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  1. #5110 I would like to help out but I'm not able to try until tomorrow evening. Just posting here to help look for volunteers?
  2. Aha! That explains a bunch! I thought it was like aboot.img which goes into the boot partition, then there's sbl1.img which is the secondary boot loader, then ... WHO NAMES THIS STUFF??? Oh well And another thing - "dev love bubble" !!!
  3. Just unzipped the latest 1/31 LOS and sure enough, there is a boot.img in there! I sure wish I could find a good explanation somewhere of the exact boot sequence and/or how all these partitions work together. Anyway, sure glad that issue of reboots was fixed, as now there will be more time for other improvements! I can't believe how much time developers like haggartk must spend on this stuff - for FREE! There spouses/others must go crazy too I'm sure glad they do, though!
  4. All so strange. I didn't think LOS changed the boot partition to begin with? The info from haggartk imply that /misc was mounted to a bad place, which is from fstab in boot. And why some phones but not others? Oh well, at least it's fixed! I did do the update just in case: Thanks!
  5. I just read a recovery is in the works, it will be a while. On another note, it looks like the version of gapps I used hosed my clock. I get constant FCs. I found another one for now that works fine. Maybe I jumped the gun a bit installing the latest of everything? Oh well! edit: so I was able to fix my clock issue. I tried reinstalling gapps 2/1/17 mini and nope. so I deleted the apk from /system for the google clock and then reinstalled gapps again. this time it works, alarms and all. Pretty simple solution, I don't know why it didn't overwrite the broken one? Must be in their install script by date or something? Seems like they should md5 instead? Anyway, all perfect now!
  6. So it looks like nightlies are going to come weekly.. JK. I just installed update on both the LOS 1/31 and a 1/31 gapps. I tried to do an OTA but it stayed in TWRP so I did a regular dirty flash. All good! Does anyone use a different recovery (and why)?
  7. Sure I'll try. I wish there was a decent changelog! What this they fix and/or break this time? EDIT: this is the firmware only for CQA1. I DID NOT TRY IT YET (might not even since I don't really need to), but I followed the previous setup which did work fine. Please let me know if you try it? Thanks! EDIT2: I just tried it and it works fine. I'm now on baseband G900R4VXS2CQA1 (and running LineageOS 14.1-20170125-NIGHTLY-klteusc and opengapps same date 1/25). All is well. Just couldn't stand not knowing! Flash with Odin in the AP slot. here's the commands used (make it easier for me next time ) unzip SM-G900R4_<whatever> tar xf G900R4<whatever> tar -H ustar -c tz.mbn modem.bin NON-HLOS.bin rpm.mbn sbl1.mbn sdi.mbn > G900R4<version>_firmware.tar md5sum -t G900R4<version>_firmware.tar >> G900R4<version>_firmware.tar mv G900R4<version>_firmware.tar G900R4<version>_firmware.tar.md5 ps: I did a "diff" on the previous firmware files which does a binary compare and all the files are different. No idea what they changed. Just FYI. pps: files from the update NOT in this firmware update (just for completeness): boot.img recovery.img aboot.bin cache.img.ext4 system.img.ext4
  8. Yep - I posted a link to it 2 posts before yours...
  9. I have 1/22 unofficial installed now and used opengapps mini from 1/22 also to dirty flash - no issues at all. Ive dirty flashed the past 4? 5? upgrades and always update gapps the same time/same day. I saw on xda people having trouble, I just haven't had any. I'm just waiting for root then ill do the official version. edit: VERY SOON! edit2: INSTALLED! 1. running unofficial 1/22, already had latest gapps 1/25 installed, did a complete backup. 2. installed 1/25 experimental from TWRP, wipe cache and reboot 3. back to twrp, installed nightly 1/25 AND root zip together, wiped cache and reboot. 4. prayer 5. all came up - connected to LTE, open Maps and had GPS, opened the play store and updated an app. All seems good! Good luck! Works for me!
  10. Didn't try yet - no root available?
  11. I did make one with all the other boot options but I had trouble with the colors. You're welcome! Glad its useful!
  12. so far I've gathered some info, but it sure seems in short supply... NON-HLOS.bin - LTE firmware modem.bin - 3G firmware rpm.mbn - Resource and power manager sbl1.mbn - secondary boot loader - I think right after aboot which is absolute first. sdi.mbn - no idea? tz.mbn - TrustZone? also Touchscreen Firmware Extract pit file: Pit Magic: *** highly recommended NOT to change/edit your pit file!!! *** I included mine from my phone below if you want to see the contents of a pit file. They are highly dependent on your device! if anyone has more info on the exact boot sequence or what these files are, I'd appreciate some pointers. Just trying to learn! Thanks! SM-G900R4_16G.pit PIT_Analysis_001.txt
  13. I also am running TWRP 2.8.7 - there were some problems with newer a while back and I downgraded so I never went back (yet). I just burned the firmware update file I made above using ODIN v3.12.3 in the AP slot and it worked perfectly. My baseband now has the PL1 at the end. I checked GPS with Maps and I have LTE internet. Seems all good to me - anything else I should check? edit: note to the mods: if you want you could rehost this file locally instead of using my Drive account... I doubt there will be much call for this anyway, but you could keep it longer that way?
  14. I guess I'll just hold off then until I decide to do a big wipe and reinstall. If I switch ROMs I do the whole deal from scratch, so that would be a good time to add that step in. Thanks! OK - according to this post: I made an update file to be flashed in ODIN - I did NOT try it yet, anybody wanna be a guinea pig? It's 65Meg and does not have system or recovery or bootloader files - just the files in that post without aboot.mbn Ill have to upload it later as Im not on wifi atm... edit here it is: I did NOT try it - I just followed the instructions above. I'll burn it when I get some time - tonights one of my sons birthday
  15. Do you all bother with an update to the latest stock if you're running a custom ROM? I know it's possible to get an updated modem and stuff, it just seems a lot of hassle? I'd like to hear opinions on this - worth updating or not?