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  1. If I were you I'd reflash, sometimes things go a little funky. Kallell and myself hadn't had any SMS issues. Just use Titanium backup to backup your user apps + system data so you get most of your stuff back. This isn't a 100 percent daily driver ROM, although I use it as a daily driver. I help Kallell by testing mods and such so he gets a bit more feedback. He is really easy to work with, if you can't fix your issue with a reflash. I'm sure he will try his best to fix it. We just can't replicate the problem on either of our phones. And for Seeder, there's a reason it doesn't work. Seeder is already ‚Äčon the ROM via Crossbreeder. So it can't run two instances of it. Which is why it won't start at all. Hopefully this all helps! Wisdom. I use Titanium on the regular, but I was hasty because I was at work and trying to text my wife. No big deal. I'll try to spend some more time working on it tomorrow, if I can get my sms problem solved, this will be my daily driver. If you can narrow down a bit, it might help me track down the issue. Make sure you have a pretty decent signal as well, i just want to make sure signal strength is out of the equation for troubleshooting this
  2. New version up. Changes: -Few more bloat things removed -Phone numbers should no longer contain # -Tether moved to internal sd > userful apps and should be installed manually. It was causing issues when i preinstalled it -Updated the statusbar (transparent on home, clear on home) -Blue icons -Battery mod 1% should be fixed -Build prop adjustments I wish i had more in there, but just ran in to a good amount of issues modifying some of the system apps for whatever reason.