanium back up, it says I have no root? I believe the phone is unlocked, but not rooted. It for sure has a custom recovery, CWM v4. What step am I missing to achieve a root? This is where I am confused. Is the step I am missing is to now run Unrevoked? My goal is to remove “bloatware” from my phone. I have very few apps on the internal memory, and I keep getting low memory errors. Thanks- Jason
  8. Hello All- Trying to work through this and have done the following with not root- Droid version 2.2 Orig HBOOT 1.06 Ran AlphaRev and got s-off right away. Booted to recovery to achieved Revolutionary Recovery all text was blue did not notice HBOOT version or CWM ver Performed Nandroid backup Installed - http://dl.dropbox.com/u/459022/PB99IMG.zip - from mcfarland.ron posted above. Followed steps in another post on this site – 7) Now we must install custom recovery, place the PB99IMG.zip file onto the SD card, do not place it into a folder. Once copied, unplug your phone and turn it off. Go back into HBOOT by holding down Volume Down and then the Power button. This time, when it does its scan, it will find the PB99IMG.zip file. It should say Press Volume Up to apply update or something like that. Your phone will reboot normally, and then remove PB99IMG.zip from your SD card. Finally, turn off your phone again, boot into HBOOT and select recovery, and you should see ClockworkMod boot up. Finally you are done with the rooting process! Booted to recovery and Revolutionary Recovery text was orange. Still no root verifying with Root Checker and Titanium Back up. Tired CWM 3.0.xx ver installed same as above. No root. Reverted back to CWM Tried to restore original back up failed. Performed 2nd Nandroid backup. Restored 2nd back up and it worked. Noticed HBOOT version changed to 6.06.1002, version could have been this way from the AlphaRev, just noticed it now. Any input to what I am missing? I know most have moved on from the Desire, I got into this contract a couple of months ago. I’ll have it for a while. Thanks.