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  1. Not sure if this is what you're looking for. I asked USCC before I got this phone. Apparently I missed the Pure's heyday, but couldn't let myself spend another $100 on a 6P. Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk
  2. Activating Unlocked G4 Play

    I see USCC sells the G4 Play, but won't activate a BYD. Apparently they blacklist by the MEID? They said (over the phone) they could do a G4 or G4 Plus, but I don't know if even those have to be bought from the manufacturer or certified sellers. Is it completely impossible, then?
  3. Activating Unlocked G4 Play

    Sorry I didn't post the link to where I bought it. Should work with USCC. She asked if I bought it from a 3rd party or a certified (something like that) USCC seller. Then said something about my MEID not being approved. Eventually said it was because they don't activate Moto G4 Plays. But I did wonder how people did by saying the Pixel was a Nexus. Didn't know if the same sort of thing could be done with this one. Thanks for the input! I'll give it a try. Sent from my SCH-R970 using Tapatalk
  4. Sorry for asking something so amateur, but I wanna be sure. Is it possible to flash a jfltexx Rom for our model? I understand now some won't for security reasons in TWRP. But if one does, would I need to do any more? Flash a different kernel? Sent from my SCH-R970 using Tapatalk Edit: Just getting restless after seeing Turbo and RR almost getting built for us, and very few other options.
  5. Resurrection Remix *(LP&MM)* JFLTEUSC

    This is honestly the *best* news I've heard for my phone in months. Yes, I very much am as excited as you, lol. I knew not upgrading would pay off. Thank you so much! Sent from my SCH-R970 using Tapatalk
  6. Wanna use Fusion so badly, but always have problems. It's got everything. Thought this last build was working. But I got a SystemUI FC and had to reboot. Then, it'd optimize all my apps, but soft reboot before finishing. And repeat. Similar but not the same issue I always had. Dunno if it's Xposed. It's so frustrating. None of these other ROMs compare. Sent from my SCH-R970 using Tapatalk
  7. I don't think they do to the extent Slim does - all five buttons full size with long-press options, from what I remember. Gravitybox could take care of the second feature, but wasn't very smooth. I'll have to dual boot it and check again. So far, Slim's performance is making me miss Fusion's features much less.
  8. I wanna use a more featured ROM, but ironically, they don't have the customizable NavBar like Slim's. I care more about that than battery. Lol. Fusion is the only other one with it, but it's always causing me problems. Sent from my unknown using Tapatalk
  9. Dammit. I read this yesterday, glad it wasn't me. Now today, it happened. I didn't switch between LTE and 3G. Hope I don't have to do all that. Already tried the Sim with no luck.Edit: now it randomly started working. Wth. Only other problem is my keyboard crashing sometimes, and SwiftKey forgets some of my predictions. Otherwise, Fusion is awesome.
  10. I didn't get FC's until I flashed a 3rd party kernel - both Googy and Alucard. Were you guys using one? I'll also have to find a different GApps package. The latest PA ones caused FC's on 2 different ROMs.
  11. Hey bud for fusion do you need to download both files. Just curious Sent from my SCH-R970 using Tapatalk The .md5sum is only needed to verify it downloaded properly. I've got System UI fc's on Fusion, too. I accidentally downloaded the 05/13 build. But you got it on 05/14? I'll have to look for something else, anyway, then. Disappointing.
  12. Could someone tell me where App Ops is on Fusion? Shows up in Search but takes me nowhere.
  13. They got Xposed for 5.1. I haven't tried it yet. Says it's super alpha. Lol. Not all modules working, either. Eh, I'm gonna do it anyway.
  14. Looks like it has a few problems atm.
  15. Keep forgetting to flash it. Lol. Idk if 5.1 is worth giving up Xposed, but ROMs are gonna continue building for 5.1, so I should probably stick with it, right? Xposed might take quite some time. Looks like themes don't change the notification shade, either, atm.
  16. The wrong android? Are you talking about this ROM? I don't think they build for our device currently. But you can try one these. They're still CM.
  17. Wow, I've had issues lately. My data wouldn't connect unless I opened Mobile networks in Settings. Just open it, nothing else. Couldn't update my modem, so I ODIN'd stock and got it updated. Now when I have a phone call, I just get a blank home screen. Nothing opens, and nothing but a clean flash fixes it. So weird. Doesn't seem to be Xposed. Dunno if it'd be the theme. I'm on Euroskank's, so I'll try a different ROM, even though it's the only one I've liked. Lol, p.i.t.a.
  18. Someone said it'd work to not open Odin right away. Turn the phone off and then on into Download Mode, but not continue right away. Plug it into the computer, then proceed info Download Mode. Open Odin and flash. Also use the original cable. I couldn't get it to work. I had to Odin back to stock, then I was able to update the modem. I don't know if it's because of Lollipop. Always updated fine on KK.
  19. Turn the phone off, start it in Download Mode, plug it in, add the .bin to the Phone slot, and click Start. Forgot all about paying attention to the log. I'll have to check again.
  20. I haven't ODIN'd a radio for a while, but I had to go back to stock (MF5) to fix GPS. Now I'm back on a LP ROM, and all 3 latest radios fail for me. Followed instructions exactly. Before I went back to stock, I was on NAE. I've tried both v3.10 and 1.85. Something I'm missing?
  21. Damn, no PAC this round. Hopefully next one.
  22. In trying to build PAC ROM atm .. But it seems it not syncing with the repo right sad dayDang. Someone else said on Google+ he was gonna try to build it next weekend. Glad we have a couple people trying.
  23. Wonder if Vanir would still have the memory problem. It wasn't Xposed or the kernel, and I haven't had the problem on DU. Also, when did App2SD stop working? I haven't used it on this phone at all, until just switching to LP.
  24. I used Moose's theme on the 02/17 build, too. No problems. I wish the makers of it had a ROM build for our phone. I have some kind of memory problem, though. Apps lose their state once I switch to another one. Status bar icons keep cycling on and off. Not always, but I had that problem on KK, too. Does Lollipop take up that much extra space? I'm an app hoarder and had to remove about 50 to regain space. Lol.
  25. I was worried about people here switching phones before I did. But not carriers! Lol, I'll be lost.