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  1. Thanks for the ROM. I just flashed the NJ7 version. When I try to set up the fingerprint, I get a "An error as occurred with the fingerprint sensor. Please try again. If this error persists, try restarting your device." Does anyone else get the same error? I assume it might be an apk that was removed from the ROM. If so, anyone know what it might be? It was setup and working in stock ROM right before I installed this ROM. FYI I tested going to the [Rom] [Touchwiz] [trlteusc][Deodexed - DeKnoxed][N910R4TYU1ANIH] ROM and the fingerprint sensor stuff works fine. Thanks,
  2. No 3g with latest CM11 Nightlies

    Jpro22 did adding the APNs fix the issue of 3g for you? I'm on a Note 2 with the latest KitKat build (5/31) and toggling to 3g does not work (lte is fine). I know we don't have the same phone, but this handoff to 3g issue seems to be very prevalent and I'm curious if adding a APN would fix it. This problem seems to have only occurred starting in March. I can go back to a February build and not have any 3g hand off/toggle issues. Thanks
  3. GPS never works on non touchwiz rom

    Exactly what BoгИX states - leave Maps running with a lock and pull the battery - do NOT stop the app when you pull the battery. Once you're on AOSP, you should not need to do this when you update or change AOSP ROM's.
  4. Wow. I'm not sure how personal attacks are going to get you help from anyone in this forum or any forum for that fact. If you don't want to rely on anyone for help, why don't you just check http://www.cmxlog.com/11/r950/ and watch the nightlies changelog and wait for things to die down before you download one. Read the XDA Sprint and Verizon Note 2 forums for what people are seeing for issues. Be happy that your device is getting regular updates and has CM11 developers. Otherwise, live with TouchWiz.
  5. FYI, I've had camera issues with the latest January 2014 nightlies. The earlier builds kept having occasional FC (using restart camera apk has helped workaround that). The latest builds (recent as of 1/7/2014) there is a focus problem when taking photos. You can tap to get perfect focus, but when you actually take the photo, it goes out of focus. It's more pronounced when you do macro/closeup shots. I saw this Galaxy 3 user thread with the same issue here: http://forum.cyanogenmod.com/topic/85493-camera-wont-focus-cm11/#entry435301 which references the original thread here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2505973 I didn't flash the OmniRom-Fixed_camera_Lib_for_focus_and_flash_V1.1.zip but rather manually extracted and replaced the camera.smdk4x12.so and restarted. Everything seems to work perfectly. No FC (as yet) and perfect focus for photos and video. From the OP, it sounds like the open source camera HAL is still a bit of work in progress. I posted this because I haven't seen the upcoming nightlies including the proposed fixes yet.
  6. i meant wifi tethering The native wifi tethering works fine for me. You can enable it in: settings > wireless & networks - more... > tethering & portable hotspot > portable wi-fi hotspot checked
  7. no problem. I just flashed it half an hour ago and it seems great. 4g, gps, camera seem fine so far
  8. rawb, go to the above FTP link. bru_1 has all the latest nightlies and cwm touch on his ftp server. Specifically, the direct link on his FTP server is ftp://ftp.sdbruington.us/recovery-clockwork-touch-
  9. You have to drag a shortcut and long hold and drag it to the right to create a new home screen Sent from my SCH-R950 using Tapatalk
  10. If you can get GPS to lock on stock, have the maps/navigation app running with a GPS lock and either shutdown or pull battery while it's locked. Then flash CM. (Don't get a lock and shutdown the app, you need to have the GPS lock stay on when you pull the battery/restart) I think na7q also suggested that method a couple posts back.
  11. Like the above have stated 4g has been working fine with latest 10.1 and 10.2. Just to be clear, AFAIK if you already have broken 4g on your phone due to older 10.1 builds, flashing the latest 10.1 and 10.2 won't fix it. You have to fix it by going to stock and doing a factory reset in the stock rom (not in CWM recovery) to get 4g back. Good luck
  12. Ad blocking

    Both AdAway and Adblock Plus can be found on f-droid.org. You'd need to install the f-droid app and you can install these apps along with other FOSS apps from there.
  13. The last that I know of are 5/29 and 6/11 (working 4g, 4g signal bar doesn't work). However, the way to get currently nightlies to have working 4G is to download the nightly and replace the 4G RIL blob files with the reverted version. It's basically 'injecting' the nightlies zip with the working 4G RIL blob. I use 7zip to do this and it's quick. I've noted the 4G RIL blobs zip download a few posts up. The last one I did was using the 7/22 and replacing the RIL's and it flashed without issue and 4G was maintained. If people don't want to do it themselves, I can upload my 7/22 nightly in this thread. Let me know.
  14. Strange. I downloaded that Samsung_R950_Note II_R950VXAMB1.zip a couple months ago without issue. It's a full 974MB file (should be 1,022,175,672 bytes file). It sounds like your download isn't completing correctly and getting corrupt. The zip contains 3 files, the md5 tarball, a instructions document, and the pit file. I just did a MD5 checksum on my download copy (which does unzip correctly) with the following checksum value: 4211fa674e6175258701c3c23f2e530c *Samsung_R950_Note II_R950VXAMB1.zip Run a md5 checksum on your download copy and confirm that it is the same value. If not, your copy is not downloaded correctly.
  15. I was going to use the cm10.1 nightlies specifically for our r950 and not the sprint test zip.
  16. It has not yet. You can check the change logs at http://mobile.10.1.cmxlog.com/?device=r950 If there is a specific phone modification the ending parentheses will be in a different color and have our device name Untested for us but the sprint users are copying the reverted working 4g ril blobs into night lies with good success. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/14432909/ril_blobs.zip This should be legit since sbrissen (maintainer of CM10.1 for note2) has been shipping out test versions with these blobs (these are test versions and not nightlies). Sounds like they are replacing the files within the nightly zips. Will be planning on testing that method over the weekend Sent from my SCH-R950 using Tapatalk 4 Beta
  17. Thanks for looking into this (I saw the Sprint XDA post which I assume was you ) I use 5/29 that maintains 4G. Others are using 6/11 that also has 4G (but has the 0dbm icon signal bug) Just curious what you are looking at as a fix for 4G? Thanks again
  18. AFAIK, the last build that had 4G is 6/11. If you check the latest Sprint Gnote 2 XDA thread, many are still having the issue of losing 4G after a reboot after the initial flash. I don't think sbrissen has found a fix yet since the last post was asking if anyone did a apn conf restore to see if it would fix it. Someone said they tried but it didn't help. GPS has been working fine in all builds from reading the forums. I'd keep watching that thread before jumping to lastest nightlies http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2121934&page=111 (sorry if linking to XDA is not in good etiquette) I'm still on 5/29 without any issues.
  19. PLEASE read all thread descriptions! It says why you would have such a problem. Secondly don't go flashing other carriers ROMs... Far from a good idea. You need to flash OUR recoveries to flash CM10.1. Otherwise you'll get an error! R950 ONLY. N7100 will not work. Neither will L900. Sent from my SCH-R950 using Tapatalk 2 I couldn't find a CM for US through XDA, so I just flashed a CDMA carrier, The phone is a playground, not working (Divested Market). I figured its because of kernels and such, but I tried. I tried flashing the posted CWM but I was getting issues. I'll try it again and see what happens. http://10.1.cmxlog.com/?device=r950 This gives you the changelog and also the dropdown download link to USC r950 CM10.1 nightlies. Definitely use the posted CWM to flash CM10.1. The older version will abort and not flash CM10.1 zips
  20. From what's been reported 6/11 was the last build that kept 4G working. Anything after that still seems like 4G will not work. Personally I'm still on 5/29 nightly. I can't recall if the 4G signal display bug was fixed in 6/11. Regardless, you shouldn't have issue with 4G with that build
  21. like others have stated, make sure on you have a GPS lock before you go to AOSP-based ROMS (like CM). While in stock, I typically leave navigation or maps running and then shutdown the phone/or do a battery pull and then flash CM. That always seems to help AOSP ROMs maintaining GPS locking. You only have to do it that first time you go from stock to AOSP.
  22. did you try this? http://teamuscellular.com/Forum/topic/3550-support-cyanogenmod-101/page-25#entry69791
  23. http://teamuscellular.com/Forum/topic/4690-note-2-or-s4-for-cm/#entry71384 "...As far as stability the currently 6/11 and 6/12 nightlies are working well. The main issue is the 4g signal status icon isn't correctly showing signal strength. 4g works, just not the signal strength details..." I believe sbrissen should have commited the fix so that it should be compiled in the 6/13 or later nightlies.
  24. Note 2 or S4 for CM

    Actually, our USCC Note 2 is maintained and part of CM10.1 Nightlies CM Nightlies Repository http://download.cyanogenmod.com/?device=r950 CM Nightlies Changelog http://10.1.cmxlog.com/?device=r950 As far as stability the currently 6/11 and 6/12 nightlies are working well. The main issue is the 4g signal status icon isn't correctly showing signal strength. 4g works, just not the signal strength details. There has been questions on whether the Note 2 will ever get CM10.1 Release Candidate status but even so I've had great stability even with the current nightlies. Also, to be clear, being that these are nightly builds, it entails that while you get the latest great updates, it also means it can be unstable. I watch the other Note 2 forums (ATT, Verizon, Tmobile, etc) to see what problems people are having with nightlies before I commit. Good luck.
  25. Whenever I go to a AOSP roms, I always make sure that in the stock rom that I have a GPS lock with navigation/maps running. Then do either a battery pull or a restart the phone into recovery while GPS is locked and navigation/maps is running. That has always worked in ensuring that the GPS works. "...2] make sure 4g, gps works. leave maps and navigation on reboot..."