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  1. Root research

    To follow up, Yes, xposed is install-able and it works on both devices using flashify. Along with most flashable zips.
  2. Root research

    Just a heads up, There is a root method posted on XDA for the V495 T-Mobil and others. Not the UK495 with Software Version UK495_20b USCC LG GPad F8 ver 2 It does work on both versions of the USCC LG GPad F8 to root only. I don't believe that the bootloader is unlockable on either device USCC offers or if it is then as of right now there isn't a compatible Recovery for the device. The risk involved in experimenting with the wrong recovery without an available firmware makes it kind of out of reach right now. The Root Method method mentioned uses Kingroot to root the device, then SuperSuMe to replace King -User with SuperUser. I know that this works because I've done it on both devices. I can assure you that messing with the recovery or flashing the UK495_10b firmware will brick , or at least nullify the ver2 device. There is a working stock firmware available for the UK495_10b I won't post links here because it's risky!!!! (But I will respond to PM's when I see them, I'm not on here all that much.) Warning: There is no Stock ROM or .KDZ available for the ver 2!!! there is however one for the first gen machines that works on the first gen units only!!! Hope this helps someone.
  3. Thanks Zenzr, I appreciate you going through the trouble of transferring these files to Team UsCellular. Who knows a million years from now some biological oddity might find a working X and need to phone home. You're a life saver.
  4. Oh, wherever they would best fit. There was a post in development with the file linked somewhere else and a reply that said they'd get to putting it up. I noticed there are no files in the moto x download section so any of the files from the site above are there if you want to download and re-up them here. I can set you up with FTP access if it's easier for you but I don't want to mess around with a web interface to get them here.
  5. Well, I thought I had it figured out, cant seem to get them to land in the downloads section or show up in my downloads section? Anyway, The links generated by the uploader page are below: GHOST_USC_5.1_LPA23.12-21.8_cid9_CFC.xml.zip TWRP-
  6. I think I have it figured out, just waiting for the uploads to finish before posting it. Does the body of the description show up in the posting to downloads? Theres nothing in the Moto X section to compare with...
  7. Hey all, With Lollipop becoming available for the Moto X I thought I'd update my website to contain the files I used to work with a new X I just bought. It shipped to me brand new with 4.4.2 on it so I tried a few methods mentioned at a developers forum I frequent. I tried the flash able zip method and wasn't happy with the battery drain or the cellular connectivity so I said screw it and just flashed 5.1 and Installed CM12.1 as described at the same forum mentioned above and I couldn't be happier. Anyway, if you need to find some files the site should have everything you need. (Still uploading large files, give it some time and refresh) Happy upgrading!! Rant-Zone.com # I did try to upload here, but it's a fri****g hassle, no offense intended, but .... (UploadingJustGotEasier) THANKS Zenzr- Keep your eyes on the Moto X Downloads section folks!!
  8. Not to bring back the dead, but I read it is a common problem with Lollipop OS where oit will not connect to WPA security configurations. It seems it's not a Motorola problem.
  9. XT1093_Bundle Coming soon

    Sorry, it looks like you are bornx, I'm using Tapatalk ATM and didn't realize it was you. Gonna send pm if I can figure out how through Tapatalk.
  10. XT1093_Bundle Coming soon

    Well, I see your point, but the file is .rar'd up and on its way to the cloud. If you'd like to check the archive out once it's available, then take the time to write up a detailed assessment and guide I would take the time to package it again and re-host it. I saw bornx ...(?) having troubles and said " I have all that shizzle" so this is what I can give. If you'd like to repackage any of the items go ahead, they are not my own. Give credit where do. I don't. Know where the two firmwares came from, but I believe they originated from links here. They both work great with no issues. If you want to try to work together, let's do it through pm. ** BTW** It's clearly stated that if you don't know what you're doing to delete the whole thing, so I think that's covered.
  11. XT1093_Bundle Coming soon

    Well, I've done it a couple of times. Thing is I never flashed the update(OTA) , nor did I flash the recovery at all from the 5.0.2 firmware. I put TWRP .5.0 Version on the day I got it and flashed my way up with fastboot never flashing a stock recovery. So, I guess if it works for me it may work for someone else...may not.
  12. Hey all, just put together a package of all of the relevant files for this phone. I'm uploading it now,but its big so be patient for the link. In the meantime have a look at the attached read_me for the bundle. Although the file isn't done yet I've included the .md5 checksum in a file here. If you'd like individual checksums for files included I can provide that, be patient and send a pm and I'll set you up. Once it's a list I'll post it here. By the way, because it's a whole shebang in each situation, the file is huge, 4.8 Gb. or so. Don't know how the hosting will perform once it's up, so take it as it comes, one good thing is that they are reliable. No other guarantees. Here is a LINK to the file, as I said it's 4.8 +/- Gb. so bear with it. and Good luck. XT1093_Bundle.rar.md5checksum.txt XT1093_Bundle_READ-ME.txt
  13. This hasn't been posted anywhere specifically for our phone so I thought I'd make a post. TWRP Ver. will make a nandroid and successfully recover it to our XT1093 *** This is not my work, credit is due to the TWRP team, just puttin' it here * Here's a LINK to the official download. I verified that this worked on a system that was rooted and unlocked from 4.4.4 KitKat, out of the box, I used the method mentioned Here to unlock and Here to root. Tried several other Roms, but this combo gets me back up and running. Have not tried to restore the 4.4.4 (earlier) recovery/boot loader yet, just saying. Use at your own risk. I should add that this whole post refers to a phone that came in the box with 4.4.4. - Bootloader unlocked and rooted BEFORE taking the OTA to 5.0.2. I don't know what will happen If' you try to apply any of these methods to a phone in any other state. I'll also mention that if someone who knows what to do with them wants the files I've collected along the way I think I have everything from out of the box to 5.0.2, a bunch of extra crap and what every modder wants in their nandroid. Please pm me with SPECIFIC requests, for now. I may post a link if I can be assured nobody will sue me for it, so that may take a bit of time to research.
  14. Moto X[posed] Module Discussion

    I've got the beta 2 version of the LP installed framework, Gravity Box, xKindlemod,softkeys fade mod all working great. Screenfilter not working(dammit)
  15. Recall coming?

    Well, I broke my og X last week and called for the device replacement Insurance, then the next day got the email about Belief plans going down the tubes. I called Customer Service to activate an old EM and she offered to upgrade me for 12,000 points and and I could get a new phone for $49 Bucks (Xv2), so I said WTH, it's better than the $175 to replace the X. Turns out she never took the points and I got an Xv2 for $0.00 when I went in; first thing in the morning, I asked the girl to "Please Don't Activat Wifi" and explained point blank why. She obliged, but during the activation process she told me it already ahd Lollipop on it. I asked her not to turn on Wifi again and she obliged. Turns out it was a 4.4.4 Kit Kat. My theory is that they know the 4.4.4's can be unlocked and the LP's can't yet. Maybe they are just getting ready to pull the old stock or get everyone to update their stock, making it sound really important to the stores and such.