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  1. Trading iPhone 5c

    Idk bout you, but $35 is a pretty cheap price to pay for your manhood. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Poor USCC employees..

    Im sure some of you employees can vouch for this one... I went to go pickup the 5s the other day and i was immediately saddened by the chaos in the store. And im not talking about the typical launch date chaos, i mean the chaos where every employee in the store is brain dead and clueless about the iPhone. This isn't there fault, i mean corporate didnt give them the iphones until the day before launch so they had zero time to play with them and almost every employee had been on on android his whole life. Customer after customer would come up with questions about their newly purchased iphone and the employees would just tell them "I have no idea to be honest". I watched one customer beg for her google contacts to be transferred and they told her she had to go find the USCC contacts app on the "Apple Playstore"....I couldn't believe that one. I felt so bad i almost wanted to take over and help them all out. Curious if any other parts of the US were like this or if it was just the hill-billy rural town I live in.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Utterly, completely useless arguement thread!!!

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. US Cellular version of IPhone (World compatible?)

    There are some misconceptions about this, its not world compatible right from the get go. They first have to be unlocked, this can be done from a trusted eBay seller or if you convince your provider that you need it(haven't tried with uscc yet). Also, just because its world GSM capable does not mean its reverse compatible. From what i have heard(and i own several iphones ive attempted this on), not just any cdma phone will work on USCC, they are USCC proprietary. Which sucks. Sitting here staring at 4 brand new cdma iphones in box...kinda bummed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Tablet wanted!

    Sell it to me then fool.
  6. Tablet wanted!

    Looking for any android tablet, preferably something around 9-11inches....must have dual camera, atleast 1GB ram. I'll take anyone's used tablet off their hands for the right price! Open to any offers(: -Toast
  7. HTC EVO VIEW 4G W/ Accessories

    I do all the selling/purchasing of electronics, just let me know what your looking at or if you need pics or anything, I'll take care of it Swyped while swerving from my Samsung GS3 You think I actually wanted her number for business purposes? L0l
  8. Windows Phone 8 news and speculation

    Windows Phone 8 phone. Repetition is always great.
  9. New android mascot for L -hurr-
  10. Force roam on electrify?

    That makes no sense at all. I'd love for them to point out where in the contract it states that you can't go over 200mb roaming data.... So to clarify things, flashing forceroaming will make your phone ALWAYS be in roaming? Why would that be ideal? Even if I have REALLY good roaming coverage where I live(I live next to a verizon tower)....
  11. HTC EVO VIEW 4G W/ Accessories

    Can I have your fiance's number....? For business purposes that is....
  12. Are you willing to cut a TUSCC member a deal?
  13. HTC EVO VIEW 4G W/ Accessories

    I would really like this. Care to work out a deal with me? *crosses fingers you haven't listed it on eBay or XDA yet*
  14. For sale: Samsung Galaxy S2 with cases

    I would like to purchase this for $150. Please PM me ASAP. I would really like this phone! Thanks!