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  1. The note 5 is already unlocked
  2. nope.. that's the old original we are 4G but not really, AT&T uses full LTE bands so its a subspeed to LTE. when its running full 30mbps LTE it shows 4G as does my brand new friggin monstrous LG V20
  3. yeah ive tried all the settings it isn't working. the biggest issue is that its still using the USCellular software, and I am wondering if there is something in there causing it. it, per Samsung is a different model and slightly different frequencies, but all but I think two freq's are on the USCC version vs. the AT&T but its constant issue with connecting at 4G (it connects as hsdpa+) may be the root cause.
  4. after yet another billing issue from uscellular, where instead of a credit i was billed $30, and the original $30 that was supposed to be credited was not removed, so i was billed $30 extra several months ago and finally got someone to "remove it" it wasnt, and on top of that i was billed another $30. eff you uscc im done. so i switched to AT&T and the iphone works fine,,, of course but the wifes galaxy note 5 is only connecting at a sometimes 4G but mostly HSDPA+ everything works thus far but MMS messeges. the same thing that happened to us so many times when flashing a nonuscc firmware or an aosp firmware. APN's are good and am conencted to AT&T but its still using the USCC firmware build. so i cant tell where its failing. assuming its the firmware but not sure. anyone know of, as i have looked, a way to flash this to AT&T without bricking it. the wife really loves this phone and i dont want to have her give it up if possible. or maybe another messaging app that might work? i have tried everything but a complete factory reset/restore and will if i need to , but dont think that will work. but cant say for sure. though i am not part of the USCC family anymore any help would be appreciated
  5. Cost of Returned Galaxy S5

    The S5 isn't going to give you a better signal... why would you think it would? samsung is notorious for not having the best signals. maybe review the case you are using, ask some friends or coworkers what their signals are like in the SAME areas. where are you with the supposedly flakey signal? inside a big brick or concrete building? nothing will fix that. check the coverage map and boom in as far as possible and make sure your area, exact area, is listed as having a solid signal. not only that but in your entire state only the southern costal region even offers LTE which means its probably not that great. limited deployment areas typically won't be as good as full areas as they don't put the money into it. LTE speeds don't suck on the iPhone and storage space running out is because you got too small of a model yes i agree you can't expand it but you probably should have just broke down and got the 64gb or something. if you think you need more than 32 you should probably rethink all the garbage you are storing on your phone. you don't NEED all that music or pictures or games. I'm telling you that you are wasting your money, but it is your money but i wouldn't knock you for wanting to go back to android. save yourself a little money and just find an S4 i got that for the wife last year and its been a solid phone.
  6. Dictate is a strong word coming from someone with an iphone. Apple is the biggest dictator out there. Remember you can only do what they allow you to do with the iphone. Garbage. i am sorry but that statement is just as ignorant as the original post about ios.... if android wasnt limited there would be NO NEED to root it..... (mic drop)
  7. So i am in need of a job and have an opportunity to start at the call center (CSR Rep, yuck) in Sept. anyone want to chime in on pluses/minuses or heads up's about the job, managers, culture? i have read alot of reviews on glassdoor.com regarding USCC and there is a resounding set of negatives from a high percentage of reviews. very poor managementmanagement not owning up to mistakesemployees getting burnt for things managers told them to domanagers who are not caring about their employees, and only worry about themselves (which may or may not be caused by the number of layoffs management types.)unskilled/underskilled managementTeam leads spending more time goofing off/chatting than helping Dynamic Organization - though this was split between those who liked it and those who didnt. i guess i dont know what USCC is doing with the dynamic organization system that people dont like it. you have to change with the times, you cant do the same thing over and over and still make money year after year when you are trying to compete against ATT and VZW.so whats the honest deal here, dont write a reply in anger be honest about the atmosphere and people around you, and the managers. I will start butting heads with managers i dont like or the way they do things and i dont want to do that. (i know when to shut up and just deal with things, but i dont want to have some dummy manager who doesnt know what they are doing. i am a little put off by the reviews i am reading. i am also not a huge fan of call centers, oddly enough that is what i have been employed by for many years (just not large ones, smaller call centers or support areas), its the big call centers i dont care for. good people go unnoticed and loud mouth kool aid drinkers, or friends of bosses are the ones who get noticed. and i hate that. i also have not had a CSR only job, my jobs have all been Technical Support or internal help desk. + CSR. I was disappointed but appreciative that they only higher within for the Tech jobs. i agree with putting people in those positions that know the systems. no better way to troubleshoot it than to use someone who has had to use it on a daily basis, but it also forces me to feed from the bottom. (but if i am good enough i will get noticed,, i hope) One thing that sort of helped me apply was calling into USCC, usually billing or something else minor, since i can fix my own phones if its not a broken piece of hardware; the CSR reps have almost always been great, and usually have enough knowledge and power to do a lot, and thats something i need to be able to do if i work there. I dont like being confined and restricted on my job because i am not stupid, i am not some kid, i am a big boy and can do a lot. the other thing that bothers me is the amount of people saying there is little advancement. i will not be confined to a call center desk forever. I hate doing the same thing for long. once i am comfortable and proficient in a job i like to do other things. i like a challenge but not an overwhelming one. is USCC going to have the opportunity for advancement? also, the schedules really are very poor if you ask me. every place i have worked had weekend crews. people who wanted to work weekends, not force employees to work atleast 1 weekend day a week. they also have day shift, and night shift, or a split shift. i am not sure who ever thought that forcing all new employees to work weekends was a good idea. this to me is a problem but i am to the point where i dont have much choice, so that leads to the advancement opportunities. i was told jobs go to the most qualified, to which my honest brain said, yeah you believe that HR lady, because in a call center its about who you know, or kool-aid drinkers, rarely do the most qualified get the job. and neither apply to me. I dont work some place to make friends, though it happens, but i keep to myself for good reason. (its who i am) i have rarely worked for someone that i was drinking their koolaid, though if the company is a good company and they run things properly then i will be 100% onboard, and i have worked for places like that, but i will never reward someone for being a yes man or be a yes man. i can smell a yes man a mile away and they usually are not on my list of people to advance or be friends with. anyways i am rambling.... CR/Marion call center, take the CSR job, or run like hell ?
  8. USC Accidentally Shipped me 2 new phones.... what to do?!

    I would log into your account to make sure that your accounts have been deactivated and that you haven't been charged for those phones also check your credit cards
  9. Device Financing Plans

    Who cares that you can upgrade every year when you are still on the hook for over half the RETAIL cost of the phone when you trade it in. And thats only if its in prestine condition. Its no different than buying a car and owing more than its worth when you try and trade it in. You have hundreds of dollars out of pocket that you have to pay right then and there. It would be more than the subsidized cost of an on contract phone but you can upgrade sooner. If people would just stop amd save $10 each week in a cookie jar you could buy your phone retail (or 10-$15/wk) Sent from my SCH-R950 using Tapatalk
  10. Change attachment size in mms

    Hmm u could change them on the other galaxy phones. .. maybe I was on a nonstock rom Sent from my SCH-R950 using Tapatalk
  11. What file and what setring do I alter to change the attachment size limit in sms/mms? When attaching a picture to mms it shrinks it to too damn small to view unless you save it first. Which I rarely save images sent to me. Or.... is there a setting to change to not show the small version when clicking the picture in mms? and just view the full size image. Thx! Sent from my SCH-R950 using Tapatalk
  12. Goodbye Techs

    @thebluthcompany - wow man sorry to hear you are out on the street or left to get in line like everyone else for internal jobs. this really sucks for you guys. You made a comment(s) though that bring more questions than answers. 1) This company is a joke I would love to hear more about this. From someone on the inside. what makes it that bad, although i have heard horror stories from former call center employees here in C.R. that tells a very grimm tale of how the company is run. 2) I honestly cannot wait for them to be bought by sprint Again, i would love to hear more about this. Are you hearing or seeing signs that Sprint is going to be buying USCC in the future, be it in small chunks like the chicago area, or in larger chunks? again, sorry to hear about losing your job, i hate it, though have been there myself, and see the "you need to apply for the open positions just like a john doe off the street" many times in the past. They view this as 1) being far 2) you may not be the person for the job that is open 3) they cant have favoritism being thrown around and people being given an internal job just because your position was terminated. i am seriously looking at VZM and AT&T but no where can i get 10gb w/ 2 phones (2x 5gb plans, or a single 10gb plan) for $139/mth everyone else is $50 more /month and i r-e-f-u-s-e to pay anyone that kind of money for such limited bandwidth. i'll switch back to voice and text plans on a basic phone before i ever do that.
  13. [Support] AICP KITKAT 4.4.4

    what are the prerequisites for this rom? what recovery needs to be installed? and is s-pen gone? no matter how cool the rom is I love s-pen
  14. Goodbye Techs

    for those unwilling to read all that i wrote... here is the short version. this is 100% cut backs... without question, anyone saying different is sucking the sack.
  15. Goodbye Techs

    as a nearly 20 year tech (not uscellular or phones sole knowledge base) i am saddened and worried about this. Those stores need technicians. Salesmen are not techs and techs are not salesmen although they do intermingle if done properly. the BIGGEST problem and i think everyone here knows it, is that those people on the floor, as nice as most are, are just not tech's. can they learn, yes. do many of the guys and probably a small percentage of the ladies know enough about phones to troubleshoot them? probably but i really dont like this. it may just be the start of something i see currently with my employer who forces tech support down the throats of customer service but refuses to pay them or call them service. they are just called the service center but are classed as customer service not true support. yet we are to do 75% of the troubleshooting and gather all the info so the real tech "doesnt have to". i dont mind this but what this also means is that contractors or outsourced companies will be used for updating firware's on new phones which is a process that can take 5-15 minutes on phones and people, and sales people, are just not going to be that patient. downtime in the stores will be allocated to servicing phones also. there is good and bad to this. i truly see the good, but i also dont really see the point of letting the managers go. there NEEDS to be Technical managers, those store managers have enough on their plates with sales being down on the iphones and customer complaints and in general, very poor sales (from what i am hearing from insiders) the sales people should be trained on the phones regardless, but it seems that the money counters everywhere, no matter what industry, feel that sales people dont need to know the products to sell them. i guess i never understood how one sells something they know nothing about. it would be like me trying to sell wallpaper... sure it looks pretty but i dont know anything about it. i see the point, but i dont like it and think its a bad move.