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  1. Can't send MMS

    Looks like it still occurs. Don't get it. As of now - and also when it first started - if I set the data to Global, then reboot, MMS works. But setting it to LTE and rebooting causes sending MMS to fail. However, that eventually didn't matter the first time, for reasons I couldn't discern. So I assume it's only a matter of time, before it does so again. I tell ya, this phone is getting on my last nerve, lol. Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk
  2. I'm not sure when it exactly started, but it seemed to coincide with restoring to stock MM, then updating to the latest Nougat. I wanted to see if that would fix my navbar problem, which it didn't. But I needed to be on the latest firmware anyway to flash some of the new Nougat ROMs. I did a factory reset on stock before continuing. I can receive MMS, but when I send any, I get an error: "Originator addresses not found." I tried troubleshooting a number of things, but ultimately didn't correlate to anything I flashed. Dialing *228 fixes the problem, but it returns after a reboot. Could it just be the SIM card? No other answers I found worked. Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk
  3. To switch or not

    How'd everything go, btw? Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk
  4. To switch or not

    Yeah, this one is a Verizon one. Sorry for double posting. Can't figure out how to include two quotes on Tapatalk. Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk
  5. To switch or not

    Android And Me. Can't remember how I even heard about it. But I used my post on this forum to comment on why I needed a new phone. It came with 3 Moto Mods, too. Couldn't believe I got so lucky. My brother just cracked his S6 and got a new S8, so we could really use this right now to make up for it. Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk
  6. To switch or not

    I actually just won a Moto Z2 Force in a contest. Obviously can't activate it on USCC, so I'm just gonna resell it. Had I not blown $210 for 1 yr of a MXPE, I would've used that money to get a Pixel 2. Sucks not to have many options, but idk what I'd get out of a new phone anyway, besides better battery life and a working navbar. Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk
  7. I just missed a deal on Swappa for a Mint MXPE for $105! Just my luck, lol. Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk
  8. I've been keeping my eye on those. Wanted to get one last year, instead of this one, but it didn't seem like much of an upgrade for the price. The price is a lot more appealing now. I still worry about investing more than I have to in an older phone - even though it's heavily supported yet. I'm mainly looking to cut my losses. Whether I keep or sell this phone, I'll have to get it repaired, right? $130 doesn't seem worth it at all, especially when many say replacement screens are faulty. I'm really hoping taping over the connectors or reseating em will solve it, but I doubt I'll be that lucky. I know you can't sell one in this condition on Swappa, but maybe someone would pay $100 for it elsewhere? I rely so much on the navbar, but if I had to, I could use an alternative. If it starts rapidly ghost-tapping again, though, the phone is unusable.
  9. Pixel 32gb

    Yeah, guess that's what I'm wondering. Looks like the Verizon ones can't be unlocked after the 7.1.1 update or something. Are you able to post the IMEI and SKU?
  10. Pixel 32gb

    Is it the Google edition or Verizon?
  11. So it started with my navigation bar ghost-tapping like crazy. I finally figured out it wasn't an uncommon problem with the phone. Of course, I had resold the one I bought from BB last Black Friday to save money on one from Swappa. It'd still be under warranty had I kept it. I took the back off, and started taking the screws out with a T4 screwdriver, because another person said using the T3 recommended by iFixit stripped the screws. The T4 actually stripped 5 of them, and the set I bought (to again save money) didn't have a T3. I also ended up taking out the screw for the side buttons, which wasn't necessary to access digitizer connectors. I wanted to see if taping over them with electrical tape would solve the issue, like it did for someone else. I somehow managed to not lose two of the four tiny springs for the buttons. But when I went to put them back in, one jumped out. The buttons work without em, but it still bugs me. I decided to just see if insurance would cover it. They said they were sending a "better" phone, valued at "$700", since they don't make X Pures anymore. Deductible would be $99. Turns out it was the G4 Play. So I decided not to go that route. It's gonna cost $100 to fix, but Swappa has em for $120+. I wouldn't wanna get one from there again, without the extended warranty - $50. The MXPE doesn't get much support, and the only other good Androids USCC will activate are too costly/outdated. Trying to save $35 is gonna cost $100+. I know I've only got 2 options, it's not a ridiculous amount of money, and it's mostly my fault. Just had to vent and ask what someone else would do.
  12. Not sure if this is what you're looking for. I asked USCC before I got this phone. Apparently I missed the Pure's heyday, but couldn't let myself spend another $100 on a 6P. Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk
  13. Activating Unlocked G4 Play

    Sorry I didn't post the link to where I bought it. Should work with USCC. She asked if I bought it from a 3rd party or a certified (something like that) USCC seller. Then said something about my MEID not being approved. Eventually said it was because they don't activate Moto G4 Plays. But I did wonder how people did by saying the Pixel was a Nexus. Didn't know if the same sort of thing could be done with this one. Thanks for the input! I'll give it a try. Sent from my SCH-R970 using Tapatalk
  14. Activating Unlocked G4 Play

    I see USCC sells the G4 Play, but won't activate a BYD. Apparently they blacklist by the MEID? They said (over the phone) they could do a G4 or G4 Plus, but I don't know if even those have to be bought from the manufacturer or certified sellers. Is it completely impossible, then?
  15. Sorry for asking something so amateur, but I wanna be sure. Is it possible to flash a jfltexx Rom for our model? I understand now some won't for security reasons in TWRP. But if one does, would I need to do any more? Flash a different kernel? Sent from my SCH-R970 using Tapatalk Edit: Just getting restless after seeing Turbo and RR almost getting built for us, and very few other options.