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  1. Samsung Galaxy s3 for sale! Off contract !

    Check the pictures again I just put one up Also, sorry for the late response, i really should check back here more often.
  2. Full Name:John Shatto Location:Oklahoma Item with complete description: Samsung Galaxy s3 rooted running CyanogenMod snapshot M1 Android 4.3.1 screen has minior scratched from use but no cracks. Only thing wrong with it is that the plastic backplate is cracked from me removing too much. Price: $160~ Pictures: There you go signed pic Pm for more details!/ serious buyer!
  3. Galaxy S3 pulled off shelves today

    Sucks that mine isn't on the list. Doesn't matter anyway sense I don't have service with it anymore. Anyone interested in a gs3 lol? pm me if you are more interested. (Going to post it up on here in a bit sense i need to take some pictures of it.)
  4. Great Rom Ron! Wiped cache then flashed it right over cm10.1 (wanted to try it out without loosing my ff3 save...).
  5. Please don't double post it's a waste space. there is an edit button in the bottom of every post you make. Well check the Original Post i made..I tried to make things a bit clearer. This guide is for bone stock FB14 (GB). There are links etc for other ways to root ICS n stuff.
  6. welllll you could just go back to stock...then root with this guide and put whatever ROM you want on your phone so no your not out of luck.
  7. well this is how you would root complete stock sch-r760 and it will leave you with gingerbread. If JB does come out I assume it will be made flashable with customrecovery by someone on the forums here. If your contacts are backed up with Google you shouldn't need to write them down. Apps are tied to your Google account that is currently signed in on your phone. If you have anymore questions or want me to be specific or straight up help shoot me an email and I'll get to you as soon as I can.
  8. Kernel

    Allenme is right if you want to use stock ics you will not have a custom recovery. There is custom options like going to cm9, cm10, aokp and such if you would like clockworkmodrecovery. Email me if you have specifics things you want..or ask one of the many people here for help
  9. Official "I just got the S3" thread

    I just got the s3 lol
  10. Android ROMS for HP Touchpad

    do you know a rom that will run need for speed shift without lagg over 9000 ?
  11. You can get the newest nightly HERE i fixed the link in the OP too. It was made 10/2 ive been off for a while (due to school and life) but plan on getting on more often again
  12. Android ROMS for HP Touchpad

    Hey badger check this out and maybe add it to this thread i think you will like a little camera work with cm9 its not perfect yet but its way better than zero cam
  13. [Q&A] [ROM] CM9 for SCH-R760 Beta1

    you could reboot into recovery, then wipe cache, then wipe data then flash cm9 back on and it should work as good as new. also for new people around here I never personally check google restore and backup when flashing any rom on this phone due to it possibly causing issues for some people so that could be a thing too.