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  1. cant get a nat type 2 on ps4

    Sorry the forums have been real dead lately. But I will try to help. First of all I/We will need to know which router you have. Name and model of router.
  2. We all knew that it was over several phones ago. The S7 was locked tight also. I every once in a while cruise XDA for the S9 too see how and if any progress has been made in rooting or ROM development on the US versions. But to no avail nothing. Nothing worth trying or permanent. And with the advent of all this lock down and no modding I have seen forums like this one, ModMyMoto, Howard Forums, and others just die or sections of them just get wiped out. I used to have almost 1000+ posts and How to threads (On that I created on rooting and hacking the Moto RAZR. I was the person there that destroyed phones to see what I could do. It was fun. But those days are over. The days of the "Leaked Tools" from Samsung and Motorola and others have come to a halt also. For a while employees were able to sneak out the programs that were used to make and modify the OS, and put them on torrent sites. Digital security check points have halted that. What you still find is the software that retail outlets use. Example is ODIN. That is what a retail store uses to just flash phones. Very easy to take. But very limited. And with the death of the sites and forums came the dwindling support of independent free lance program writers. The ones that filled the gap between us and the giants. To make it easy to use such tools to mod phones. A couple of giant sites dedicated to providing custom ROMS have also gone the way of the dinosaur. Either shut down or purchased by one of said phone giants, so they could freely use the software or parts of it in their phones.
  3. New fone who dis


    Thanks for sharing what you found. Even though the forums are slow nowadays your little contribution may help someone that is searching for an answer.

    Yes they are. Ever since the easy way of rooting and running modded roms went the way of the dinosaur there has not been much of a demand for CDMA modding. And I did a quick read through on the xda root link. Did you read the Return to stock instructions?
  6. Just a little update on this. So I went to the local USCC store where I bought this S9 and made the complaint to the Rep that sold it to me. He swapped out the sim and did some network side reset. I guess here in Milwaukee the S9 is automatic VOLTE. So that was 2 weeks ago and it was good for about 5 days or so. Then it started to drop calls and no ring when someone was calling. Just get notified with the VM Icon that there was a new message. Today went back to the USCC store and asked to have the VOLTE turned off. Lets see if that cures the problem. I am still thinking it may be a hardware problem. Side note: The Rep who helped me today said "VOLTE is still new and buggy, So as the issues come up they are being addressed." I don't know how accurate that statement is...... But then again I been out of the tech loop now and have just become another user I don't know what to think. Oh Well.
  7. US Cellular Variant of the S9.
  8. First this thread can be dumped in the S9 forum when we get one. LOL Anyway, So I just picked up the S9 and so far the phone is an awesome piece of hardware. But it seems to lacking in the reception area just a little. And when I say little I mean that sitting here at my desk my S7 had a full stack and never missed a beat. The S9 fluctuates wildly and I have already missed a person calling me, the only way I knew that I missed that call is that the voice mail alert went off. Is this a fluke? Or is it gonna be the S3 debacle all over again?
  9. ROM Help

    Which AICP ROM version did you use? There are several updates on page 2 of the thread.
  10. ROM Help

    Been a long time since I flashed the Note 4. My suggestion would to be is re-flash the stock ROM and start over. Also did you flash the GAPS file after uploading the custom ROM? I gotta do a little reading on Woundtight's ROM and see if GAPS is included though.
  11. There is a new update today! It is over a gig download. 1514.75MB Could it be Nougat? UPDATING NOW!
  12. Android 7.0 Nougat ??

    I made a post on that.
  13. How is this phone

  14. Android 7.0 Nougat ??

    It may be a while. I check once a week at Sammobile. They had an article about how a small number of S7 and S7edge testers are getting 7.0. Just remember that when Sammy does the official roll out that then USCC has to approve it and do what they do best. Delay it. At least that what has happened in the past.