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  1. Good equivalent of the Moto X Pure

    One other thought - Save yourself $50 and go with the 32GB version since the G5's are expandable with microSD cards.
  2. Good equivalent of the Moto X Pure

    "On paper" they appear to be very similar. My wife also has the Moto X 2015 (with a slowly failing battery), and I've also thought about getting one of the G5s. Should have bought when they had the $50 off the newer G5s a couple of weeks ago. Specs compare:,Motorola-Moto-X-Pure-Edition-2015,Motorola-Moto-G5S-Plus/phones/10398,9694,10597
  3. Can Moto X be unlocked?

    There are a couple of first gen USC compatible Moto X(s) for sale on Swappa:
  4. Thanks @RMarkwald for providing these each update, and for providing the how-to. Ironically, I think Google is also done with the N6 as of this month, so I suppose we'll let you "off the hook" for providing updates.
  5. Sounds like the newer build (N8I11B) is supposed to have some Verizon specific code. Other than that they are basically the same builds. On another note, thanks again for making these.
  6. Used a little of my "google-fu", and came across this thread with a link to an app that might fix: I remember the dreaded "optimizing app" days... Hope this helps
  7. Moving to no coverage area

    We recently moved out of the USC coverage area and had about 6 months before one of the contacts ran out. I explained to CS the situation, and they did not charge any ETF.
  8. I was thinking about T-Mobile. Isn't TMO using USC towers to extend their coverage now?
  9. My wife and I will be moving to the Fort Collins / Loveland area which (I'm pretty sure) puts of out of USC coverage. Anybody have any suggestions on good service in that area?
  10. Data during phone calls

    I might be wrong, but I think the switch to LTE data vs 3G might be the cause of no data during a call. My area just got LTE in the last couple of years, and I was able to use both before that.
  11. Tablet questions recommendations

    Not to "de-rail" your tablet search, but have you ever tried PhoenixOS? It's based on 5.1 and runs pretty well. Over at XDA (the evil site....) there is a cleaned up version with Google account / gapps / root baked in.
  12. As always, thanks again for your quick work!!!
  13. View File Moto X - Stagefright OTA update - Edited update script to allow for TWRP flashing. Submitter JohnB Submitted 11/07/2015 Category Moto X  
  14. View File Moto X 5.1 - Stagefright OTA update. Submitter JohnB Submitted 11/07/2015 Category Moto X  
  15. Still had both on my computer, here are current links: -!i5YSGTxb!bJyjD1Ny7M3uODdTw8_FddbWo-ti-roq866XTriSj2s -!jtxCwKIa!ce01YHmeX_Zny1lrP6o5HxzUfNCRLn2Tr1ISIyHGNtI