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  1. Sounds like the newer build (N8I11B) is supposed to have some Verizon specific code. Other than that they are basically the same builds. On another note, thanks again for making these.
  2. Used a little of my "google-fu", and came across this thread with a link to an app that might fix: I remember the dreaded "optimizing app" days... Hope this helps
  3. Moving to no coverage area

    We recently moved out of the USC coverage area and had about 6 months before one of the contacts ran out. I explained to CS the situation, and they did not charge any ETF.
  4. My wife and I will be moving to the Fort Collins / Loveland area which (I'm pretty sure) puts of out of USC coverage. Anybody have any suggestions on good service in that area?
  5. I was thinking about T-Mobile. Isn't TMO using USC towers to extend their coverage now?
  6. Data during phone calls

    I might be wrong, but I think the switch to LTE data vs 3G might be the cause of no data during a call. My area just got LTE in the last couple of years, and I was able to use both before that.
  7. Tablet questions recommendations

    Not to "de-rail" your tablet search, but have you ever tried PhoenixOS? It's based on 5.1 and runs pretty well. Over at XDA (the evil site....) there is a cleaned up version with Google account / gapps / root baked in.
  8. As always, thanks again for your quick work!!!
  9. **WARNING - Flashing, Hacking, or otherwise modifying your phone can break it!!** That said - I managed to capture the Stagefright OTA update for the Moto X and did a little "tweaking" on it to allow for TWRP flashing. I've uploaded both versions to the TUSC server for others to use. IMPORTANT NOTES: This update also flashes an updated bootloader, modem files, kernel, along with other updates. File location:
  10. View File Moto X - Stagefright OTA update - Edited update script to allow for TWRP flashing. Submitter JohnB Submitted 11/07/2015 Category Moto X  
  11. View File Moto X 5.1 - Stagefright OTA update. Submitter JohnB Submitted 11/07/2015 Category Moto X  
  12. Still had both on my computer, here are current links: -!i5YSGTxb!bJyjD1Ny7M3uODdTw8_FddbWo-ti-roq866XTriSj2s -!jtxCwKIa!ce01YHmeX_Zny1lrP6o5HxzUfNCRLn2Tr1ISIyHGNtI
  13. Thanks for the quick boot-img rework!!!!
  14. Still Have N6?

    I'm a bit of a "flash-aholic" and with MultiROM on the N6 (part of why I got one) it's quick and easy!!!
  15. Still Have N6?

    Funny you ask... I just picked one up off eBay for $140 that ended up being in a factory sealed box!!! I had always wanted a "Nexus" device to mess with and my Moto X 2014 was starting to have battery issues. So yes, you can count me as using it as my DD.
  16. Activating Unlocked G4 Play

    I think (he's) talking about the Moto G4 Play. Is it possible since it is sold as a "Pre-Paid Plan" device, they won't activate it as COE on a standard plan?
  17. EDIT: XT1093 ROM Uploaded and Ready!!! Here's instructions to get Marshmallow on our "forgotten" Moto X 2014 phones. I referenced a ROM for the Verizon XT1096 on XDA. (ref. - USC XT1093 specific ROM - Includes proper build.prop, TWRP 3.0, and Verizon specific files removed MAIN LINK: - Alternate Link:!D0I1HJjS!Mk7r-Gic8wvxBqMpBFZYXd7TF6dNXS7YK91MFVnOlOo - MD5SUM - ea5a700ced498d46afe60c4ebbb2d0db Prerequisites: Unlocked Bootloader TWRP installed (I have been using the newest 3.0 version) Basic Installation: Backup existing ROM (including EFS partition) Wipe ALL partitions including user data / sdcard (MAKE SURE YOU HAVE BACKED UP) Install ROM Restore EFS partition from Lollipop backup [noted in the XDA thread, but not sure if it's needed] (You did make a backup incase this doesn't work right....) Flash at the bottom of this post to fix the "Roaming Indicator Off" text in the Lockscreen / Quick Settings Pull Down Boot phone Setup and Enjoy Optionally: Root phone by flashing SuperSU-v2.65 and root-boot-6.0 (attached to this post) Install Xposed (because you can...) NOTES - So far, I've had working 4G / 3G and MMS / SMS.
  18. You could try this:
  19. I've used this in the past for SMS/MMS - - If I remember correctly, root is not needed.
  20. Which new phone?

    Good to see it's compatible. Now just to see if USC will activate on their network...
  21. New Shared Connect Plans

    We switched to our own phones about a year ago, and the COE discount was $20 (each) then. You must have got lucky to get them to credit you $30 (each).
  22. As I understand, the EFS partition is special partition dedicated for your phones info like radio signal info, imei and such. Since backing up and restoring was part of the instructions in the XDA thread, I've included them here. Sent from my XT1093 using Tapatalk
  23. Just curious, why are you installing the XT1093 ROM - Booting - Wiping before installing CM13? I would think you could install CM13 directly.
  24. Diamond "v"???

    Yet here we are using TT to view the forum... Sent from my XT1093 using Tapatalk
  25. I was doing some web "surfing" and saw the firmware for Lollipop with the Stagefright patch was up. Figured I would post it here in case anyone was looking: