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  1. Phone activation issue

    Thanks for your suggestions) Unfortunately, I can't root, cause my warranty would void. LP does have granular notifs controls, but for some reason, not for this package (DISABLE button is disabled, lol). So, seems that the only thing that is left here - ignore it
  2. Hi All! I'm using XT1093 outside US, with local GSM carrier. Until recent update (5.1 security OTAs) it was running flawlessly, but now it shows "Phone activation". Despite that, I'm able to make calls and text. Just kinda annoying that I can't remove this notification, which shows everytime I boot up the phone. After activation process fails, it says, that it will try once more, after rebooting. If I will eject SIM-card, it says that "You need a SIM-card to operate with phone". Process initiating this stuff is com.motorola.setupwizard.phoneservice
  3. OTA update

    Thank you for your reply. I'm just worried about future off. ICS update. If I can't receive small OTA, what would it be with ICS...
  4. OTA update

    Need help here with OTA. First of all, my phone was ver. ]1.26.573.9. Then i was trying to remove bloatware and accidentally removed it completely. No exp in Titanium Backup : Now I've returned on stock, ver. 1.26.573.7 and I can't receive OTA (which will bring me 1.26.573.9) for 3 days after that. What's the reason?