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  1. Are we ever going to get the update Jesus, I got spoiled by my Nexus 6 RIP buddy still miss you
  2. Wth! How does somebody screw that up?Sent from my Nexus 6
  3. What's this Google everywhere zip you guys are taking about? Sent from my Nexus 6
  4. Omg there's so much awesome new development and tweaks going on recently just browsing the last few pages.... I haven't even unlocked not rooted the beast yet! I told the wife if I got this phone I wouldn't need to. That's why I've been avoiding browsing here and talking to you guys lol..... No offense... But I've tamed my tweaking obsession and idk if I should start again..... I hate you ALL... JK I see myself tweaking again in the future! Sent from my Nexus 6
  5. I'll go custom someday..... But I've been busy playing with my unlocked rooted nexus player setting up kodi and what not....
  6. I'm completely stock right now I don't lose any of the connectivity at all it just shows disconnected I do have issues at times with my wife receiving double text messages when my signal is low while I'm on wifi at work
  7. Can you guys tell me why when I'm connected to wifi my cellular network status is disconnected is this a battery saving feature or what is the issue.
  8. My wife gets them from me, but not all the time. But others don't lol idk what's up.
  9. Hey Guys is wug fresh toolkit the easiest way to unlock and root and decrypt? I've used on both my Nexus 7 2013 and Nexus 7 2012 but is this the same scenario with the Nexus 6? Is there a backup function built-in yet I can't remember if there was before. Its not like my phone is way customize and set up yet but I don't really want to lose all of the stuff I already have
  10. I was really worried about explosion... HAHA so I got the anti-explosion one!
  11. I posted all my accessorie links earlier I think if not here's the Nillkin
  12. Which version? I see a PE+, an H and and H+H+
  13. Nillkin! Google it on nexus 5 I saw one guy who has a kid smash a rock against the screen with one on it and it shattered the Nillkin but the phone was perfectly fine.
  14. Yes the glass protectors are a huge pain, but man worth it in the end.... They feel so great like a naked screen!
  15. I've wanted to try the 8 bit just cause of the art but haven't.