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  1. Samsung has always lacked in signal strength, gave up on them years ago.
  2. To switch or not

    Not really a deal, requires device protection+ at $12 per month.
  3. Black Friday 2017

    LG G6,Samsung S8 and Moto Z2 force for $10/mo. or $300.
  4. LG extended the warranty on the G4 for an extra 90 or 120 days,cant remember,ut i know it was at least 90 days.. I received a replacement for free through US Cellular on a G4 that quit after the 1 year warranty had expired.
  5. Known issue with the G4 just dying. It's a hardware issue. if you do a Google search you will find info on it.
  6. iPhones "preferred" on the network?

    The Iphones run on a different data band than the androids.
  7. Which Phone to Get

    He switched to the unlimited plan, there are no connection fees on that plan.
  8. Anyone have a Moto G4 Plus?

    Went in yesterday and no problem activating the G4 Plus. took all of 15 minutes. The majority was going through the hoops and talking to customer care about cancelling one of my tablet lines.
  9. Unlimited on US Celluar

    The throttling that is being spoken of is the unlimited states it's supposed to be standard definition speed only. People are running high definition with no issues. 4G speed is good until 22GB, throttled to 2G after that. Remember these plans are only a week old. Just because you are seeing high def now, doesn't mean that you won't see it in a month once they get it figured out. OR It is possible they are using it as a disclaimer. maybe they will allow high def as long as the network isn't congested, in which case they would end up throttling the speed. if they had to. OR Maybe I don't know what the hell I'm talking
  10. Anyone have a Moto G4 Plus?

    From what I see, Motorola is no longer selling the Pure. On it's page, it says see your local retailer. The best price I've seen on it is $300 for the 64GB. Plus I really wanted the fingerprint reader and i'm not really into the bang anymore. All I use my phone for is phone, text,internet, Facebook and camera. No gaming.
  11. Which Phone to Get

    March sometime I think. looks like 5.0'/5.2" screens. Really didn't want to downsize from my 5.5"
  12. Anyone have a Moto G4 Plus?

    Well finally pulled the trigger on the G4 plus after reading and watching a crap ton of reviews. I'm not as much into phones like i used to be, not a heavy user, so I think it will be fine for me. Really wanted the LG V20, but I couldn't justify paying $600 for it. Should have it Friday and will be activating over the weekend. A guy at work just had one activated, so I don't see any problems.
  13. Which Phone to Get

    S6 Edge preowned is too much $$ for a 2 year old phone and there is only a 90day warranty on preowned. in the same situation now. I'd like the LG V20 ,but really don't want to pay $600 for a phone. So I'm thinking of buying a Motorola G4 Plus from either Best buy or Walmart for $250 and having it activated.
  14. Unlimited on US Celluar

    So, what if you still have a dumbphone and don't need any data on that line?
  15. Anyone have a Moto G4 Plus?

    It's on Moto's site as US Cellular will activate and US Cellular has confirmed they will activate. I'll have to re-look at the Pure.