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  1. Confirmed: U.S. Cellular to offer iPhone this year!!

    I'd honestly prefer the next Nexus device or even the Nexus 4. I have always wanted a Nexus device and each year I debate switching to another carrier.
  2. Perhaps it's the Gapps I installed (KDH NXT GEN GAPPS 4.2 Full) but every time the camera attempts facial recognition it freezes and I need to reboot, and can't take photos. Going to read up more on the original thread to see if this is a known issue. I'm also not seeing the inverted calender. Anyone recommend a good 4.2 gapps to use?
  3. Chainfire 3D

    After installing I read it isn't compatible with ICS or JB - so that explains it. Kind of odd that there's a tutorial for installing it on a non-working phone though.
  4. Chainfire 3D

    I tried this tutorial to install chainfire 3D. After installing the driver my phone is stuck at Galaxy S III boot screen. Wanted to give anyone a heads up that this currently doesn't work on our phone running CM10.
  5. [ARCHIVED SUPPORT] CyanogenMod 10

    I'm on it. Haven't had any graphical issues. Mms is still broken. Everything else seems to be working fine. Sent from my SCH-R530U using Tapatalk 2
  6. [ARCHIVED SUPPORT] CyanogenMod 10

    Chome had been force closing on me as well, mostly with multiple incognito tabs open.
  7. Gotcha. Personally I would prefer to edit crop the picture so it's not distorted and fits horizontally. It would be cool if someone could modify the crt off animation to include a random flash of a weeping angel image while your phone was going in/out of standby. Sent from my SCH-R530U using Tapatalk 2
  8. I believe you'd need a JTAG unit to reflash it with or replacement of the motherboard. - Sent from my US Cellular SGS3 If you were honest with them, and the USC/Samsung tech was knowledgeable they probably could assist you if it was as easy as a reflash. It wouldn't surprise me if Samsung has a JTAG unit or a similar device to un-brick phones. The reason they don't offer help for things like this is because it they can't support users modding their phones, it would raise their support volume and that's not something they want to deal with. There'd be too many variables and none of the techs are trained to fix the things we can break. That's why they wash their hands of the situation when you do something to void the warranty.
  9. Rebate Tracker

    I'm also showing rebates from years past, none for my Galaxy S 3. I'll call them tonight. Sent from my SCH-R530U using Tapatalk 2
  10. Pretty cool. I was wondering if it is sideways when you flash it
  11. [ARCHIVED SUPPORT] CyanogenMod 10

    Same issue here. Sent from my SCH-R530U using Tapatalk 2
  12. Google Wallet?

    Everyone around here thinks its some kind of scam. Everytime I get the manager called over when I use it. happened to me too... even got turned away from a gas station.. they refused to "serve" me. and acted all crazy like i was trying to hack their system or something... it was ridiculous. That's pretty ridiculous when they have the hardware installed to make use of it.
  13. [ARCHIVED SUPPORT] CyanogenMod 10

    Anyone else having issues with gallery syncing albums from picasa? I'm on the latest nightly and have had this issue since the first CM10 build. I have my google account added.and all options checked under sync. I'm seeing the browser has an error syncing but no errors by google photos. The error below sync states "sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly." I've read through this thread and haven't heard anyone else with this problem. I'm thinking it may be a bug, or problem with my 2-step authentication.
  14. Navigation Home Wake

    This it is working great on CM10. Thanks for sharing this mod for everyone on usc.