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  1. We're on a plan that doesn't include the 2-year ETF, and we didn't get discounted phones but rather did the 18 month financing. I called USCC and they said that we first had to pay off the phones, and if I tried beforehand the port would likely fail. These are the same people that told me that the MEID is privileged information and can't be given over the phone when I tried to file an insurance claim on one of the phones. I'd like to trust them, but it's getting harder and harder to do so. It want fail if you port a number , i ported a uscc # to verizon at home verizon just sent the info to the phone and in a few minutes it was up and running. I am still waiting for the bill from uscc and i had 12 months left on the installment plan.
  2. Note 4 up grade

    I will have my Note 4 one year on November 18th. I have device finance on my Note 4 but i want to up grade to the Note 5 now but uscc will note let me up grade until November 18th even if i pay the Note 4 payment now to bring it up to the November 18th payment. I can't see why if i give them the Note 4 now and the November payment they have the phone and the contract money so why i can't go ahead and get the Note 5. Like others have said Verizon or the other carriers don't work good at my home. >
  3. It is still not great in Pitt County and I think it is the LTE signal just doesn't travel as far as the old CDMA signal.
  4. Thank you

    Welcome to the forum.
  5. Got a G3 yesterday Dropped it today.

    I hate it for you but I always use some type of case.
  6. Note 4 Cases Discussion

    The Otterbox case is good but the holster is junk , I have broken a few of them one the piece that holds the phone in the case and the others the belt clip broke.
  7. Note 4 Cases Discussion

    The mic holes line up fine on my Otterbox Defender case.
  8. How Dumb Is This?

    One of my Corp stores got 12 today and I got the only one they sold today..
  9. I just got the Note 4 thread

    As of 8:00 pm tonight I am a owner of a Note 4. and a S 5 for the better half.
  10. I just got the Note 4 thread

    Has any one heard when the stores will have more Note 4's ?
  11. I just got the Note 4 thread

    You lucky dog. [emoji22] One of the local corporate stores have my name on a list for one. If they ever get it I am going to port two lines from Verizon back to uscc , the Note 4 for me and a S5 for the wife. [emoji3]
  12. I just got the Note 4 thread

    Where did you find a Note 4 at. Every store I have checked with is sold out and don't know when they will get more. [emoji26]
  13. How Dumb Is This?

    I know I wanted one to but the store ( corporate store ) only got 8 and they were gone in no time it sucks.
  14. No 1080p resolution in YouTube app..

    I can get 1080 on some of the videos.
  15. I just got the Note 4 thread

    I can't believe that the two local company stores only got seven Note 4 ' s each. That is dumb U.S.Cellular. [emoji35]