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  1. Does anyone know of a nice (not overly invasive) app that will automatically rotate the picture on the lockscreen daily - perhaps based on a particular theme? I keep seeing apps for "live" wallpapers - but I'm not interested in spending the time to change it daily - I'm looking for something to automatically do that for me... :-)
  2. Is anyone having either of these issues, as well: I notice that the phone drops a WiFi connection once in a while - even when it's strong and in close proximity. This happens both at home (Cisco router) and at work (Motorola router). In the same places with the same routers, my S2 never had this problem. I plugged my phone in to charge at night with let's say 25% battery life. When I unplugged it in the morning it was at 50%. Like it started charging and then "disconnected" itself from the charger (software-ly speaking)!
  3. Chicago users: where are you going next?

    On a very related Chicago topic - do you plan to go prepaid or traditional? I actually posed this question to the LifeHacker podcast and . The main reason I'm finding considering prepaid difficult is because I'd need to go buy an unlocked phone (for T-Mobile or AT&T) - and new S4's and HTC One's are going for around $800...
  4. Chicago users: where are you going next?

    I just called USCC customer service today and asked what date my phone will go dead. She said that Sprint will be sending letters out on April 23rd with detailed info about that. I don't think it's a matter of who's leaving - I think we all are - like it or not. I just want to learn more info about the Sprint option. But most likely I'll be moving to T-Mobile or Sprint. Verizon and AT&T look good - but are way too expensive...
  5. Now that USCC has sold us up the river, all us Chicago users will be shopping around... Please share what you've learned so far: What are the pros and cons of the various local carriers?Which offer the nicest phones?Best prices on purchasing phones?Best monthly rates?Best customer service?Best / widest coverage in the area?Will any carrier be able to activate our USCC phones?
  6. Upgrade Accelerator Points question

    Am I missing something? What's the point of accelerating an upgrade when Sprint is taking over? Is Sprint expected to honor early upgrades?... (I'm in Chicago.)
  7. Is it a certain thing that the USCC Belief Points will all completely disappear once Sprint takes over? (I'm in Chicago, which I understand is to be a "taken-over" market...)
  8. [Galaxy S IV] Preorder Date Announced!

    Can you buy an unlocked version of the S4 - will USCC and/or Sprint activate it? And is Chicago in the USCC->Sprint market?
  9. [Galaxy S IV] Preorder Date Announced!

    How do you know that? (I'm in Chicago.) And why can't you get an S4 - it's not compatible with Sprint?
  10. Upgrade Accelerator Changes! [UPDATED: 5:30 PM]

    So let's say I use points to accelerate my upgrade to a G4. Once I have a USCC G4, which other carriers would be able to activate it? (Other than El Conquistador Grande, Sprint...) In other words, would getting a new phone like that help me if / when we need to change carriers? Second question: can I only redeem points to actually get me to an upgrade - or can I redeem any multiple of 1,300 points - to advance however many months I want?
  11. Get 2000 Belief points

    Is there a way to know if I'm consenting to marketing mailing lists, etc. by sending that?