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  1. MHL(HDMI) connection

    Oh, that all took the span of a month to transpire.
  2. I recently went through a lot of headache, because I was under the impression(due to several website specs) that the US Cellular Galaxy S II was capable of connecting to an HD TV, via a Media High Def Link (MHL). So I purchased the GS2 over the Photon/Electrify because this feature was going to be usefull for me. But after searching everywhere locally(Best Buy, Radio Shack, At&t, Sprint, Office Max, Office Depot, etc) I had to pruchase one online. I first got a offbrand, and when it didn't work I exchanged it. But when that one didn't work(their tech support called me on both trying to get them to work) I sent it back for refund. Then ordered the Samsung official adapter (btw all models accept three plugs...HDMI, Mini USB charge, and device). When that one didn't work I got both Samsung and US Cellular on the phone... twice. Turns out when Samsung built the device to US Cellulars desires, it didn't include MHL capabilities. I returned that cord as well, and now after cooling down about this matter I am writing in hopes of saving someone else the time and hassle.