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  1. Used phone choices up to $200?

    We've got 5 phones on my unlimited plan - 2 Galaxy S7s and 3 S5s. The S5s are not doing so well, so we're looking for something better for not too much money. I do like the S7s are they're pretty fast, water resistant and look nice. I've also been tempted to try an LG G5 or G6? Are they OK? I've heard it's really hard to beat the reliability of Samsung, but am I missing a better opportunity? Any other phones I should consider (besides iPhone <- not doing that)? Advice please?!
  2. Phone to buy for ~$150-$200?

    Thanks for all the ideas - my son does really like the G5 and he doesn't want to root or try any other roms. I did check out the Nexus and Moto G4 and the Note 4, all great ideas! Now off to find the best deal - as little damage as possible for the best price. thanks again!
  3. Phone to buy for ~$150-$200?

    Great info - Thanks so much! I wonder if the camera lens is a very common problem? I'll try to find more info on that for sure. My sons not interested in root or anything (weird, right?) but anyway he does really want a good camera on the phone. EDIT: it does seem to be pretty common just doing a search on "LG G5 camera glass problem" brings the issue to light, but it also seems pretty easy to fix? Just pry off the old one and stick on the new for about $5 or so on ebay/amazon/aliexpress. Search directions on youtube. Any other advice is most welcome, please?!
  4. Phone to buy for ~$150-$200?

    I have a few Galaxy S5s in my family, and now another son wants a phone. He's not sure what to even look at, I love the S5s but he wants a step up from there. I thought the LG G5 looked good, but then there is almost no discussion of that phone, so I'm assuming it's not good? Any other suggestions? I usually buy off ebay, had pretty good luck so far. Not much money to spend on this, so anything over $200 is too much!
  5. I've been asked recently how I hacked my phone, I'd like to post a guide with all the links here for reference. Please let me know if you see something wrong or have better suggestions! ** obviously this is only for a Galaxy S5 G900R4 model from US Cellular ** To start, using Windows, you need a Samsung USB driver: install the driver and then plug your phone into the USB of your PC. You should be able to browse your phones files. you also need ODIN (the program to flash software), I use version 3.12.3: There are two other ways of booting your phone from power off, these instructions are for later: to boot into download mode: press and hold volume down button, press and hold the home button, and finally press and hold the power button for about a second - it should vibrate and show it booting into download mode. You can release the buttons after it vibrates. If that doesn't work, shut it off again and try again, no big deal. to get out of download mode, if you didn't actually download anything - pull the battery to power off. to boot into recovery mode: same as download mode but use the volume up button instead, so use vol up+home+power and wait for the vibration, it should show recovery mode booting. Now I highly suggest you do a full system update to the latest stock ROM as this will update all the hidden partitions (with the LTE firmware and stuff): QC2 - ~ 1.5Gb While NOT connected to the PC, put phone in download mode (see above), run ODIN. press the AP button in ODIN and select the MD5 file you just downloaded. Plug in the phone and ODIN should see it and say ready. press start and watch it load the stock ROM. The phone will reboot, you can disconnect the USB cable now and let it set up. Next to install TWRP, a custom recovery: I use version 3.1.1 download the .tar file to your PC - shut down and boot phone back into download mode. Start ODIN again and load the TWRP file into the "AP slot" again (press the AP button connect the cable, wait for ODIN to say ready. press start on ODIN and watch it load the custom recovery. Disconnect cable, boot back into the stock rom. Next select a custom rom known to work with you device, I use LineageOS 14.1 ATM from here: info: rom: (download the latest nightly/weekly TO YOUR PHONE) root (totally optional, but I use it. Can be installed/uninstalled later): Also download an OpenGapps version TO YOUR PHONE if you want to be able to download apps from the play store: platform arm, android 7.1, select a version (I use a customized version of super, many other suggest micro or nano). I'd probably say micro if I was forced to choose. Please make sure your phone is fully charged for the next steps, then unplug your phone. (I've had issues with the phone being plugged in while I tried to flash roms). shut down and boot into TWRP (recovery mode). Slide right at the first screen. do a factory reset: select wipe, then slide right. when complete, hit the little home button in TWRP. If this is your first ROM, I'd suggest a data wipe also - select wipe, then data, then type yes. press install and browse to the download folder of your phone - select the lineage ROM zip file. load the su addon zip at the same time, and also add the opengapps zip. When all are ready to go start the install. wait for it to finish all. when it's done I always press the "wipe cache & dalvik" button for that, then press the reboot into system button. ** wait a LONG time maybe 10-15 minutes even for everything to be set up. This is the worse wait in my opinion, hoping all goes well. hopefully you can now add your goggle account info. You should also be able download all the apps you previously had on your phone or use it as excuse for a fresh start. more roms are here: make sure they are for g900r4 (klte)!! You can "dirty flash" a new version of the same rom by just selecting it in TWRP and writing over the older version, then wipe cache&dalvik. I also overwrite with a newer version of opengapps at the same time. make use of TWRPs backup feature, you can back up, install a different rom, try that for a while and then restore to your previous version. Nice! So thats it, hope it all works for you.
  6. ROM 8.0.0 KLTE Lineage 15.0

    Glad to see "they" are working on it - be a awhile before we can make it a daily driver though. People weren't sure the S5 would get Nougat, now it's getting Oreo?
  7. Thanks for the reply - I have tried Boefla kernel on other roms and it does work fine. I have not noticed significant benefits for me, so I usually just stick with the built in kernel of whatever rom I use. Right now it's been the latest LineageOS. Runs awesome, right out of the box! Good luck!
  8. it is quite nerve wracking the first time - and many other times if you find yourself in a bootloop! If you want to be sure you can return to as stock as possible, you might want to download and have the stock rom handy. This is flashed in Odin and puts things back. If you don't have the latest version of stock, maybe you want to do a little test of your Odin prowess and flash an update to stock first. If you want to, unzip the download and flash the md5 file in the AP slot of Odin. Good luck!
  9. [ROM] Cyanogenmod 13.0 [Official] [Nightly]

    All I can find is ONE klteusc CM13 snapshot at: I don't keep any old stuff, sorry!
  10. yes, all correct. I would put the latest LineageOS and opengapps version on my microSD. Then use Odin to write the TWRP file in download mode(downvol+home+power). Then reboot to TWRP (up vol+home+power). In TWRP, install the two zips of Lineage and opengapps. I'd do a factory reset and even wipe data and also all the caches. Reboot - it will take 10-15 minutes to boot. If you want root, you can reboot back to recovery and add/remove any time. for updates, they are released lately every Wednesday. You don't have to update, but you can if you want. You can use settings-about phone-lineageos updates and it will download and reboot into recovery and install. I also usually download the latest opengapps and install that also but thats just me So far everything works great for me. Sometimes a minor hiccup I didn't use in awhile - a couple builds back someone mentioned 360VR videos were slow and blocky - Yep, it was for me too. I haven't tried it since then. I can't think of any other issues right now. Our phones are still on Marshmallow officially, and an update to Nouget is unlikely from Samsung. I very highly doubt O in the future will be offered. The biggest concern is if you want to sell your phone. Once a special Knox counter is tripped, it CANNOT be reset. Search the net for more info on this if you want. My son just bought a mint S5 for $90 on ebay, so I cant imagine it being worth selling anyway. I can always use it as a remote camera or something. Hope it works for you - I am just some guy on the internet so if you follow my instructions and they don't work, it's not my fault!
  11. I had an issue with Textra a couple weeks ago so I switched back to the stock messaging and so far it works great all the time. I don't text a ton, but I want it to work all the time!
  12. Yes I run this. Got it from here. From what I remember, I installed the custom TWRP from that first post using Odin, then install Lineage and opengapps in the recovery. If you want there is also a root package for Lineage - you can or not, your preference. Great ROM - the klteusc version is currently being merged with klte, and I run klte now. Works great. New versions come out on Wednesdays. edit with links: samsung usb windows driver: ODIN: TWRP (custom for LineageOS): LineageOS: opengapps (arm, 7.1, I use mini): root (use one for arm): Any more questions, feel free!

    latest cqc2 firmware file here EDIT: I just installed this version of firmware and it seems fine. I can make and receive calls. I'm not a very accomplished script writer, but here's what I got so far to extract firmware: #!/bin/bash # - extract only parts of an official Samsung firmware file # usage: SM***.zip # will output G900R4_$ext_firmware.tar.md5 which is only the modem stuff # - no system, kernel, or recovery. Uses the zip file, not the tar or md5. mkdir -p firmtmp unzip $1 -d firmtmp cd firmtmp tar xf * f=$(ls -t -x *.md5) ext=${f:10:4} echo $ext tar -H ustar -c tz.mbn modem.bin NON-HLOS.bin rpm.mbn sbl1.mbn sdi.mbn > G900R4_"$ext"_firmware.tar md5sum -t G900R4_"$ext"_firmware.tar >> G900R4_"$ext"_firmware.tar mv G900R4_"$ext"_firmware.tar ../G900R4_"$ext"_firmware.tar.md5 cd ../ ls -lh G900R4_"$ext"_firmware.tar.md5 rm -r firmtmp
  14. G900R4_CQC_firmware.tar.md5

    Version 1.0.0


    OS Version Marshmallow(Android 6.0.1) Release Date 28.03.2017 PDA G900R4VXS2CQC2 CSC G900R4USC2CQC2 Phone G900R4VXS2CQC2
  15. G900R4_CQC_firmware.tar.md5 View File OS Version Marshmallow(Android 6.0.1) Release Date 28.03.2017 PDA G900R4VXS2CQC2 CSC G900R4USC2CQC2 Phone G900R4VXS2CQC2 Submitter brianinmaine Submitted 04/06/2017 Category Galaxy S5