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  1. Weird voicemail issue

    I have my phone voicemail setup with Google Voice. Missed calls go to voicemail just fine, and then appear on notifications as they should. In the dialer, if I play the audio of the voice message, the phone also dials the missed number. Very annoying when you purposely let a call go to voicemail so you can just check the message. This same behavior happens if I click on the notification to get to the voicemail. Google searches have turned up nothing on this. It's been going on for a while, and I can't remember for sure how long, maybe since the phone was activated. Any one have some insight on this? Thanks Mike Sent from my SM-G900R4 using Tapatalk
  2. [New] Points Program Stopping September 1st

    I recently switched to a shared data plan. We have 3 lines all with COE phones. For us, this is very affordable. We have enought points (50,000) to upgrade the single dumb phone to a new adroid at no cost. Correct me if I'm wrong, but using the points to get a new phone constitutes a "subsidy", and therefore, the new phone would sacrifice the COE discount of $30/month, and cost $660 over the next two years, until the line would then be COE again, which is the same as a financed phone anyway. Is that right? If so I guess well just burn the points on something pointless.
  3. This worked perfectly for me in under ten minutes. Started at nk1, finished at rooted nk1, knox warranty intact. Thanks everyone!
  4. Are points now essentially pointless?

    It seems that after the initial two years on a shared connect plan, no one would ever again be on contract for the plan itself period, just Retail installment contracts for phones if they choose to go that route. I cant find a reason why anyone would pay $200 for a phone subsidy, and then pay $30 extra for 20 months on connection fees ($800 total), and be on a 2 year plan contract anyway. Points are worthless therefore in terms of using them on phones themselves. I'm disappointed that i saved points for over 10 years to get to a point where i could use them on a new phone, and now have no real use for them for that purpose.
  5. Are points now essentially pointless?

    Please report back on how that works out, thanks
  6. I have enough points on an a belief plan to upgrade my phone this coming month. I am out of contract and have been for a while. I was thinking about making a move to the new shared data plans (i need more data). It used to be that i could take the upgrade, stay out of contract, then sign a new one under shared data and cancel old one, but I think they have changed the rules now. If i use the points to do an upgrade, would that count as a subsidized phone, meaning i pay 40 instead of 10 for connection charges, or is the phone considered owned at that point. If not, why would anyone take a subsidy ever, points or otherwise, when you pay for it in the connection charge anyway? Are my points now only good for 30 or so cases? Not even sure if under Retail installment contracts, if points have any value at all. I think if I take the upgrade in my current plan I would trigger a 2yr contract which i would then have to eft to get to shared data. In short, if anyone knows of a way to give value to my points toward a phone and get to shared data, im open to suggestions. Mike
  7. Upgrading to 4.4

    Battery life seems to settled in and is fine now i think
  8. Upgrading to 4.4

    Found something on droid forums that said to clear credentials at the bottom of the securities settings menu. It did the trick. Pattern lock is enabled again. I hope it does not incur some other unknown problem as a side effect.
  9. Upgrading to 4.4

    So as far as I can tell, not a lot of notable changes here, it's seems that the battery life is definitely slightly worse. I have also lost the ability to have a pattern lock screen, only pin and password are available, others say turned off by administrator, encryption policy, or credential storage. It seems this was a known problem, but I can't find by forum search
  10. Upgrading to 4.4

    So that fix still applies to the latest update then. Thanks for the help. There has not been a lot of activity in the s4 boards lately, so I was not sure what may have changed for nf6
  11. Upgrading to 4.4

    I remember reading that storage to sd had some issues, and that it seemed to effect some people's use of TB
  12. I have read everything there is to read and a few things are unclear to me. I am on mf5 rooted, I would like to accept the latest update. If I update to nf6, and root, will there be bugs? I want to remain stock, and I am not concerned about knox fuse. Will wifi work? Stock teather after tedc removal? Titanium backup storage of backups? All sensors functional? I have found all the instructions I need to do the update and root, but it is unclear to me how many issues may occur after root. in the past I would have tried it and reverted if I didn't like it, but after 4.4, that will not be an option. I'm just looking for confirmation that it is possible to have fully functioning stock nf6 that is rooted and nothing broken Thanks ahead for any input
  13. How about screen rotation, and the work around for titanium back up having to deal with new sd card policies of the os? Sent from my SCH-R970 using Tapatalk
  14. The question is though, if you keep the old boatloader, what will actually work? Sent from my SCH-R970 using Tapatalk