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  1. Its kind of a disgrace, you can get a BRAND NEW Nokia Lumia 900 for free, you can get a HTC Titan for $49. Come on, who the heck in their right mind is going to pay $149 for a 1st Gen WP?! I don't see USCC offering a new WP for quite some time. Even if does, it would be a low-cost WP with would the reduced specs. The 256MB RAM devices will be ok, but not nearly to the caliber of the 512MB devices. It's why I left USCC, I now have a 4.7" Display Titan and am getting the Nokia 900 on April 8th, with both device's costs added together it's still less than the price of the 7 Pro with USCC! Just so I don't get flack, my billing has been without a single problem, customer service has been fantastic, as they love WP in their stores, and I'm paying $30/month less than when I was with USCC and that is with an additional smartphone added to my account, yes still $30 less! WAKE UP USCC and look at the prices of equivalent devices on the market! It's a no win situation for USCC's WP owners.
  2. Howdy all. Myself and another WP enthusiast Mark Tepper aka @BinaerJongeur have begun a campaign we refer to the as the WinPhan Movement. As you saw from the title, Windows+Phone+Fan=WinPhan. If this sounds like you and you're looking for a way to show your WP love and support, we have created some neat WinPhan multimedia and in the process of creating lots more. Thumbnails, overlays for your existing icons, screensavers, fun pics, and other WinPhan art and media from other WinPhans across the globe! We have received a great endorsement from @BenThePCGuy on Twitter as a great Windows Phone community support! If you are interested in showing your love here are the resources we have set in place. •New FB Page titled "I'm a proud WinPhan" -!/pages/Im-a-proud-WinPhan/395276257150784 •Our Twibbon WinPhan Campaign(contains WinPhan oerlays for your Twitter and FB profile pics - •Our public SkyDrive(contains customizable WinPhan profile media) - If you have any questions let me know. I hope to see your participation! You Can also follow me on Twitter, I'm @WinPhan7
  3. Today some interesting news involving Windows Phone and CDMA development has begun to emerge in China offering hope for many people in the US. The official Chinese government radio management agency has listed 2 second generation Windows Phones with CDMA radios installed in them. Like many areas in the US, China has a broad CDMA network in addition to it GSM network and has lacked any WP presence up until last week, when the 4.7" Display HTC Titan was announced as the 1st. The Titan is GSM, so don't get excited. Read past the break to learn of the 2 new exciting Windows Phones that will most likely be the first 2nd generation WP's announced for CDMA networks here in the US. If you are like most people who don't own a WP, Nokia is what has caught your attention as a suitable device to switch to the Windows Phone OS for. Most people are aware of the currently available Nokia Lumia 800, but few are famaliar with the Nokia Lumia 719. Here is a quick breakdown of both. NOKIA LUMIA 719 3.7″ AMOLED Clear Black Corning® Gorilla® Glass Display 5MP Camera 1.4GHz Single Core Snapdragon Processor 512MB RAM 8GB Storage 1300 mAh Battery Exclusive content from ESPN and Univision Nokia Drive NOKIA LUMIA 800 3.7" AMOLED Clear Black Corning® Gorilla® Glass Display 8MP Camera w/Carl Zeiss Optics 1.4GHz Single Core Snapdragon Processor 512MB RAM 1450mAh Battery Exclusive content from ESPN and Univision Nokia Drive Essentially the Nokia Lumia 719 is the CDMA version of the Nokia Lumia 710, which is available at T-Mobile. The Nokia Lumia 800 is a little harder to come across here in the US, only being available at the few Microsoft Stores that exist. Outside the US, the Nokia Lumia 800 is bringing recognition to the WP platform as well as increased WP market share and mobile browser share in every country it has been released in. Make no mistake, there has been no official announcement from Microsoft or Nokia directly about time frames of when to expect to see better CDMA development within the US. With that said, Stephen Elop has gone out his way in the recent weeks expressing his intention to release a line of WP devices to EACH of the larger Carriers in the US, much like Samsung and Motorola. Microsoft began the process at AT&T and T-Mo because like the rest of the world, both carriers are GSM. With Nokia on board and now Microsoft's dominant leader in OEM's producing the Windows Phone OS, Nokia is pushing forward with fulfilling their individual goal. With a commitment to establish business with Verizon and Sprint combined with today's discover of CDMA Nokia's hitting the international market, things are finally looking up for the US and WP. Recently Nokia has also made news along with Sprint, as the two have merged to test Sprints LTE network paired with a DUAL-CORE PROCESSOR WINDOWS PHONE made by Nokia. The Windows Phone Development Team has recently begun its testing stage with this new processor and radio. This, no doubt will constitue one of the first such devices, dual-core and CDMA. What is odd is that it isn't Verizon, however that is rumored on the horizon as well. When Verizon needs to figure out how to pay its iPhone bill, perhaps they will show more overt attention. At this point they are laying low after angering many customers with the recent discovery of documents showing the refusal of a previous WP Nokia device. Sprint needs the money, as iPhone and the network it had to build to fascilitate the iPhone, has left Sprint in financial shambles. They are having to turn to any resource they can to gain more revenue. So hello Windows Phone. So how does all this tie into the USCC picture? As most of you know the HTC 7 Pro is just a rebranded version of the HTC Arrive, available at Sprint. In fact all the phones at the dispose of USCC are one of the other larger carrier's shelf clearer for new product, unpopular models, or rejects. Just like the Samsug Galaxy S II, not a bad phone, but was necessary to clear from shelves of larger carriers to make room for new products and made available to smaller carriers at a fraction of the initial cost to the smaller carrier. With any luck at all, we will see a second generation Windows Phone enter the US before Apollo Update, aka Windows Phone 8 is released in Q4. If that were to be the case, you can bet all carrier's are going to be ready to clear their displays of older WP7 devices. So if by chance say Sprint and/or Verizon end up with either the Nokia Lumia 719 and/or 800 in Q3, within 3 months new devices will be filling the displays giving US Cellular a chance at its first 2nd generation Windows Phone. I didn't mention the dual-core Nokia as that has more potential to be released as Windows Phone 8, and even if were to be a released to smaller carriers my general feeling is that it won't be USCC. Recently rankings showed USCC dropped to the #7 spot for national wireless carriers falling from #6. With a continued exodus of customers, a large amount of money and time invested into building their 4G network, and a proven history in investing in low to mid-range devices for all platforms, it is much more likely USCC would invest in either of the low cost Nokias. The Lumia 710 and 719 being so close in build, I thought would be a good price comparison. Currently for both the white and the black Nokia Lumia 710 on a 2-year contract goes for $39.99, so this is something that would be financially safe for USCC to invest in. Comparitively a device like a dual-core processor from Windows Phone, which will be the first of its kind will cost a pretty penny and not represent a safe investment. I do hope that the Windows Phone Nokia Lumia line makes it to USCC because it is truly a magnificient set of devices! WinPhan7 writes courtesy of 1800PocketPC
  4. If any of you existing WP owners ever need help, support, info, or just want to check in to say hi, you can reach me at or follow me a I will be writing as Sean Johnson WinPhan7.
  5. Nokia confirmed that they are releasing 3 CDMA Windows Phones on government run carrier, China Telecom. The Nokia Lumia 800 is scheduled to arrive in March and Lumia's 710 and 900 are scheduled to release in April. This is big news as Microsoft had yet to release any 2nd generation CDMA WP's. The 7 Pro, The Trophy, and The Optimus7 are the only CDMA models available currently. This will be my last post as I have received an offer to write for another site and have excepted the position. I will be writing for, a WP based website. This has not been an easy choice, though I feel it's the right one. I added AT&T a couple months ago as the Windows Phone HTC Titan and its massive 4.7" screen was just to tempting. I kept USCC in case switching was a bad choice. Aside from the blinding speed of AT&T's network, their Customer Service has been phenomenal! I forgot what good CS felt like, reps who know as much if not more about their devices than I do. It has become BLATANTLY OBVIOUS that USCC is NOWHERE near ready to support WP and MIGHT NOT BE FOR QUITE SOME TIME. Honestly, I have grown tired and worn down trying to do their job of marketing and selling their products because they won't. Its hard to support USCC's lack of support, they don't pay me and I have found it less and less desirable to do their job for them. I'm sure you can all understand how hard I've worked to gain any recognition for the WP platform with USCC customers, but now it's time for me to use that energy to benefit those who already have made the choice of WP. For the sake of current and future WP owners, I hope USCC finds a way to support the sole device of WP they sell and look to invest into better support of the WP platform! Last, I want to thank you all for welcoming me to this awesome community and for the many questions you all had, I have enjoyed writing here very much. I also want to thank Adam(snodrog742)Cale for being such a supportive and good friend here and offline. If there is anything I can do, let me know! I must head on and go serve the larger WP community now, until we meet again... Best Regards, WinPhan7!
  6. Nokia confirmed that they are releasing 3 CDMA Windows Phones on government run carrier, China Telecom. The Nokia Lumia 800 is scheduled to arrive in March and Lumia's 710 and 900 are scheduled to release in April. This is big news as Microsoft had yet to release any 2nd generation CDMA WP's. The 7 Pro, The Trophy, and The Optimus7 are the only CDMA models available currently. This will be my last post as I have received an offer to write for another site and have excepted the position. I will be writing for, a WP based website. This has not been an easy decision, but I feel it's the right one. Sent from WinPhan7.5! using Board Express
  7. Yesterday PocketPc reported a new Windows Phone based on leaked info and photos. The new WP is the LG Miracle. It has a 4" WVGA Nova Display, 1GHz Processor, 1.3MP VGA FF Camera/5MP RF Camera, and 8GB storage. When it passed through the FCC, CDMA bands were seen, so maybe it could trickle down to us at USCC.
  8. hope didnt wast an upgrade

    For me it has been outstanding! I have had my 7 Pro since July when they were released and the battery charge duration hasn't diminished a bit. I live in an area where reception is sparse at best. My phone spends almost its entire day searching for reception. WiFi is my saving grace. Despite searching for most the day and HEAVY daily usage, I get 1.5 days on a full charge, it fully charges in about 2-3 hours. Not much battery drain because the Live Tiles sync in intervals so the battery isn't always being drained. There is also a battery save mode in which the phone reduces its functions to manual aside from email.
  9. I need our community's help!

    Thank you for your comments on my suggestions for improving WP sales. I appreciate it what you said, and I believe it DOES make a difference! Reps refusing to show the WP is all to common and being brought to light. More importantly Microsoft sees it and is looking for ways to better the situation. Given their recent track record of relying on the people to get answers, I think this is one of those times that it is WORTH something! They keep saying "Put People First". If they're offering to listen, you best believe I'm gonna be talking, and I hope more people follow your lead in adding their 2 cents as well!
  10. I put this in the general discussion because it is not limited to Windows Phone owners. For the past year and a half WP has invested a great deal of resources into finding out what people want and implementing it. They are at it again. Recently Windows Phone began a program called UserVoice, asking its loyal customer base to get involved again. They want to know what we the users think will help WP become successful. They intend on implementing some of these ideas as well. I have submitted an idea and would appreciate our community, Android, BB, and WP owners to take a look and offer a vote if you agree. I centered my idea around stronger support on WP's part at a carrier level. I have suggested 3 key solutions. Please follow the link below and help WP hear us. Thank you for your support.
  11. Sega Game Emulator By Next Week!

    This game is in beta with sound being tested and hopefully releasing the update my Wednesday. I've heard it may have a little lag on our older devices for sound but a negligible amount from my understanding.
  12. hope didnt wast an upgrade

    All right lets get some weather on your WP. Ton of choices, I keep it simple on my phone and use Accuweather and the Weather Channel apps. I actually prefer the Weather Channel app. Activate the Live Tile in the app's setting, pin the app to your Start Screen and on 1 side of the Tile it displays temperature and an icon of the current weather conditions of your area. Every couple of seconds your Tile will flip over and on the reverse side of the Live Tile a current radar image of your location. Tapatalk is on WP as well, its called Board Express. Initially I used it but found it easier to have 5 or 6 tabs open in my browser. It really doesn't slow your WP down at all. Switching between your emails and browser is a piece of cake with the Multitasking feature! Most of the work you see from me here is done on my WP. From your WP, click the links below to download these apps directly to your WP from the Marketplace. Accuweather[/] Weather Channel Board Express Pro for Tapatalk
  13. hope didnt wast an upgrade

    Let me know what type of apps/games you like or are looking for and I can give you a hand, or if you like something or find something cool, post post post!
  14. hope didnt wast an upgrade

    First chance to sit down and look at what's going on here, and what do I see? redneck417 made the leap of faith! I'm so happy to hear about this! First I want to make sure you updated to Mango. If you have any questions, you know where I'm at!
  15. More info will emerge and I'll I'll there to snare it! Its an exciting time to be covering WP7.5! I feel pretty fortunate to be able to be one of the MANY people helping to bring WP into its own, and I am extremely lucky and I'm appreciative to have this big stage to yell and scream from! With the MWC coming up, this month should be fun trying to sort truth from fiction, I'll do my best. Hopefully I won't have to eat to much humble pie!