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  1. Read Only Mode

    the sites ip has changed, both servers are still live, and some people might be getting the old database even tho i set the tls to 1 minute 24 hrs ago. easy fix is to erase your dns cache. if you are behind a router or gateway, you can ssh in and issue this command: killall dnsmasq or you can simply unplug it for 30 seconds and plug back in if you are not using a router, ie a direct connection to modem, then open a command prompt under administrator and issue: ipconfig /flushdns you can check that the flush was successful by pinging website: ping should get ip address of
  2. Read Only Mode

    i will be setting the site to readonly mode shortly. means you cant post or edit posts. the last downtime had nothing to do with host rather an attack on mysql, and synflood. china, india, and apparently turkey hate this site, lol.
  3. thanks for the rom slick_rick and thanks to na7q for the port!!!
  4. This was taken from Knoxville News Sentinel. Hopefully these towers are being built concurrently and not consecutively. Might be able to meet the deadline of before Christmas!!!
  5. ive downloaded the link several times and no errors?
  6. im pretty sure hes including removed apps shortly as he posted such later in the thread.
  7. No probs. I enjoy it. I hope it helps the site. I enjoy it. I have rarely ever posted but I dont particularly have much to post about as I can usually figure things out for myself. Im available tonight if you want to chat moving. Im actually adding another server to my cluster tonight so Ill be doing admin stuff anyways.
  8. lol i gave up on that. i mean, i like the graphic and everything but not all over my phone, the notification drawer is enough for me.
  9. Yea no harm meant, just trying to help. I goof off on stuff like this all the time. My pipe is huge, excuse the pun, and bwidth isnt an issue, and my datacenter has an uptime of 99.9% and the only reason its not 100% is because of the level3 crash awhile back. Just giving back. Thing about my svr is its free, but its not free to all. Only devs and the like have access, free to all to download, but only devs can upload. I have 12 different servers all over the world, and I kinda do this stuff for fun. No ulterior motive involved other than to help out
  10. Looks like some guys over at xda got the ball rolling on cm10 for sprint cdma note 2. http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=2014041
  11. I have a few servers i do hosting other stuff with. I notice regularly that files are uploaded to obscure places or horrible filesharing sites that are slow, throttled, or the account is locked due to obsessive downloads. I have unmetered servers with a gigabit connection and I offer you a site i made over night to host your files on. if you are interested goto and apply for an account. I will verify the validity and grant you access. I have a 100mbps connection at my house and can download at 99.7mbps consistently. I have cash cow sites that pay for the server in about a day so it never goes down, its always up. Admins if i violated a rule im sorry merely trying to provide a service for those who have slaked my lust for tinkering for so many years and meant no harm. This is entirely free, no adds, no stipulations other than you just respect my server space by not uploading personal data. Thanks Josh Test edit
  12. ICS SD Card fix.

    lol external has always worked for me...... all my music, all my pics work just fine, my sd mounts to emmc? and gallery and music reads from it just fine
  13. possible gps fix

    ive installed cm7 a million times with that oneclick cwm, i dont think its has anything to do with that. id start with alot of wipes, back to factory, and then try again. somethings messed up and lingering in between your flashes.
  14. Triangleaway *FOR ICS ONLY*

    Confirmed working on cm9.