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  1. G5 - Anyone Got One

    I've had one since day 1 of launch, really liking it but I may have found a bug but so far I haven't been able to find anything about it online. So obviously there is a character limit with sms and most phones will split the message into 2 when sending it. It bring up "Can't send message with Us Cellular error 100" Ive tried digging through settings on both the app and phone, but can't find a solution. I haven't modded or flashed a phone since my S4 so I might be a little behind on something.
  2. New 10.1 rom to watch

    Anyone on this having mms issues? I'm on the 2/24 build and every time I try to send a picture it fc's. It will also give me a message that it fc's if someone sends me a mms while I'm in another app.
  3. Not a full wipe, I only wiped cache and dalvik. I went from the Jan 18 to Jan 25 version. On xda the installation insttuctions said that was all that was necessary if coming from an earlier 10.1. I'll try a clean install.
  4. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="allenme" data-cid="51227" data-time="1359240777"><p> <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="craZ" data-cid="51226" data-time="1359239905"><p><br /> Just flashed the newest acpverter with exit only tweaks on 10.1 but mms doesn't work. The apns seem to be right, so I'm stuck. Any ideas? <br /> Also, thanks for the great work!</p></blockquote>Did you use the inverted package? If so, it is stated that the inverts don't play well with 10.1.<br /> <br /> .: :: Sent from USC-GS2~PACman via Tapatalk 2 :: :.</p></blockquote> Nope just the regular with exit only
  5. Just flashed the newest acpverter with exit only tweaks on 10.1 but mms doesn't work. The apns seem to be right, so I'm stuck. Any ideas? Also, thanks for the great work!
  6. [ROM] ICS Official with Root

    Is it safe to flash a new kernel right from stock recovery? Im looking to move back to JB, this works perfectly, i guess im jist tired of touchwiz. Thanks for the work!
  7. Anyone notice with the latest update to Facebook that after it initially loads, it will not load extra news feed on this rom? I'm hoping I'm not the only one having this issue. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling it, wiping the data from it, and even tried a complete rom reinstall.
  8. I'm starting to get very annoyed with it. Today alone it has happened about 7 times. I'm going to try turning off auto brightness.
  9. mrjenkins if I'm understanding you right I think I might be having the same issue. Both if I let my screen timeout, or manually turn it off I am not able to wake it up. If someone calls me it turns on and I'm able to answer but that's it. If i plug it in the screen lights up, but I can't unlock it. I'm running CM10 if that makes a difference to you.
  10. What's the easiest way to go from build 39 to 40? I guess I'm wondering if it's possible to keep the data, or do you have to do a backup first?
  11. try this page. This fixed it for me in CM9 and he has an akop build also. What isnt in the guide is to do it this way Uninstall facebook. Flash the appropiate zip. Reinstall facebook. here is the link Thanks Cody and zmed! everything seems to be working now!
  12. Thanks! Installed and everything but facebook seems to be working but it sounds like an app issue rather than rom. The only question I have yet is there a way to get the browser to reflect mobile websites?
  13. Sorry to be a noob here, but could someone post instructions on how to flash this from stock (or point me in the right direction to instructions)? I have only ever used ODIN on the Mez to upgrade from 2.1 -> 2.2 -> 2.3 so my experience isn't the best. I was waiting for this to get out of the alpha stage, and it seems stable enough now that I am comfortable to try this. I'm guessing that Sickin's kernel will have to be flashed too? Thanks.
  14. Stock ODIN Files

    Sorry for the noob question here, but I just purchased the Galaxy S2 and I'm looking to try and put the aopk ics on it and possibly get into development more. Now my only experience with flashing phones was updating my old mesmerize with odin. I'm worried about bricking my phone while trying to flash ics. With these stock files will I be safe from bricking or does some of that process not make me safe even with these stock files? Again, sorry for the noob question.