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  1. So I have ordered a phone replacement directly from motorola. they evidently have a program where they'll send you a 'like new' device for an out-of-warranty repair for $175; which is the cost of the deductible for an insured phone... anyone else heard of this program? I guess I will find out next week when the phone arrives...
  2. Ah, well I haven't had much luck with anyone willing to repair or sell used around the Des Moines area... thanks
  3. Dropped mine about 6 months ago (screen is not functioning), just about cried. I've since been using a s6 edge +, which I've been pretty meh about... and have been looking for a Nexus 6 or newer, but I'll probably hold on for a while since I've finally found a way to root this darn Samsung device. My advice, stick with a Nexus. I'm not sure if the 6P is any better or not (I loved the 6" screen on the 6) and I really miss the almost daily flashing of new kernels, roms, updates, etc. Just curious, who have you been calling to get those quotes?
  4. I've always valued teamuscellular and the community's opinions and knowledge; hopefully I can reciprocate some back... I'll be actively trolling some "other" forums and report back I can say Samsung has impressed me with the direction TouchWiz has gone, but I think they're trying to hard to make users into sheep.
  5. I figured... ah crap. Well, I'll see how long I can last before I get myself a 6P... Root would be great so I could get Adblock running. Thanks guys
  6. Any other Edge + USCC users out there? I'm aware I'm probably one of few, but I am fairly impressed with the phone; although, coming from a Nexus 6, I'm having a tough time constraining myself from flashing and I will have to eventually give in... If you're out there, please share you're thoughts/experiences modifying your Edge... For now, can anyone with more experience than myself point me in a direction for USCC Edge + discussion/development?
  7. So my 5 I recently purchased has a blown external speaker (very distorted/crackle sound; verified by comparing to like unit)... I attempted to gather some information at a store today, Black Friday, which was a nightmare and I walked out, but I was wondering if I am still within 15 days, do they exchange with a new unit?
  8. Cleared cache and dalvic, good to go... Anyone running M yet?
  9. well occasionally I am getting system process not responding and then soft boot... ideas?
  10. JDX rom- haven't had any sign into network issues, using WiFi and mobile network... Battery is good if not better than L
  11. JDX [M] has been running great, no excess battery drain, fast (despair kernel)... Using JDX as a DD for at least a couple weeks (preview 1 & 2)
  12. been running jdx rom for well over a week (preview 1, then 2) - it's a daily driver... alot of issues with 1st M preview have been corrected
  13. Running JDX rom, much improved from initial release... A lot of bug fixes from what I can tell
  14. if you have an android and like rooting/customizing/widgets/etc. stay with android... or these things will be sorely missed. jailbreaking is ok, it's just very different than android's setup only thing apple has on android (IMO) is the slow mo camera, which is pretty cool, but I couldn't handle the switch from android (mesmerize, galaxy s2, note 2) to iphone 6 +, I actually bought the nexus 6 full retail to get back to android ---> best money I've spent in awhile
  15. Honestly the only hiccup I've seen is WiFi indicator will flash/glitch (never drops connection)... battery life is great as advertised, speed and functionality dang near flawless - again, no reason to revert back