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  1. The King Has Returned

    Had to get on here just to say that it's great to see you back man! Hey now :-P I pop on from time to time still, this was a very special reason to on.
  2. The King Has Returned

    Had to get on here just to say that it's great to see you back man!
  3. Hey everyone!!!

    As I always do, I pop on to see how everyone is doing and give a little update, miss talking to you guys like back then just seem to miss when you guys are online. But anyways, have two good things which one is very exciting!!! First things first, we were able to get a new car, which the donations went to help with part of the payment in it. The dealer was very helpful and traded without hesitation (same dealer we got the Yaris from that was in the wreck). We ended up getting a Corolla which is really nice. Second of all, which God has his ways of planning as we got the Corolla due to future possibilities and wanted room in-case.....well the next day we found out Dawn is expecting a baby this coming December!!!! She's 10 weeks along so far and both are doing healthy. We've got to see the ultrasound at 7 weeks and just this past tuesday we were able to hear the heartbeat for the first time :-D So as some of you that have been keeping up when i pop on from time to time, it's been quite the roller coaster for Dawn and I since we've been married in February. Take care everyone!
  4. Had a little accident

    Thank you all for helping out with what you can, it means a lot to us to know there are people out in the world that help someone in need. Although it's been a roller coaster for us the first month, it's been an enjoyable marriage together getting to see the ocean for the first time and moving into our home together. Again thank you all!
  5. Had a little accident

    Hey guys, haven't been on very much as you all know. I usually don't like asking for stuff from anyone at all. But my wife (just got married on the 21st of Feb) and I recently got into a car accident. Everyone is thankfully safe as we were wearing seatbelts, but this has financially strained us as we now owe $1000 to insurance for a deductible. It is more likely going to be classed as no-fault as it was on icy conditions, although IMO the guy shouldn't be parking the the middle of the road with a suv/trailer going downhill. Anyways, being we just got married, moved to a new house and now in a car accident it has strained us very hard for money, and I would deeply appreciate it from anyone to help us out. I've set a gofundme account and whoever would like to fund us, thank you so very much. Here is the link, Im sorry if this sounds like I'm begging :-/
  6. Sadly there are still good programs out there that do not natively support multi-core processes, or have the option to and the developers have opted to go with only 1 core and not document it openly for everyone to know about it.
  7. Hey Everyone!

    Hey everyone! I haven't been here for a while now, as I am now with verizon. I do pop on from time to time to see how things are going, and decided that it'd be best to give you an update on how I am doing. First off, the biggest news, I am getting married in February, after being with my fiance for over two years! I dropped the question last month before Christmas, and of course she said yes :-P It's going to be a busy next few months for me of course, being newly married and on top of that my job I started working at in June. I work at a school now as a Computer Technician, which is awesome and not as much stress as to where I was before. Friendly co-workers at each campus. I am going to be popping on here from time to time as much as I can to see how everyone is doing, as I miss the 'ol crew and talking about random stuff ;-P Till then I hope you all have a great week! Josiah
  8. G3 lag/delay

    Coming from use on the G3 (verizon) it did have some lag at first, mainly due to verizon loading all their crapware into it. I can tell you good news though, I recently flashed a rom called "Cloudy Rom" on it that was fully stripped of verizon/bloatware, tweaks to help with speed/battery and now in ART mode, this phone is a BEAST. I have been experiencing battery life times of at least 30hours per charge, standard use screen 13%, android os at 72%, phone idle at 2%. No studders in going to apps and such. Knock code responds much quicker and correctly than stock as well. This phone has high potential in it after all this bloatware and tweaks have been removed/added. So don't give up on this phone yet :-P
  9. LG G3 Discussion

    Coming from me having a G3 on Verizon, the signal is pretty good IMO, only spots that I have issues is out in the middle between two minor cities in which almost no coverage is there for any carrier. Now Idk if this is just Verizon or it's due to the G3, but there is some voice call distortion once in a while. One main issue that Verizon owners of the G3 have is they cannot switch from Dalvik to ART, causes the phone to blow up with FC's. From what I've read no one else on other carriers have this issue. Battery life, for me before I got the G3 I was running with a Note 3, battery life I have to say is fairly good, with the 4k screen res it can eat the battery if you are pushing it. If you are using it general use w/auto-bright, my avg screen times are 4-8 hours a day and I could get at least 10-14ish hours out of the battery before it reaches 15% and lower. I usually browse ifunny, check snapchat, facebook and mostly text more than call. Lastly, LG apparently has thrown a curve ball with unlocking the bootloader on this phone. Most carriers I believe are still looking for a unlock for the bootloader, ATT/Verizon are both big ones that have not received it yet. Also Verizon has yet to release even one update to the G3 making us a couple version behind (don't know if it's because they are waiting on us to break the bootloader)
  10. Mint Condition Galaxy Note 3

    Phone has been sold. This may be locked/moved to trash.
  11. Mint Condition Galaxy Note 3

    Phone is still up for sale, Reduced price to $300. Message me if you are interested please.
  12. Mint Condition Galaxy Note 3

    Phone is still for sale :-)
  13. LG G3 Discussion

    Well, just so you all know, coming from a G3 owner, Verizon carrier, this phone is really nice, IMO way much better than a S series sammy. The only issue i've seen on this phone was LG didn't really get the ART mode working fully. It likes to fc constantly until you switch back to davlik. Other than that, batt life is pretty good, full day charge on a good amount of use and signal quality I have to say is good as well. One major thing I have to give props for is the sound quality compared to sammy, i'd pick this phone over any of sammy's phones for sound, I can actually hear the person on the phone crisper than I could with a sammy phone, i've had to turn the phone down because they were too loud rather than too quiet.
  14. Mint Condition Galaxy Note 3

  15. Mint Condition Galaxy Note 3

    Zenzr, if you could pm me and we can start negotiating :-)