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  1. I fully feel your pain, however I do believe to have LTE inside then the selection of antennas is quite Limited and with those it is a very niche market and the quality is very good.

    Even though it will sting your pocket quite a bit it would get the job done.

    My only other recommendation, which I have done as long as I don't need my phone in my hand, is a Bluetooth headset and have the phone sitting next to a window?

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  2. Pics to follow later today


    I'm selling my collection of USCC phones;


    All phones power on and function perfectly, but some have cosmetic damage.


    LG G3 - great condition - $80

    Motorola Electrify M - great condition - $60

    Samsung Note 3 - fair condition - $80

    Samsung S5 - great condition

    Nexus 6P (64GB) - good condition -SOLD-

    Nexus 6 (64GB) - fair condition - $100


    Prices do not include shipping - free USPS ground is what I'll use unless otherwise requested.


    Offers welcome!


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  3. Sounds like a plan, let me know when you can. : )


    I'll also entertain Pixel XL and Pixel 2 trades or trades +/- X


    I have several phones I want to sell but this is my only real "mint" one. The rest are well used and I don't want to sell a potential dud to anyone here (unless you want a dud?)


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  4. I used this phone for a day, kept it as a reserve or backup, never needed it. 


    It is listed on Swappa (Here) TUSCC members get a better deal!

    EDIT: cant hyperlink, idk why:








































    Like brand new, without the sticker holding the box together or the film on the device - other than that, no scratches (not even those hologram/hairline teeny tiny ones) - this thing is mint. It's been in the box since the day after I bought it.  Comes with everything, phone, charger, cable, sim card tool, book, box, and I'll personally draw a smiley face on the inside of the box if you want default_android-smile.png



    If you REALLY need a return, let me know.


    Asking Price:

    $ 350 (Apple says it's worth $460ish fwiw) via paypal, I will ship it via flat-rate USPS or UPS Ground (your choice no additional cost) and provide tracking.


    Feel free to make offers, too.


    If anyone knows how I can provide proof of clean IMEI (like we do with checksum verification?) Idk how to prove that 3rd party.


    Please PM me with any questions or ask here in the forum!







  5. If you get the phone, even with the intention of leaving USCC, you can always call and say it's a Nexus and see if it starts working?

    I mean... If it has the ability and hardware, there's absolutely no reason it wouldn't - other than the CS rep saying it won't (because they don't know or care) - so try it.

    If I had one or knew someone with one id gladly do it.

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  6. No you don't have to do a factory reset at all just swap the SIM cards out after you give them the IMEI or meid and that's it.

    Yeah he's full of crap that or he's just dumb enough to believe it... I did exactly the same thing for dozens of lines with the Nexus 6p and 5X.

    It still amazes me how some of their employees actually think that phone's not designed for their Network would actually crash the the network or do anything other than simply not function. Omg... Lol.

    But yeah it's very simple. Don't do anything on the phone other than swap the SIM card and that's it, maybe dial *228 after they tell you that they added the phone. But you probably won't have to do that.

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  7. In total truth - it seems to be a pretty impressive device. All around. The camera, storage, os, etc...

    Only major exception is the screen resolution, that's pretty garbage IMO for >$1000 - that alone would convince me to skip it. The Galaxy S3 had a higher resolution on a smaller screen.

    If that isn't important, then there is no other reason it wouldn't be a totally pleasing device.

    I'm not an iOS fan, either, but given the Android options I'm also somewhat considering iOS. There is only really the Pixel 2, and the price tag on that is not exactly on par with 2017 device spec expectations - meaning there's better devices with lower prices but you sacrifice all the freedom that comes with Pixel.

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  8. Was hoping to update this thread saying the problem was fixed but unfortunately it has gotten worse.


    I bought a new Samsung evo plus 256gb SD card hoping to cure the problem but after a few months this one will randomly appear to erase all data on it. Pictures, music, videos, and documents. They do not show up on any gallery or music player and even root browser shows the SD card empty. Insert into laptop everything is still there.


    Usually just before this is going to happen all the pictures in the phone besides the first one will become a Grey picture with the white square with mountain outlines.


    I'm leaning towards the phone being the problem after a few SD cards and then now even a Samsung SD card unless anyone else has some more ideas. Of course the purchase for a new phone is never at the opportune time but if I have to do that I will just hope the problem doesn't follow


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    It would seem like a SD problem, but you tried others and same result...


    I have to agree, a phone issue. Although weird, that's what I would suspect.


    Are you on the latest firmware? Perhaps there was an issue with a previous release or maybe the most current one is causing this?


    Maybe try a different firmware - but I would strongly recommend calling Samsung and telling them. They may know about it and issue a RMA for you?


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