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  1. Take the plunge

    That's why I asked here. I knew you guys wouldn't steer me wrong. I'm watching a few 6p's now....hoping the prices will drop a little once the Pixels start shipping. I just flashed Nougat on my 6 and its like a new phone again so I can wait just a little longer.
  2. Take the plunge

    Been on a Nexus 6 for awhile now, and the Pixel isn't really appealing to me at this time and price point. I'm tempted to jump on a Nexus 6p but I cant bring myself to make the purchase with the 810 SD. Are they really as bad as some of the reviews insist? I use my phone outside everyday during the week and NC summers are no joke and my Nexus 6 gets quite warm during these times even through a case. So whats the real story on the 810? One Plus 3 is an option too (I'm on AT&T currently), but I really like having the latest Android as soon as it is released........
  3. Next new phone(s)???

    Weberr nailed it! I buy the phone I want, then shop for a carrier. I wont allow the carrier to dictate my selection of phones anymore. Now for the OP...... I have nothing but positive things to say about the Motorola's (Nexus 6 and Pure Edition). I haven't had the pleasure of using a Nexus 5x or 6P, but all the reviews point to an excellent phone at a fair price.
  4. Marshmallow is here

    My wife has said her battery life appears to have increased with the update too.
  5. Sprint?

    Wow that is a NICE deal! Sprint service is ok in some markets. I have never been impressed with their speed. When I am using Project Fi, I force it to switch to T-Mobile even when the signal is not as strong since T-Mobile's network seems to be faster. Location can make a difference though...... Does Sprint throttle data speeds?
  6. Nexus 6 (64GB) Cloud White with Skin Case and more!

    I know its off topic, but where did you purchase the skin? Free bump, thanks!
  7. data roaming deal

    Have we confirmed whether T-Mobile is the roaming partner?
  8. LG Nexus 5x and 6p HYPE THREAD

    So does the 5x and 6p have all radios to support GSM and CDMA?
  9. Moto X 2015

    Sorry to hear that. No excuse for that kind of CS from a large corporation. I have been lucky I guess, with no complaints. I haven't had to contact CS though, which is the way it should be. Good luck! Hope they can make this right with you.
  10. LG Nexus 5x and 6p HYPE THREAD

    Anyone jumping on a 5x or 6p?
  11. Moto X 2015

    They are shipping sooner than the projected delivery date. I believe mine shipped after 4 days and this was on the initial release. It ships from Hong Kong so that takes a couple of days.
  12. data roaming deal

    That is some good news! It would make Project Fi even better!
  13. Moto X 2015

    Not even comparing the megapixel counts of each camera, but from a speed of shot, detail visible, and low light photos (even though both are not top of the line in this category) the Moto X preforms better than the Nexus 6 hands down. The only thing I don't care for is the way it focuses. Its werid......
  14. Moto X 2015

    I currently have a Nexus 6 and my wife has the Moto X PE. I can honestly say I'm jealous of her phone. Its practically a Nexus 6, with a better camera, easier to handle due to size, SD card slot and some useful added apps from Motorola that can be removed if so desired. If I was in the market for a new phone I would order one without hesitation. Of course ibwould wait to see the new Nexus prices on the 29th first.
  15. data roaming deal

    I have the same letters sent about roaming and the end result was they dropped the line and waived the ETF. This was my brothers line and when he moved to Raleigh, all it took was 1 billing cycle and we received the letter. I know where your coming from with the comparison with USCC and any of the big 4. I switched to AT&T last week and have had no area I didn't have LTE before and the bonus is I don't roam. Eastern NC has come a long way since the beginning of USCC.