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  1. COE credit is not automatic

    I'm not understanding you, can you elaborate more? I'm about to pre order the note 8 so I need to make sure I'm going through the right way of doing this.
  2. Don't you hate wondering how you're going to carry that extra battery around? Well Samsung has answered prayers by creating charging covers for it's newest device. Samsung unveiled four charging covers for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5, which are now available for pre-order. The standard back plate, available in black and white, offers Qi wireless charging compatibility, for $29.99. There is an S-View Flip Cover version, also available in black and white. The cover is priced at $69.99. Other accessories include a spare 2800mAh battery; however you can spend 50 bucks for a bundle that includes a spare battery, a charging case, and an extra wall charger. Click the link to view pictures.
  3. Everyone loves a little bribing and that is just what US Cellular is doing to sway people away from their carriers. On Monday, US Cellular launched a new limited-time promotion offering up to $350 per line to cover the costs of switching carriers. The company also changed the name of its Shared Data plans to Shared Connect, and launched three new no-contract plans, dubbed Simple Connect, starting at $40 per month. Simple Connect Smartphone Plans Include: $50 a month for unlimited voice, messaging and data with 500MB of the data being high-speed. Data is slowed after the 500MB are used but remains unlimited. $60 a month, unlimited voice, messaging and data with 2GB of the data being high-speed. "These new offerings are designed to give customers freedom and flexibility to choose the right plan for their needs," Grant Leech, vice president of brand marketing for U.S. Cellular, said in a statement. The only thing about this is US Cellular didn't mention when the promotion would end. And with everything, there's a catch; you have to sign on with U.S. Cellular's new Shared Connect plan and choose the Retail Installment Contract option to be eligible for the money. This is in response to what Sprint launched on Friday and Verizon has been offering since January.
  4. If you thought that the bloatware was going to fall off the face of this earth then you were wrong but, wouldn't you hate if someone stole your phone? US Cellular has teamed up with Samsung to make your device more secure than before. The phone will now come preloaded with Find My Mobile and Reactivation Lock , FMM is an online service that can track and lock a stolen phone, wipe it clean, and alert the owner when a different SIM card is inserted. Reactivation Lock is a feature that detects abnormal attempts to reset a device to factory settings by prompting one to login even after a successful reset. The Samsung Galaxy S5 will be released this Friday April 11th.
  5. Samsung is known for many products, mainly their phones but now they're joining companies like Sony, JVC, and Beats as they introduce a new line of headphones. There are 3 models to choose from starting at 149.99-349.99. They will offer over the ear and in-ear headphones. The over the ear headphones that cost 349.99 will give you the choice to go wireless or wired. A release date it unknown at the moment but with the new Galaxy S5, Gear2, and Fit right around the corner, one would assume it will launch close to them.
  6. After announcing their new devices at the packed event on 24th Feb 2014, Samsung will release them all globally April 11th. You can currently preorder them at the website of many carrier and stores such as Radio Shack and Best Buy. Here are the specs: The Galaxy S5 features a 5.1-inch 1080×1920 SuperAMOLED display, a 16MP rear camera capable of taking photos in less than a second, wireless connections such as 802.11 ac 2×2 MIMO and 4G LTE Advance, a 2,800 mAh battery, a fingerprint scanner, water- and dust-proof, a heart rate sensor, Emergency Mode and more. To pre-order from US Cellular click Here.
  7. Sprint is continuing to notify customers it acquired through the May 2013 transaction with U.S. Cellular that it plans to begin shutting down affected portions of the U.S. Cellular network. The shutdown will take effect for the St. Louis metropolitan area, including parts of Missouri and Illinois, on Oct. 31. Shutting down the affected portions of the U.S. Cellular network will allow Sprint to reuse the wireless spectrum to enhance service on its Nationwide Sprint Network. Service for affected customers will be interrupted if they do not move their service to Sprint or another carrier before the change. Sprint began sending letters to affected customers in June to notify them of the company’s plans. To avoid an interruption of their wireless service, affected customers in the St. Louis area need to move their service to Sprint or another carrier before the network is shut down on Oct. 31. Customers can move, or “port,” their existing U.S. Cellular phone number to Sprint or another carrier if they contact Sprint or the new carrier and make the request before the shutdown. Sprint has previously informed affected U.S. Cellular customers that their existing devices will not work on the Sprint network. Exclusive offers are available from Sprint to allow U.S. Cellular customers to move their service and receive a new device for the Sprint network, including options available at little or no cost. Similar offers to U.S. Cellular prepaid customers also are available on Boost Mobile. Affected customers are encouraged to visit their local Sprint store, go to or call 800-216-7023.
  8. Moto X Phone - Preorder Today!

    Phone is light years better than any iPhone and that HTC phone that just came out.
  9. Tip Line: 2 New Updates Coming July 9th

    I got it this afternoon. I figured it would be today as USC always gives us OTA stuff on Sat.
  10. Tip Line: 2 New Updates Coming July 9th

    I didn't even know they still made phones, but when do we get this upgrade as I've yet to receive it?
  11. Tip Line: 2 New Updates Coming July 9th

    I need this so I can play my Vice City