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  1. TMO N6 unable to activate on USC?

    They should be able to unless it's blacklisted. Did you give them the esn and tell them it's an unlocked nexus 6? That should be all you need to do in store, however most reps may not know we can activate unlocked nexus 6 devices. And all nexus 6 are unlocked from my understanding.
  2. Mother's day promo

    I do agree but do banks say or advertise free $150? I don't think so... Sure it isn't hidden but if they aren't trying to cover it in fine print then say for a $10 a month connection fee get a tablet. Plus if I don't have the cash to buy something outright like a tablet I don't get it as like it has been said if it is too good to be true it probably is a rip off. Wow over paying roughly $150.00 for a "free" (1 cent) tablet... Hmmm scratching my head on this one.... Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk So when you get a penny phone, do you consider that free?I believe you said it was free in your original post. You didn't come out saying free but with a data connection fee of $10 per month or a penny... I did not see the fine print on your original post... Hmmm an employee saying free without disclosing the fine print or related charges.... Scratching my head now a representative of the company saying free without truly disclosing the other fine print... Oh but that is right this is the internet and you have to believe everything. Does it come with a piece of the London bridge as an accessory? Umm I have always paid for my phones... Wish I had a penny phone... Almost got a penny phone once but that was a subsidized price and i know that i am actually paying for that device with my plan at the time. Plus that was for a phone not a tablet that doesnt need cellular data or a cellular connection... But then again I will never have an iPhone... I still have that question pending, after 24 months does the charge for that tablet automatically come off of the customers account? Now Adam, please lock this thread as we can go back and forth until the end of time. Can we agree on that at least? I have my beliefs that companies are out to rip us all off and then you have others who think the koolaid tastes good, sorry, then there are others who like what the companies are doing.... *cough* It just gets my goat when someone puts the word free out there when it isn't truly free whether in the fine print or not. Be open and honest about it your company will be better off.... Sent from my nexus 7 tablet using WiFi only and not having to pay for cellular data thank goodness. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk Honestly forgot to type free gPad with contract. However I didn't say the contract disclaimer thingy after the phone prices either. My bad, just assumed people knew there was a contract with lower priced equipment. And when I assume, I make an a$$ of U and me.
  3. Mother's day promo

    Wow over paying roughly $150.00 for a "free" (1 cent) tablet... Hmmm scratching my head on this one.... Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk So when you get a penny phone, do you consider that free?
  4. Mother's day promo

    The phones as well as the G Pad on sale aren't really the discounted pricing because you have to pay for the service on contract. We all know this, but if it's a service you need then it can make sense to get cheaper devices on contract. If it doesn't make sense, pay full price or buy used and go prepaid. Nobody is twisting your arm either way, even through it can feel like they are to get the coolest devices.
  5. Mother's day promo

    There's a new promotion which runs through Mothers day that starts today. IPhone 6 16gb $99.99 G flex 2 $49.99 Free g pad 7.0 with any new line or when you upgrade from a basic to smartphone.
  6. Lollipop bug

    Can you download Polaris from the play store and use Polaris to open the files?
  7. Device Financing prior to Shared Connect

    Yes the line of service needs to be eligible for a new discounted device. Even for financing.
  8. Galaxy s6 major flaw

    Hard reset for s6 is holding volume down+home+power for 5 or 10 seconds. And this thread needs to be re-titled "S6 follows more industry norms" But in all honesty, seems like Samsung has out appled the iPhone.
  9. LG G Flex 2 launch

    G Flex 2 launching on 3/26 for $150 subsidized or $630 outright. Black appears to be the only color option at launch. 5.5" screen with 404ppi. Octacore processor with 32gb Rom and 3gb ram. But mostly it's a bit bendy with scratch resistant and repairing plastic back. What do you think? I'm anxious to play with it, but timid of the octacore. Hopefully it doesn't cause overheating issues.
  10. Simple Connect Prepaid Plans

    Prepaid is plan price + local sales tax + 911 fee (.51 in Iowa). If you don't have a phone order a "u.s.cellular no contract" phone in a box from Amazon. The envoy 3 is only $15 and service was $35 last I checked. That said, the no contract phones on Amazon can't be used on normal contract accounts generally. Hope that helps you sir.
  11. How to use unlock code obtained from USCC CS?

    I am asked on a daily basis to unlock a phone at my store. The diagnostic tool is supposed to work for most androids but doesn't give us the option to select the "unlock" button. However, most the phones wouldn't work fully on other carriers from my understanding.
  12. LG G Flex 2 Coming to U.S. Cellular

    Retail price is $660 I believe. Which means the subsidized pricing should be $200.
  13. So I'm surprised no one else has posted anything. I guess I'll be the bearer of bad news. Starting Jan 8th you can no longer receive subsidized pricing if you are not on a plan that's currently offered i.e. shared data or promo single line plans. You can finance, pay retail or purchase retail used devices on older plans still. You can finance or choose subsidized on the current plans. The only workaround is they are granting 1 time upgrades per account on retired plans if the customer is thought to leave for not receiving the discounted phone. There will also be $25 activation fees when you finance a new line or upgrade.
  14. Note Edge launching soon, very soon.

    Sorry if this has been discussed in another thread. The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is launching January 8th. I've not been able to get accurate pricing on this device, but seems to be over $300. With a $830 retail, so nearly $42 monthly if you choose to finance.
  15. Battery Life and Charging

    Thanks Zenz.