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  1. What Rom Is Everyone Running?

    Good eye:) Data does indeed work, but I use Tasker to set it to airplane mode when I'm at work as I have no cell coverage and it drains my battery if I don't.
  2. What Rom Is Everyone Running?

    I'm running Emotion that I built this morning Runs great and super fast, only issue I've had is when launching camera it says it can't open camera but if you go right back in it works and it doesn't occur every time.
  3. Thoughts on the new note 7

    Wasn't a Note 7, was a Samsung prime...I agree that the phones should be returned but there is a lot of misinformation in this thread.
  4. Working fine here...I did have to disable and then enable the boot sound option for it to work after the upgrade to the fixed mms Rom but other than that boo issues.
  5. MMS working fine here and no other issues so far, thanks WT!
  6. It's not the one by wanam but by firefds, here you go: http://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/modules/app-xtouchwiz-customize-stock-samsung-t3296878/post66556974#post66556974
  7. Hmmmm, I had xposed on LP with no issues...I know this is the MM thread but just for reference if anyone is still on LP: http://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/unofficial-xposed-samsung-lollipop-t3113463/post65373013#post65373013 It's not the latest and greatest v83 but it worked perfectly on my 910R4 LP 5.01 Wize
  8. There is an updated XTouchwiz in that thread you linked that has the ability to remove the stupid SD card notification. Grab the xposed that I linked above first obviously
  9. Forgive me for the following link but wasn't sure how to make others who wanted xposed got to the correct thread lol Unofficial xposed for Samsung The file of interest is named xposed-v83.0-alt-sdk23-arm-custom-build-by-wanam-20160426.zip located in post 1. Works for me and others have stated it has worked for them on the other variants that had issues with xposed and MM. Get the flashable uninstaller also just in case, you have been warned hehe.
  10. Won't be long now guys, been working with Wanam and currently have xposed working with this ROM
  11. Has anyone tried xposed on the odexed ROM, just curious?
  12. Agreed that it is annoying and I have no solution either lol. Google was of no assistance either...
  13. I hadn't seen that module but Samsung screwed the pooch on some of the note 4 variants, quoted from the xposed for samsung MM thread: "Note4 N910P and N910G MM builds are NOT supported, these Roms come with some old Samsung LL non aosp changes and maybe some new, " I tried the most current and Wanam has a test build up for the sprint variant but neither make it past the USCC boot screen. If you do flash it on yours just make sure you download the uninstaller and if it doesn't boot just boot to recovery and flash the uninstaller and itll come back up.
  14. Thanks for the update WT, I already used Google Messenger for sms/mms so no biggie there. Mainly wanted to let other no about xposed to save them some headaches lol