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  2. There are several CWM apps in PlayStore, would you be so kind to post the link for the app you are talking about?
  3. Ok recently ran across a weird Clockwork Recovery error. I had flashed my wife's S3 and and it took CWM just fine, so I thought. I booted into CWM and was going to flash a file and received a error saying CWM was unable to load ext SD showing E:. Naturally I placed the same file on the phone (SD CARD) and rebooted into CWM without the card, no dice. I have also reformatted the card, tried 2 other cards and CWM still wont recognize the ext card or sd card. Any suggestions?
  4. Think the versions of ROMS I have are not the FULL Rom, they are the upgrade packages. Found a full Group package tonight and will try to flash it in the am after I get off from work. Fingers crossed, need to activate these phones and trade they in to Sprint when we sign over. Hate to donate our good phones just in case.
  5. Still a no go, amazing how much you forget. I think I forgot to turn off voodoo lag fix before I tried flashing back over. I was able to flash CWM (blue) and it appears to be working. I still do not get a boot logo (Samsung) and it will only boot to CWM. Any other suggestions?
  6. Same results.... do I need to re-partition?
  7. I'm needing a little help. I thought I remembered how flash the Mes back to stock, but apparently not. I was on Awesome Sauce and the other was stock rooted. I attempted to flash both back to EH09 via ODIN 3.0.4 using the Atlas Pit and the EH09.tar file. Odin said it was successful and I unplugged the cable. I replaced the phone battery and attempted to power them up, but they won't boot. They will get into download mode but that's where I'm stuck. A refresher would be much appreciated.
  8. Relocating and need some advice

    We will be within 50 miles of Daytona either North or South. Thanks for the feedback. Any additional comments or opinions will be appreciated.
  9. We are moving out of Missouri to Florida (I know terrible right). Unfortunately USC doesn't offer service down there and need to know which company would be the better choice (service, customer relations, etc) I have found out Metro PCS, Sprint, Verizon, and At&t are covering the area we are moving to, but don't know much about the companies. If anyone has advice it would be much appreciated.
  10. ICS or Jelly Bean?

    Alright boys & girls, I've had a little issue with JB. I'm starting to notice I'm receiving VoiceMails without receiving the calls. This is in town w/ 5 4G bars, so there isn't really an excuse other than a prob with the JB radio. Does anyone know what radio we transitioned over to on JB and is there a way to flash the ICS radio over JB.
  11. Flash Counter

    Verified working on JB 4.1.2!