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  1. I have a Motorola Electrify / Photon 4g CAR MOUNT and Rapid ChargerI bought it for 50 plus shipping will let it go for 35 plus shipping obo... Shipping will be via Small Flatrate box unless u want orginal packaging then it will be via Medium flat rate box... IF u happen to be in the North Iowa area we can set up a place to meet. other wise i will be handing this as if it were a ebay auction and only ship to PAYPAL confirmed addresses!!! if u are contacting me from this site via email put TUSCC in title of Email please maybe willing to bargin or trade with someone from this site ONLY!!! http://masoncity.craigslist.org/mob/3509715346.html for a Picture and Contact information
  2. New Electrify "Upgrade Status"

    Honestly if they don't unlock their boot loader but give us Jelly Bean I'd be a happy camper... but i still dont think i will be buying another Moto Product
  3. Samsung Galaxy SIII - Pricing, Pricing, Pricing

    Did they put up the retail prices?
  4. Unlocked 2.3.5

    God you got my hopes up...
  5. Bootloaders

    I wish all you dev that are trying to unlock this bootloader much luck ive beat my head against the wall for updating...
  6. Bootloaders

    good Luck Herbzilla I'll be watching and waiting...
  7. ICS update pushed back

    as long as they unlock the bootloader i could care less if they push the ICS update. I just want the bootloader unlocked
  8. Would You Rather? Game

    Socks with sandals... it's not the 80's lol... WYR Jump from a burning building or deal with your ex who wont shut up
  9. Rumor: 30-day Trial Period Changing to 15?

    Well to me IDC about the 30 return policy I know buy the time i get home if i am going to like the phone... I live in a rural area and only certain phones from USCC work there... any and all samsung phones get no bars HTC LG and Moto are the best where i live... I run with the electrify right now and i absolutely love it i upgraded back in Febuary from the LG Optimus which i liked. I went in to my local USCC agent the same agent i have been dealing with for 15+ years ever since i got my first USCC prepaid phone when i was 13 Only thing i regret doing with this company is "Upgrading" to the Belief Plans from my non belief plan with unlimited data
  10. Feel free to call the missed call person. Not sure who it is.... Sent from my Motorola Electrify using Tapatalk 2 Hey Sno i was wondering where did u get that battery icon? mine is still the stock green battery
  11. Ok so i have a goofy update... well when i first loaded this Rom my wifi was stuck on and google search was FCing all the time almost to the point where it was annoying... i can live with the wifi as i leave it on most the time anyways... I loaded Gapps and that fixed my google search issue... FYI DON'T do a factory reset after you install GAPPS and have this rom loaded they are not compatible... found that out the hard way... Puts it in to a setup wizard FC loop... Had to download factory 2.3.5 and RSD Flash it... Well after that ordeal i re-rooted and reloaded 4.2 back on it and i got another issue... It would run fine for awhile then the notification bar would distort after that soon the lock screen would distort... talk about Annoying... only way to reset that is to pull the battery and restart the phone... so know i have just Flashed the Stock 2.3.5 again... Planning on re-rooting it again and then i don't know prolly just reload 4.2 and see if it goes to crap again... Keep yall updated...But hey good news my wifi is shutting off again lol
  12. New 3570mAh battery review

    idk i have the OEM battery it's 11:48pm it hasn't been on the charger for easily 18 hours and i still have 30% if i was a extremely heavy user i might be interested in a bigger battery but on the other hand i like my SEIDIO case way to much
  13. alright i just verified that I can send MMS with this rom using Go SMS Pro
  14. I sent a pic to my email no problem... and once I installed gapps my Google search was fixed... I'll try and send another pic to a buddy later when I have a chance
  15. I had no problem other then the google search function... i had the google store and it updated to play store just fine for me