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  1. Nice!
  2. It may be a while. I check once a week at Sammobile. They had an article about how a small number of S7 and S7edge testers are getting 7.0. Just remember that when Sammy does the official roll out that then USCC has to approve it and do what they do best. Delay it. At least that what has happened in the past.
  3. ¯\(ツ)/¯ Something Went Wrong. Happy Birthday to me............. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  4. What blows my mind (pun intended) is that most of the remaining phones that have gotten the crippling updates in other countries like Bluetooth, WIFI, and even the radios completely disabled that people still have them. Aside from the person that has to have it in a collection kind of way most normies that still have it are idiots. What Samsung was offering to get it back was way too good of a deal. Granted I would have held out to the final best deal they would have offered. Samsung has 93% of all the N7's world wide back. So I am guessing that the final number of N7's out and about are still well into the 10's of thousands? That's just a random number off the top of my head. I really don't know.
  5. They are killing off the N7 for good. If you are rocking one still you won't be for long. Samsung is going to lock up the phone from charging completely.
  6. Nothing to see here......
  7. Only 50mbs though. Small one. I guess I will check it out.
  8. APJ1 update. Installing it now. Will update to see what changed. It was small. only 46MB.
  9. Just turned them off. I guess if the purge is gonna happen I will just look out the window.
  10. So this just happens to come a day before elections? Getting ready for a total meltdown of this place. Sent from my SM-G930R4 using Tapatalk
  11. Cause it wasn't. Sent from my SM-G930R4 using Tapatalk
  12. Member when phones where easy to mod? Member when rooting was easy? Member when phone makers worked with modders? Member when stuff we did, we did at our own risk? I member those good ole days!
  13. Fast charge seems to have been crippled to the point of being useless. No one else has chimed in to see if that is what Samsung has done. Also they seem to be porting several N7 apps and features to the S7. Two things I know of is the Always on display has new features that were only on the N7 and now you can DPI scale with S7 that was a hidden feature prior to this update. Probably will run into other changes and features too as time goes on.