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  1. data roaming deal

    After 15 years with US Cellular, I think I'm heading to Verizon when my contract runs out in September too. It's a shame their coverage just plain sucks and I live in the city. A city they sponsor and advertise pretty heavily but still can't cover reliably! I'll actually gain 5 GB of data and save about $15 a month too.
  2. data roaming deal
  3. data roaming deal

    Is there an OTA update for this then? How do you know when your device receives it? I'm going on a trip this weekend and would love to have LTE roaming. [rant] US Cellular has about 6 months to show me something or I'm gone. I'm tired of crappy data everywhere I go...home or roaming. The commercials about coverage out in the middle of nowhere crack me up. They can't even get city coverage right, let alone out in the middle of anywhere! [rant over] Ok, I feel a little
  4. data roaming deal

    Do you know if they are they rolling out LTE roaming in different areas at different times? Like I said in a earlier post, my wife took her iPhone 6 to the Raleigh, NC area (which has LTE roaming shown on US Cellular's coverage map) but still only got slow 3G speeds. I thought this was one of the phones that was capable of receiving 4G roaming?
  5. data roaming deal

    Did she *228 before she left. To update PRL. Just wondering if that will make them work. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Yeah, I made sure to dial *228 before she went
  6. data roaming deal

    Well the wife took her iPhone 6 to the Raleigh, NC area this past weekend and said she was still on 3G roaming. The map clearly shows 4G roaming there. Wonder if it's been launched completely yet?
  7. data roaming deal

    Didn't someone say they would be launching the 4G roaming in waves? So this probably isn't the final roaming map but I hear you. Me and the wife will probably head over to big red too when my contract is up.
  8. data roaming deal

    So I was checking the coverage map tonight and I see a lot of 4G roaming painted throughout the country. Can anyone confirm anything in these roaming areas that are on the map?
  9. VoLTE this year? It's going to take 4 years to fully launch?!?
  10. data roaming deal This pretty much says it all... "We are working to operationalize our 4G LTE roaming agreement this quarter," U.S. Cellular spokeswoman Katie Frey told FierceWireless, declining to elaborate further.
  11. data roaming deal

    I don't know but they have about 2 weeks to announce something or they will have lied to us once again!
  12. data roaming deal
  13. Outage?

    Got 3g and 4g back up here. You may need to do a reboot of your phone...
  14. Outage?

    Never mind, looks like there might be a nationwide data outage going on?
  15. Outage?

    Anybody else have an outage on their data? I live in Eastern NC, so I'm trying to figure out if it's just a local outage. I tried to call US Cellular's customer service line and it says they are experiencing technical difficulties with there system and to call back later.