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  1. S8+ Root, anyone?

    I haven't tried chainfires root... And I probably will not root this device. This would be my first phone (back to my Mesmerize days) that I haven't rooted. My main reasoning for past rooting was adblocking and performance/battery tweaking, but I'm very satisfied with Samsung's browser and it's adblockers, and I get more than enough battery to last a day or two while running Samsung's "high performance" profile. I feel as though Samsung has come along way to get features us "rooters" desire... Anyone disagree?
  2. S8+ Root, anyone?

  3. So it finally happened

    So I have ordered a phone replacement directly from motorola. they evidently have a program where they'll send you a 'like new' device for an out-of-warranty repair for $175; which is the cost of the deductible for an insured phone... anyone else heard of this program? I guess I will find out next week when the phone arrives...
  4. So it finally happened

    Ah, well I haven't had much luck with anyone willing to repair or sell used around the Des Moines area... thanks
  5. So it finally happened

    Dropped mine about 6 months ago (screen is not functioning), just about cried. I've since been using a s6 edge +, which I've been pretty meh about... and have been looking for a Nexus 6 or newer, but I'll probably hold on for a while since I've finally found a way to root this darn Samsung device. My advice, stick with a Nexus. I'm not sure if the 6P is any better or not (I loved the 6" screen on the 6) and I really miss the almost daily flashing of new kernels, roms, updates, etc. Just curious, who have you been calling to get those quotes?
  6. S6 Edge +

    I've always valued teamuscellular and the community's opinions and knowledge; hopefully I can reciprocate some back... I'll be actively trolling some "other" forums and report back I can say Samsung has impressed me with the direction TouchWiz has gone, but I think they're trying to hard to make users into sheep.
  7. S6 Edge +

    I figured... ah crap. Well, I'll see how long I can last before I get myself a 6P... Root would be great so I could get Adblock running. Thanks guys
  8. S6 Edge +

    Any other Edge + USCC users out there? I'm aware I'm probably one of few, but I am fairly impressed with the phone; although, coming from a Nexus 6, I'm having a tough time constraining myself from flashing and I will have to eventually give in... If you're out there, please share you're thoughts/experiences modifying your Edge... For now, can anyone with more experience than myself point me in a direction for USCC Edge + discussion/development?
  9. Note 5 15 day exchange...

    So my 5 I recently purchased has a blown external speaker (very distorted/crackle sound; verified by comparing to like unit)... I attempted to gather some information at a store today, Black Friday, which was a nightmare and I walked out, but I was wondering if I am still within 15 days, do they exchange with a new unit?
  10. Root Note 5

    Cleared cache and dalvic, good to go... Anyone running M yet?
  11. Root Note 5

    well occasionally I am getting system process not responding and then soft boot... ideas?
  12. Android M Preview for Nexus 6

    JDX rom- haven't had any sign into network issues, using WiFi and mobile network... Battery is good if not better than L
  13. Android M Preview 2 Is Out!

    JDX [M] has been running great, no excess battery drain, fast (despair kernel)... Using JDX as a DD for at least a couple weeks (preview 1 & 2)
  14. Android M Preview for Nexus 6

    been running jdx rom for well over a week (preview 1, then 2) - it's a daily driver... alot of issues with 1st M preview have been corrected
  15. Android M Preview 2 Is Out!

    Running JDX rom, much improved from initial release... A lot of bug fixes from what I can tell