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  1. Chicago users: where are you going next?

    Switched to ATT during the Holidays. Haven't regretted the decision. I have a large family plan so PrePaid wasnt an option for me. Once you have 4+ lines, Family plans usually save you money or are on par with PrePaid plans and give a lot more benefits. I Got 3 Nokia Lumias 920s and 1 iPhone 5. Data is extremely fast and more stable than my Home Comcast Internet connection. I usually stay around the southwest-side (By Toyota Park) Overall Pricing has been on par or actually a little less than what i paid with USC, granted, no Belief Plan but as i am sure we are all aware, that Belief Plan is technically done at USC as well. Quality of voice is as good as USC, the only difference i have noticed is there are more rings before a connection is made, when i called someone with USC after 2 rings they would pick up, calling the same person with my ATT phone usually takes 5 rings. I have not had any dropped calls or delayed text/mms messages. I had sprint before i switched to USC (3 years ago) and while voice was never an issue, Data was. Absolutely slower than dial up! Sprints issue is that they are also Boost and Virgin Mobile, PrePaid users usually abuse the network more because of no limits on their plans. Working at the USC Stores, i noticed a lot of people were coming over from Sprint more than any other carrier, how ironic that Sprint was the ones to buy them back. Good luck to everyone!
  2. U.S. Cellular to Sell Select Midwest Markets to Sprint

    I dont see Milwaukee being sold off anytime soon, its a stronghold for USC and currently one of their most profitable markets....
  3. greetings and salutations

    Theres a rumour of an HTC LTE Devices coming out Q2 we will have to wait, the sad part and troublesome fact is, that its only one phone..... WP8 is such a beautiful and intuitive OS. USC Needs to take off their Android Glasses, seriously. From all accounts, Verizon and ATT are about to do a huge WP Push.... they want there to be a 3rd OS to challange Android and iOS. They want to drive prices down. That is the number one reason why WP has such a low marketshare, besides ATT, no one was pushing WPs. USC will miss out on all the craze and early adopters lke they did on Android, and start selling WP when its all late and basically jump on the bandwagon all late.... Yes it is new, and has ways to go before it matures, but it will get there. I have been rocking the Lumia 920 and i can say that it is the greatest piece of Hardware/Software i have ever owned. I have owned them all, trust me. Symbian - iOS - BB - Android 1.0 <------------------> 4.1.2 - WM... WP works for me, I have never been an app junkie, i would install on average of about 10 apps per phone on other systems, So the app issue doesnt bother me at this moment, i is a new OS and it will take time to build up the app catalouge, but its growing.... The phone works, right out the box, no lag, no issues. it just works. I think people recommend and actually force an opinion of ones Favorite OS because of insecurities, they want to reinforce that they indeed did make the right choice..... We need to learn to recommend based on someones individual needs and not your own personal preferences. if 100 different people interact with me at my store, i want to make 100 different recommendations.... everyones story and needs are unique!
  4. Upgrade your WP7 Pro to 7.8!

    Render is WP 7.8 upgradeable - who told you it wasnt? its posted all over our internal online resource site. I have upgraded many customers Renders and Pro7s to 7.8.... now we need a true WP8 phone! Well, USC does anyways.... hopefully you guys get them - I have the nokia lumia 920 , greatest phone i have ever owned, and i have owned all of them.... trust me on this!
  5. just to play devil's advocate... i don't see what the big fuss is about.... So your phone is locked, there are plenty of ways to go about getting your phone legally unlocked. now... fire away! lol
  6. U.S. Cellular to Sell Select Midwest Markets to Sprint

    I switched all my accounst over to ATT. I realize now how good USCC customer service actually was..... From my expirience, ATT Store reps are abysmal. They didnt seem to care about some of the issues i had. I think this was because i activated through telesales and not their store. (Go ahead cancel within your 15 days, wont hurt me type attitude) I went to 3 different stores trying to swap out a defective phone i had received. They charged me a restocking fee because they didnt have the same color model in stock, somehow thats my fault and i have to pay for it? Guy didnt even try and get it waived for me. Didnt request a manager - just gave me a flat out NO I had to come back to the store about 3 different times getting the run around. I had forgotten the charger on one of the boxes, i asked - why dont you just keep the new charger from the phone you are about to give me the answer was no. flat out no - didnt even try for me. Very frustrating expirience. My thinking was, just keep the brand new charger whats so hard about that? he told me they cant do that its impossible. I requested a manager - manager didnt want to speak to me. Horrible horrible horrible expirience. My interaction with customer service over the phone was nothing but sensational. very pleased. just those knuckle heads at the stores. sheesh, i had to correct them about 10 different times about their plans and policies.... If it wasnt because i am absolutely loving my Nokia Lumia 920..... i would not be with ATT..... Exclusivities FTW! huh?
  7. U.S. Cellular to Sell Select Midwest Markets to Sprint

    I hear the device pricing is going to shoot through the roof on the markets being sold.... basically no discounts....
  8. Looks that way, Verizon wireless recently announced plans to sell its 700 MHz A Block in Oklahoma City and 31 surrounding counties in and around Oklahoma. Verizon has been doing this proactively as it has left over spectrum that won't feature into Verizon's plans for LTE expansion across the country. The planned acquisition covers around 1.9 Million possible subscribers and as always is subject to FCC approval. This looks to be good news for U.S. Cellular customers in and around the affected regions! Stay tuned as we know more. Source: Verizon Wireless
  9. iPhone

    you want a Galaxy S3 from USC? show me pictures of the iPhone 4 and im interested...
  10. Step away from uscc? Check out my sig man, I'm not even a uscc customer anymore. If your not happy, leave. That's the beauty of the no contracts. While a proponent of uscc, I'll be the first to admit cell companies aren't a one size fits all. In my experience, Verizon is more expensive, Sprint has terrible data speeds, att has terrible customer service and coverage. No companies perfect. Swyped while swerving from my Droid Razr Maxx HD When I said step away from USCC I was meaning to step away from looking at just the USCC options... expand to others not just those you listed...I know someone with an android smartphone paying $35.00 a month UNLIMITED everything without any problems or issues with 4G as well... So I know there are more options out there. Step away us? We are loyal and will be as long as we can afford to be... Even though it doesn't get us anything other than a personal gratification. Wow where do i start.... 35 dollars a month, on the back of one of the big networks, its an MVNO, at any time, they can go under, i have said this before - if prepaid starts affecting the big carriers too much, they can simply raise their rates to these MVNOs. Phone subsidies, yes USC and any company for that matter will make up the discount they gave you at point of activation over the life of the contract. Do not ever compare prepaid MVNOs to the carriers, ever. they are both making a pretty penny off you. Why does USC charge more than say Cricket? Because USC employs Americans, who work here in local call centers and are payed a decent wage + benefits - Cricket is paying someone in another country miserable wages(but they consider it an improvement) off sourcing jobs. They pay no maintenance and for no expansion, they don't really help create jobs. They simply wait for the big carrier to expand their network and say hey! we now have more coverage! look, at the end of the day - it is your hard earned money. I get that - i am on your side. but do not come in here saying USC or any carrier is just worse or over charging you compared to prepaid MVNO companies. They are all screwing you just the same. At least when i give USC my money its staying here and people are making a decent living off it. and again about the points, its just an extra a reward, use it as you wish. My dad got a free GSIII by using points, points he earned and took him 2 years to build up through referrals and what not. oh and when i said i upgraded 5 times in one year, i have a family plan, i was able to. i used points each time. And the accelerator is to get newer phones earlier. sure you can just wait... but by then something else will be out. Its just about putting perspective on it.... how can you use them?
  11. We have to remember that no one else does reward points. Upgrading earlier is a huge benefit. i have upgraded about 5 times in 1 year with my belief points! (multiple lines, referring customers bonus) Remember, USC paid more than what you are paying for that GS3 - based on your loyalty/reward points - you get to do it earlier. theres two ways to look at it, 1. You signed up with USCC just because of reward points - not much value in them. seems like a gimmick 2. You signed up with USCC for quality service, decent pricing (better than the big 3 usually) customer service, Reward points are just a nice bonus that one else is using. If you manage your points correctly, you can always upgrade at least 6 months earlier than with ANY OTHER COMPANY for no fees. Remember, being eligible means you are eligible for current promotional pricing, not free - these are expensive devices USCC and every other Carrier is subsidizing. Meaning selling it to you for a lower price than what they paid in the hope you stay as a customer and the company makes that up over time.
  12. Overages- inacurrate data usage

    to be fair, the phone itself does state that it does not necessarily track data the way your ISP/Carrier tracks it. but a 1.5 GB in difference?? that right there is too much of a difference..... I would, however, never ever go based on what is on your phone - its not your phone billing you... its the carrier on their side and how ever they track it. go based on whats on MyAccount
  13. We Made It

    Psy,s Gangnam style got 1 billion views... id call that bad news to all!! and all those idiots who bunkered down, well they helped the economy!!
  14. Tablet wanted!

    i got a Asus Transformer Prime... with dock - mint condition. stopped using it after i got my MS Surface
  15. USCC Midwest Sale to Sprint - some unconfirmed details

    Overall, this sounds like a sales pitch to me.... Be on the hook for 36 Act fee? just switch now you are going to have to pay it anyway.... sign another contract? yes! just switch now - i mean you told me you are NOT in contract. trade in value? sure! sprint already does this anyway, trade in your old phone! help offset some of that first bill.... Overall, i highly doubt a sales associate or manager at a Kiosk (most if not all Kiosks are actually agents not corporate) would have the inside track to what sprint is doing. Nothing has been approved by the FTC and DOJ. There are bigger cases for them to look over and approve/reject T-Mobile/MetroPCS Softbank/Sprint Verizon/Comcast Sprint/Clearwire then Sprint/USC Nothing is guaranteed, If the FTC and DOJ deny Softbanks purchase.... it throws a big gigantic monkey wrench into the whole buyout thing... you can even include the clearwire deal. does the FTC and DOJ want Sprint to own so much spectrum? does the FTC and DOJ want a foreign company - Softbank, to suddenly own so much spectrum? We will find out. The true reason USC is pulling out is simple, they dont have the resources to purchase spectrum to build out 4G Network - Thats it. That is the biggest reason. It might not be a problem now, but 1 or 2 years from now when EVERYONE is on 4G but USC, that is when it will hurt the most. What USC did is an investment in their future. I read the reason why they sold, higher cost of getting customers? whatever! have you seen ther LTE market pricing?? Axiom for a penny! ElectrifyM for 79.99! GS3 for 99.99! give me a break... /rant over