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  1. Working Root method knox 0x0

    Thank you for sharing! I will be doing this right away.
  2. 4.4 KitKat info

    Yeah, I also prefer darker colors.
  3. Shared Data now on website

    Ya know, making the crooks look like a bargain...
  4. Shared Data now on website

    They really need to check the water and air quality at their main office! These plans are such a joke. I was reading an article earlier about USCC's new plans. The comments we're the best part. One person said something like It's really impressive when a company can make Verizon and ATT look good haha
  5. Note 3

    I got mine today, amazing phone. Some talk of a multi touch defect but mine works fine. I would recommend it!
  6. Note 3

    My store said not tomorrow but by next friday.
  7. Shared Data: Delayed

    It may be delaying the iPhone, but they could still pass out the note 3's!
  8. That sucks...custom roms and still "keeping" your warranty was one of the big advantages for samsung devices.
  9. US Cellular wants to win me back

    Ha! If they buy you so much as a tank of gas to move; I'll make sure it goes in a new car
  10. 5 MHZ LTE vs 10 Mhz lte

    oh well I don't know why, but that is what was messing with mine.
  11. 5 MHZ LTE vs 10 Mhz lte

    Well it was fun while it lasted..I looked into this because it just didn't seem right. 184Mbps is a little much. Turns out if you wanna impress people with your upload speed get the ad blocker app. The app was messing with my upload speeds haha I figured this seemed pretty high!
  12. Promo 3B October 1 - Thanksgiving

    They keeping the guaranteed 100$ trade in credit do you know? Also, any hints on whether note 3 release date will be in line with others or later on? Glad they didn't follow sprint and go 350 tho. Thanks for sharing!
  13. 5 MHZ LTE vs 10 Mhz lte

    I don't think the Maine government is all that great, but that is one thing they accomplished. It was called the three ring binder project. They put three "rings" of fiber across the whole state and company's can lease strands. One line goes by my tower so chances are good it's backed by fiber. In fact, I just had FTTH installed. The basic was all I need (32/7) - nothing spectacular but better than many as I am sure you can attest to. The funny thing, we have better speeds in the sticks, thanks to a local broadband company, than in towns. My lte speeds actually drop in some towns.
  14. 5 MHZ LTE vs 10 Mhz lte

    Sure thing! note: I'm in Maine. Kansas was just the server it picked. http://www.speedtest.net/android/596954343.png Oh and check out this bad boy from today haha - http://www.speedtest.net/android/598708643.png
  15. 5 MHZ LTE vs 10 Mhz lte

    I tested mine the other day and got 15Mbps down and over 100Mbps up. yes, over 100 up dunno what is going on at my tower!