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  1. USC Prepaid Data Speeds?

    Yes. Their Samsung phones are useless, I had a note 3, traded it for the one max , which I love but I ended up having to pay $25 for someone to unlock the boot loader. The g2 is awesome and a piece of cake to unlock/root, and unroot. It's fully stock right now with no evidence of tampering. Idk if LG refused to play, or if big red just hasn't gotten to them yet. Regardless, the phone selection is wonderful and the coverage and speeds are unsurpassed. Which gives them the ability to not give two shits about customer satisfaction or competitive pricing. It's a fair trade, imo. Sucks, but worth it.
  2. USC Prepaid Data Speeds?

    Part of the reason I left USC. I could have full signal LTE, right next to a tower, and get MAYBE 5mbps down. Most of the time I was in 3g, and the speeds there were terrible. Now on Verizon, I have 4g almost everywhere and it is crazy fast. Fast enough that I haven't bothered to run speed test. 50MB game downloaded in just a few seconds. Oh, I'm out of town right now where I would normally be roaming with unusable data.... Now I have solid 5 bars LTE, no roaming... Service is amazing. Oh, and I have a lg g2 and an HTC one max... Lol Miss you guys, but USC was terrible. Oh yeah and their website is updated real-time. I can view my data usage and change my data man at any time, add or remove devices, and much more. I've been a Craigslist junkie buying and trading phones, trying stuff out. Might even get an iPhone, just for the experience using one.
  3. Samsung galaxy s3 hard brick jig

    All those are is a 301k ohm resistor between pins 4 and 5 in the micro usb connector. Make one yourself and try it, worst case scenario (and most likely) nothing will happen.
  4. I like your thinking! Flashing an official stock Rom through Odin will never void anything. Flashing anything else most certainly will. There's a good chance that most stock packages will not format user data. Meaning, all your apps and settings and whatnot will remain, untouched. This is not necessarily a good thing. The general rule is, if you want to leave it go ahead, but if you experience issues, you should do a factory reset in recovery to wipe the slate and start anew. Oh, and the whole auto reset really doesn't matter. It could've been greyed out because of whatever version of Odin you're using. Doesn't matter, the battery pull does a better job anyway.
  5. Note 2 Root after 4.4.2/OTA

    If you want to root, just reflash recovery and then flash the latest supersu zip. If not, you'll need to go into recovery (stock will work too) and do a factory reset, which will wipe your user data. That's recommended anyway, considering you just ran a major update.
  6. R960 Stock 4.4.2 ROM NF1 Odin

    weird. well, I just put together another stock 4.4.2 rom zip, with a fixed updater-script and update-binary...... so hopefully no status 0 message.
  7. R960 Stock 4.4.2 ROM NF1 Odin

    flash the zip in recovery.
  8. R960 Stock 4.4.2 ROM NF1 Odin

    Sorry, internet has been down and I've been crazy busy at work. Things have finally slowed down. You should not have any issues doing an ota with a custom recovery. Are you the one with the broken computer? If not, kies will update the phone to KitKat, even if it's modified. And the new bootloader resets all the flash counters and makes everything completely official and legit. Woohoo. There is a 4.2.2 stock recovery zip floating around, you can try flashing it and then doing the ota. Let me know how this all turns out, I'm curious.
  9. stock recovery.img

    Yes. Pulled it from my mega before updating to KitKat
  10. R960 Stock 4.4.2 ROM NF1 Odin

    Balls. Ok. Give me some time. My home internet's down right now, and I have to go to work.
  11. Samsung galaxy s3 hard brick jig

    You can't JTAG these without the appropriate hardware. It's not worth the cost of buying it, either. So, unless someone wants to pay someone to JTAG it for them (the services are all over the internet) or spend more and buy their own and then learn how to do it, then yes that's a plausible option. But truth is, this is an aging device that you can get secondhand pretty cheap. So for most intents and purposes, JTAG isn't a viable option.
  12. Making Debrick Images

    You would need someone that has the 16GB model with CND4 to create one for you. I would say that's becoming a pretty rare case, add this is an aging device and that's the "lower end" version, If you will. I doubt you're going to get it. I'd recommend buying another s3. You can get them pretty cheap.
  13. R960 Modems - NF1 | MH5

    Please find below your CWM-flashable modems (all two of them) for our meliuslteusc, the USC Galaxy Mega. MH5 (JellyBean 4.2.2 Modem) NF1 (KitKat 4.4.2 Modem) Note: These should in theory be interchangeable, but in practice you may find that once you're on the full NF1 firmware (bootloaders, rom, modem, etc.... all knoxified) that you cannot flash back to MH5. However, if you are still on MH5, you will probably be able to flash either modem and have them work. Note2: I havent tested these. They do have a built-in checksum.... if that fails it's probably because I didn't do something right. let me know if these don't work. Credit to WoundTight, I used one of his modem/firmware zips and gutted it.
  14. R960 Stock 4.4.2 ROM NF1 Odin

    Anyone feeling frisky? This may or may not work. I'm hopeful. Make a nandroid, wipe data, cache, and dalvik, flash. Wipe again. Let me know if it works. Wi-Fi probably won't, because that's typical of Knox enabled stock roms. I need someone to test it. If you want it debloated, you'll need to remove whatever apps you don't want from the zip. It's got pretty much all of its bloat, expect Knox. If root doesn't work you'll need to download and flash it separately. If this doesn't boot, just restore your nandroid and you'll be smooth sailing again.
  15. R960 Stock 4.4.2 ROM NF1 Odin

    Working on it. Give me a day or two, I've got a full time job and a family.