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  1. MHL(HDMI) connection

    did we ever decide if this was a hardware or software issue? might it have been activated in the stock ics build that was released a while back? I can't find my old MHL adapter to try it out so..... was just wandering (I just saw and MHL thread on the gs3 or note 2 forum and made me think about this again.
  2. iRacing

    this is the video that is linked on their front page, may just be "dumbed down" for youtube and general audiences but the quality here is terrible, I wasn't aguing btw just pointing out how shoddy the advert vid is for such and andvanced racing sim.
  3. Note 2 Sale anytime soon?

    i heard soon it will be $200 and was told to wait, no specifics on when so i dunno
  4. USCC Midwest Sale to Sprint - some unconfirmed details

    It's just like USCC not letting you stay with them if you move to a "non service area" yes your phone works but the roaming costs are too much. for you to be a sprint customer YOU WILL HAVE A SPRINT PHONE period end of story same with every nationwide CDMA carrier. and all the other things you guys think sprint won't do.... think again I wouldn't put it past them. I think most of it sounds accurate, except the activation fee. talk to the right person the right way and i bet that gets waived. there's a reason why they score dead last in customer satisfaction year after year. I was with them 10 years till i just couldn't deal with the stupidity, lying, cheating and overall poor service. sprint IS NOT going to be there to help you, they will however be there to take your money. Don't think that every single carrier in your area isn't aware what's going on. Odds are they will all start wooing former USCC customers so i imagine everyone will offer some kind of incentive for the customers soon to be without a carrier.
  5. iRacing

    i hope that the video on the front page of the iracing site is not indicative of actual gameplay, because even when played @720p (highest offered for this vid) it is some of the worst graphics i have ever seen. consoles have had MUCH better graphics than that for years. but then it could just be the rendering of the video for youtube that messed it up.
  6. Next phone?

    huh? my android phones have had nothing but new os releases, and one maint. release each. i've had android for well over 3 years since i left wm6.5 for lack of dev sopport. if you think your getting an ota update w/o uscc fingers in it you are sorely mistaken, if its going over their airwaves and costing them money in the form of data... they're gonna touch it and approve it, or kick it to the curb.
  7. [ROM] ICS Official with Root

    thanks for all the resopnses... the (lack of) support was overwhelming, very NOT typical for this group. i just sucked it up and reflashed :redflip
  8. [ROM] ICS Official with Root

    is there a way to root without reflashing the rom? I don't know why I waited so long, but now i've got it all set up and I don't want to start over if I don't have to?
  9. Official ICS update?

    under wifi settings in advanced there is a setting called keep wifi on during sleep, I think it's defaulted to never which means every time your phone sleeps it kills wifi I set mine to always and don't have issues any more and battery life is the same as it ever was
  10. Official ICS update?

    screen cap works, hold home + power/lock it's verrrrrrry fussy and took a while to get but it's there and works (i'm on the leaked odin version)
  11. Official ICS update?

    Yes thanks
  12. Official ICS update?

    so are we 100% at this point that the leak and the official are one and the same with no differences and no need to flash the official if I allready have the leak installed?
  13. Google Now on Galaxy SII

    you need to root the phone and install an android 4.1/Jelly Bean rom. as far as I know it's not availible for 2.3.x/gingerbread or 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich. Read through the many topics in the GSII section, there are instructions for rooting and flashing roms and always some helpful folks around!
  14. Galaxy S II Stock ICS UPDATE!

    my screenshot works, I'm using the one from a couple days ago. hold the home button and power buttons it's a tad tricky to master it took a few attempts to get it to work
  15. Galaxy S II Stock ICS UPDATE!

    http://www.samsung.com/us/support/owners/product/SCH-R760IBAUSC the official official final version lol