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  1. Galaxy s3 reception discussion

    Okay thanks. I called and they're sending me a new one. They took a look at my dropped calls and such and said my phone was acting like all the others that have had the problem. She said it should come either tomorrow or Friday at the latest. Now I need to do a full backup of my phone and restore it to stock once the new one comes. Hopefully the new phone works a lot better (permanently) and isn't a refurbished model.
  2. Galaxy s3 reception discussion

    Are people still having issues with their replacement phones? I'm still on my original S3 that I got from pre-ordering and lately I've been getting poor reception and dropped calls. My concern is that if I get a new replacement phone that going through the hassle (i.e. getting the new phone, copying everything to the new phone, and restoring the phone back to stock) is not worth the trouble if my phone will eventually start acting up again. Can people please weigh in on if their replacement phone is seeing similar reception problems after a few months. I would hate to have to deal with getting a new phone only to have it start acting up again. What should I do?
  3. Does anyone know when this method might be working with Jelly Bean? I've used this method several times and it seems like the easiest I've come across.
  4. So after the latest update I decided it was high time to remove some of the bloatware on my S3 using titanium. This worked great and I removed over a dozen useless apps. My problem now is that in my "apps" section where it lists all of the apps, I now have 7 pages of apps but the first four have massive holes in them where no apps appear. Is there a way to get the phone to automatically consolidate the apps down to less pages (i.e. move apps to pages that have open space)? I hate having that many pages in my apps section for no good reason. edit: a restart fixed this issue. HAHA
  5. OTA update 8/17/12

    Same issue, I will re-root later today.
  6. OTA update 8/17/12

    First 4mb update went just fine and I'm root, I used the non-odin flash method that doesn't trip the flash counter: http://teamuscellula...-flash-counter/ Not sure what the first update did, didn't change my build from LG1. Afterwards it started doing an 18mb update that was successful, changed build to LG4. So maybe for those of you who are rooted the updates aren't working because the flash counter is tripped? Thats the only difference I can see here. First change I noticed is the settings icons look a little different and the sms messages are different. The paper clip for attachments is on the left of the text box and the text box is smaller that previously was.
  7. Having the same exact problem, its a real pain. Win 7 x64 as well
  8. Remove WiFi Hotspot Blocker

    Using Titanium backup works perfectly, thanks.
  9. No rebate for you!

    I had to call and get it sorted out since they sent me the wrong rebate. I had to wait 21 minutes on hold for a conversation that only took 1 minute, that was annoying!
  10. Easier! The only way it could get any easier is if someone did it for you! Absolutely true. This tooks ten minutes, would've been 5 if I had the phone drivers installed already. Titanium is installed and I'll be do the WiFi blocker workaround soon as well.
  11. Blurry Facebook Contact Pictures

    Thanks alot for the suggestions. Facebook contact Sync works like a charm and is free.
  12. Blurry Facebook Contact Pictures

    Okay thanks for the info, hopefully theres a patch that fixes it or I can just wait til CM10 arrives. Anyone have an ETA? This article makes it sounds like it should be soon and any device that supports ICS will support jelly bean:
  13. Has anyone else been having an issue with their contact photos being blurry? I use Facebook to sync my contact photos so I dont have to manually update over 100 contact photos. Unfortunately every single photo is blurry as hell and I can't even figure out whats going on in the picture. Does anyone know how to resolve this? Is it possible to force facebook or my phone grab all the pictures from the web, store them on my phone and then access them for the pictures? Or is there a way to tell it to increase the resolution of the pictures? Also, even when I tell it to only add information only about my existing contacts Facebook adds all my Facebook friends into my contacts list. Why the hell doesn't it listen to me! haha. Is there anything I can do to get this to operate the way its supposed to?
  14. Custom TeamUSCellular Phone Skin Giveaway

    One for me please and thanks.
  15. what case?

    Newegg has a great deal on an aduro case, screen protector, and stylus. Originally $90, now $30 with free shipping: